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On Pentax K-01 preview (376 comments in total)
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CJ Lan: I am neither Canonian, Nikonian, Pentexian, or micro 4/3 users. I use/like a camera as long as it is good in features and practical. Honestly speaking, I do not quite understand the philosophy behind the Pentax design engineers. Not getting into full frame market before jumping into very expensive medium format 645, interchangeable lens system with tiny p&s sensor (Q), now a bulky mirrorless camera. and who knows the next in the future. Correct me if I am wrong. I thought the main purpose getting rid of mirror is to achieve portability of a interchangeable lens camera system. What does K-01 try to accomplish in this regard? If just for using the existing line of lenses, I would rather stick with K-5 or any other Pentax APSC for their professional looks, not this as bulky and toy-looking "SLR".

Hello CJ Lan,

I can see some advantages of eliminating the optical viewfinder besides compactness/portability:

-Cost cuttings, so the camera can be cheaper.
-Quieter operation (no mirror flip).
-Hence, no need for mirror lock up when using a tripod for landscape photography.

Some people uses live-view with their SLR's (not me) and makes a lot of video too, so it makes sense to sell a K-mount camera without mirror and pentaprism.

Anyways, I'd rather have the viewfinder, so it would be the K-5 for me.

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