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On L1000332-DNG photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (6 comments in total)

It has to be said that a lot of these images seem to have been overexposed, or shot on an overcast day against the sky; this one would have looked really nice if the horse's nose wasn't a mass of plain white.

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jsis: You know what's really a shame? These cameras are going to collect dust rather than be used by someone who really loves to take photographs... these are more like art or collectors pieces than photographic tools.

They won't collect dust - no-one's going to take them out of the box! I wonder if the boxes have a transparent window on the front so that people can make doubly sure the camera's actually there?

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Cor, shades of the old Kodak DCS 760M, which was roughly the same price (but this was back in 2001). I've always wondered how practical it is to launch a monochrome SLR in limited quantities - presumably, given the difficulty Nikon has with the 800E, it's not a simple matter. I suspect in this days of 34mp colour sensors you don't really gain much from cutting out the demosaicing. And presumably the output from a Foveon sensor, converted to monochrome, would be much the same. And of course for less money you could buy a used Rolleflex f/2.8 and a lot of film.

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"It's very cold, so wear gloves. Also, no-one can hear you."

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On App Review: CameraBag 2 article (49 comments in total)

I would gladly pay *two* billion dollars for this. No, *five* billion dollars. Five *hundred* billion dollars. Five hundred billion *tonnes* of gold. The entire GDP of the Milky Way.

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It's a shame they couldn't build the wireless thing into the body. That's the way things are going. I've always maintained that entry-level photographers generally *need* pro-calibre cameras; they need fast, reliable autofocus to capture their kids, they need excellent high-ISO and flash metering for parties, and they need a built-in wireless transmitter to get the photos to Facebook. Until recently the only cameras that could do those things were pro-level, but now things are changing.

Entry-level camera buyers are essentially photojournalists, taking and sharing images of real life - maybe not whilst being shot at, but real life nonetheless. Something that future generations might relate to. Rather than boring seascapes and awful HDR rubbish that will die and be forgotten. The amateurs and the pros are alive; the people in the middle - with their tripods and graduated filters and waffling blog posts about their workflow - they're the dead ones. Dead inside.

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On Canon acknowledges 'light leak' in the EOS 5D Mark III article (257 comments in total)
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ThrashingMoses: My Holga has light leaks too.

Not if you tape it up with gaffer tape! And cover the red window on the back. You can add the light leaks back in with Photoshop (cough).

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Nice idea - seems a shame to block the hotshoe, though - but what I want, what I really really want, is a slimline vertical grip or at least a second shutter button in portrait orientation. Not just for the NX200 but for mirrorless cameras in general. Even if it has to be a metal arm, like this, with a lump of empty, batteryless plastic in it.

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review article (374 comments in total)

Damn shame they didn't go for broke and put this sensor in a medium format body. Most of the objections would become irrelevant in that context and, heavens, no-one would miss the SD lens mount. Three good new lenses, that's all they'd need.

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On Facebook buys photo sharing service Instagram for $1bn article (144 comments in total)
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Sabin: imagine how much toilet paper you can buy with 1 bn$

The trick would be to buy $500m worth of toilet paper, $499m worth of norovirus, and a crop-dusting plane. Profit.

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On Facebook buys photo sharing service Instagram for $1bn article (144 comments in total)

And by coincidence I bought a Yashica Mat and some film a while back - didn't cost $1bn though. But it gives me square pictures and that's what matters.

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On PT3C8609 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (4 comments in total)

Oh, come on, the strings are clearly visible. You'd think Ridley Scott would have had them taken out!

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On PT3C8920_ACRprocessed photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (15 comments in total)
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Yanko Kitanov: What happened to the WB dear reviewers?

I think the purple is sensor noise - the corners seem to have the kind of amp noise that the ancient EOS 1D suffered from (albeit that this is ISO 12800).

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Digital Suicide: Jees.. guys...
D800 and 5Dmk3, that supposed to be an affordable FF (well previous versions certainly were) suddenly are becoming unaffordable.

On the other hand. I can't blame Nikon on taking easy money from idiots, that are buying joly expensive cameras and shooting flowers in the yard...

Shooting cats is certainly harder than shooting flowers - flowers can't run away.

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marike6: I paid $3199 for my 5d II kit with the 24-105 L and the same 5D III kit is now $4299. Seriously?

