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On Canon videos showcase 70D's innovative AF system article (145 comments in total)
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FreedomLover: Beautiful music, well made cheesy video :-)

Unfortunately a real world clip shows the new autofocus failing twice in 12 seconds:

To be fair, that error appears to be a weakness of the AF tracking not the AF itself. I believe, only the very high end cameras do very well at this and ALL fail in some situtions.

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jkoch2: While neither an Adobe employee or investor, I think the change to a subscription model is the only way a software company can continue to make money.

Ladies and gents, it's time to grow up! Gone are the days when, every two years, there were enough changes in PCs, cameras, or software to compell people to buy new versions or upgrades. Meanwhile, the subscription model works fine for utilities, transportation, medical insurance, media delivery, and all kinds of public services. Many people obtain autos on lease or with borrowed (rented) money. Most homes are mortgaged or rented. Most employees work for wages, not a one-time bounty. Photographers charge by the job, not by a lifetime retainer. The queerest thing, in retrospect, is how long people bought $500 or $1,000 upgrades of editing products that offer more tools than most people have time to master, and that offer little ostensible commercial advantage over a $100 consumer version.

Well in the case of the auto, you have a choice to buy or lease.

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ssh33: So, what are the Photoshop and Lightroom alternatives on the PC and Mac?

I used Corel when dinosaurs roamed earth - it was a full featured suite and I switched to Adobe just because everyone else seemed to use it at the time. Photoshop was not any better as far as the functionality goes. Is Corel any good now?

Corel AfterShot Pro is only $59, looks like the perfect Lightroom replacement.

I like GIMP, use it on Linux.

What are the others?

Capture NX2 and View NX2 for Nikon users. Fortunately, it was very advanced software when first released. It is now behind but updates in the last couple years have helped its usefulness to continue. Lightroom is only slightly better. Once Photomechanic releases their cataloging software, Nikon users will be okay.

But, eventually, Nikon will need to do a large scale update - Probably completely new software as Nik is out of this business now.

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Steven Lungley: It is my belief that I own what I create, and I beleive the law is on my side in this matter.

Now we have a company – Adobe – saying that I can create in their software – which they will not sell to me - but if I stop paying them rent, I will not be able to open my own creations.

To me, this is a form of copyright infringement. How can a company demand payments in the future for me to be able to open something I created in the past?

Not knowing very much about the details of the Adobe proposal, I would guess a version would be available at a reduced price that would allow viewing with the saved metadata/edits, but no editing. Then they would charge a premium, with an annual renewal fee, for the the version that does editing.

Perhaps this is in response to too much digital pirating of their software.

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On Nikon announces SB-910 high-end Speedlight article (118 comments in total)
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Zvonimir Tosic: All flashes have a horrid UI and controls, made probably by chief Inquisitors in camera manufacturing companies. If Apple did one, it would come with Siri, so you can just talk to it how to fire and when.

Or it might say back:

"I'm melting!, I'm melting!"

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