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On Fujifilm X100T Review preview (656 comments in total)

People here who look simply at the specs or the price and compare this camera to smaller sensor point and shoot are missing the point. Really, comparing it to the X100S is missing the point as well.

This camera is about image quality, versatility, fun, and style. Fuji is just offering the best X100 at this point in time; later they may upgrade the sensor, but will that necessitate a lens and processor update as well?

Tilt/swivel LCD? I would never own a camera with one. For the 1% of the time you would use it, you carry the bulk and weight 100% of the time. Not to mention I never look at the LCD in shooting anyway...

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Snikt228: Hopefully Lightroom 6 is soon to follow?

Another small bug fix and camera/lens profile update. Nothing spectacular. Did an AB comparison with this and C1 in Photoshop, CaptureOne still far, far ahead in raw conversion. Too bad...

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On DxO Optics Pro 9.5 now integrates with Adobe Lightroom article (63 comments in total)
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victor china: so will it be maybe possible to export fuji xtrans dngs to DXO>?

maybe (although i am not sure about it from the way the diagram looks).

The easiest (and best) way to do this is to use LR to ingest and catalog files. When you have a keeper, remember the file name, and switch over to DXO for processing. (I use Capture One.) Then output it to Photoshop for pixel processing, sizing, sharpening, output. The original raw files remains untouched, and catalogued by LR.

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On Sigma announces all-new 50mm F1.4 DG HSM 'Art' lens article (244 comments in total)

Speaking as a Nikon user, I have an option for very sharp 50mm primes (Nikon 1.8, 1.4, Zeiss 2MP) and "portrait" primes with character and bokeh (58 1.4, Sigma 1.4, Voightlander 58 1.4).

What I don't have is a lens that does both. Will this be the one?

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Now it auto focuses better than the camera it is targeted to compete with: the Leica M. Of course, it did before. Leicas don't auto focus.

Also auto focuses faster than a Leica M6.

Not faster than the Olympus. But my images look better, and I don't have a menu driven "P" mode system.

Get your expectations in line with the product you are reviewing.

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On DxO Optics Pro 8: What's New article (110 comments in total)
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designdog: What is missing, unfortunately discovered by me after I purchased it, is support for the Fuji X Pro1...

If you burrow down deep on their web site, which I just did this afternoon, you will discover a document that explaims their position. Here is the final sentence:

Although DxO Labs tries to respond to photographers’ requests to provide support for specific camera models, there are no plans for supporting the Fuji X-Pro 1 in the short term.

I have sent them an email asking for a refund, and requesting a bit more clarity on their web site.

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On DxO Optics Pro 8: What's New article (110 comments in total)

What is missing, unfortunately discovered by me after I purchased it, is support for the Fuji X Pro1...

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Most, if not all, comments here are supposition from people who have not read the new edition of the book. Just ordered mine.

Would not a good understanding of Zone principles help any photographer using spot metering rather than evaluative or average? Or in post processing? Or in merging HDR?

I doubt that most people using digital cameras have any idea about tonal range, EV, histograms — even aperture. The mere existence of a proven and well regarded system for visualizing this has to have a place in digital photography. The light is the same, even if the tools have changed.

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On Leica unveils X2 16MP premium large-sensor compact article (207 comments in total)
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Photozopia: No inbuilt Hybrid Viewfinder technology eh? Go Leica - make Fuji look like the shabby arriviste it truly is ..... (LOL - Sarcasm spoiler)

One thing that early reviewers/users of the Fuji X100 seem to miss is the improvements made with firmware releases, and the experience factor, as in reducing the focusing rectangle for faster AF.

Today, the X100 is a very responsive camera with excellent IQ, really nice JPEG rendering, great ergonomics and a great viewfinder. Fantastic low light capability.

Put the sensor of the X Pro 1 in an X200 and you are pretty much there...

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