Fortunately I sold the 5D II, and ordered the D800 which is shaping up to be a monster of a camera. Anyway, I've always preferred Nikon and owned a D70, D200, D7000, but bought a 5D II to learn video. But with the somewhat incremental update of the 5D III relative to it's price, I know I made the right move. But in reality all of these FF DSLRs, and the APS-C have excellent IQ.

Based on your portfolio on, you've spent your time with thousand-dollar equipment taking snapshots of wading birds, your family, and some tourist attractions.

Thankfully neither of us need to think twice about shelling out $4299 - it's chicken feed - but for the little people, don't you think it's demoralising that you have something they want, and might do something interesting with?

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John Cusack is not Edgar Allen Poe, don't be silly. He's an actor from the 1980s. You know, if I was making a film about Nicolas Cage, I would cast John Cusack as him, and vice-versa.

As for the 5D MkIII, it's my firm belief that the kind of people who *need* this camera also *really, really want* uncompressed HDMI output, which it doesn't have. Odd decision by Canon there. Nothing about the still images in this preview make me want to smash my 5D MkII into pieces and throw it into the Thames. Perhaps the new AF is like night and day.

On a conceptual level it feels like the second half of the 5D MkII, if you get my drift, rather than a new whole.

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On BK6A0251 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (6 comments in total)
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ManuelVilardeMacedo: The best image is the one taken from the Olympus' cameras. The OM-D has a very familiar lens on it - the OM 50mm/f1.4. One of the best lenses ever made! (I have one...)
Before you think I'm trolling, let me set into rights. This - I mean the Canon - is a hell of a camera. At least for now, I'm only allowed to dream of it (it's not only the 3K for the body; it is also what I'd have to spend on lenses to make this camera justice), but this is the best IQ I've ever seen in this segment. Kudos to Canon. All cameras from 60D upwards have fantastic IQ, and I definitely see myself buying one of these - at least if I win the lottery, or in the very unlikely case this camera's still around when I get the dosh for it.
I couldn't help noticing this photo was taken at ISO 400, 15s exposure and f16. This is the way I like to shoot at night, despite this new belief high ISO is the only way to take night stills. That's wrong, of course, but deceitful marketing made its way into many people's minds.

Those old OM lenses were gems - the 24mm f/2 makes a super multiformat walkabout lens and it's pretty good on a 5D as well, with the right adapter.

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On BK6A9674 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

There's a bunch of chaps on the far platform giving you the evil eye. Based on this sample a combination of artificial light and ISO 10000 is pushing it a bit.

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On Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples article (423 comments in total)
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nikonf2as: Hopefully this observation of D800 vs OM-D E-M5 will prove helpful to some.

Downloaded the 2 jpgs (switching the pentax 645 for M5) and up-ressed the M5 to match the D800 in Ps.

Firstly, the D800 FF inevitably has shallow DOF at f11. At f6.3, 4/3 M5 has focus front to back - have a look at the Queen of Hearts, or the text Eastman Kodak Company, 1997, top left on the greycard - the D800 is simply out of focus (as is the A900 and 5d mkIII at this focus point).

Secondly however, the D800 clearly has huge DR (compare the purples on the Q-60 colour target, and the highlights on the globe with the M5), and when it hits the spot focus-wise (the gauze to the left of the card, underneath the hairs) it trounces the M5 - as you would hope for and expect.

So what would you rather - a sharp result, with less fidelity, or an out-of-focus one (DOF-wise) with smooth colours? As a studio camera on a heavy tripod the D800 will excel - but forget hand-holding it at a 60th at f8 with a non-IS prime.

"the more MP, the more magnified the effect of camera shake seems to become" - only if you're reviewing the image at 100%; at conventional output sizes (a magazine page, for example), more megapixels will have the effect of reducing the apparent effect of camera shake, not increasing it.

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Reg Natarajan: It's amusing to me to see how backwards so many people here are about new tech. Lim is 100% right. Unconnected devices will be meaningless. They're already meaningless to me, now. Maybe some of you find the work spent getting photos off your camera and on to Flickr (or whatever you use) to be edifying. I don't. Even today, Eye-Fi gets my photos geotagged, archived and uploaded automatically by walking in the door at home and turning on my camera. The dinosaur is dead.

It's as if you decided that your left side looks a bit better than your right side, but your heart isn't in it. It's better than Mr Potato Head down the page, though.

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