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On article Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal (814 comments in total)

About 10 years ago I saw a video of Canon's vision of the future, in 20 years. That vision was that there would be no still photography. Everything would be ultra high resolution video, and still photos would be frame grabs from the video.

10 years later we are now only 10 years from that Canon vision of the future, and it seems that Canon is indeed intent on delivering their vision of the future. In my opinion, and to my displeasure, it's at the expense of still photography development, specifically competitive sensors. Yes, when the 5Ds hits the streets Canon will once again be the MP king, after 3 years in second place. But SoNikon will surely meet or exceed 50 MP in VERY short order, and with continued industry leading DR.

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On article Canon announces EOS C100 Mark II (278 comments in total)

Oh boy! A new video thingy, and still no high res, high DR, still camera. And no 4k too boot. Whoopee!

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On article Hands on with the Pentax 645Z (707 comments in total)

Wow. A tilt screen? I thought pros didn't want tilt screens.

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bobbarber: Mirrorless is the future, and the future is now. All cell phones and all compact cameras are mirrorless. They don't have interchangeable lenses, but they are mirrorless. The vast, vast majority of cameras in use today are mirrorless, and the percentage of mirrorless cameras will only be greater tomorrow. The only way to avoid seeing this is to artificially define categories of cameras in a way which excludes cell phones, etc. from the ranks of mirrorless cameras, which is really only lying to yourself.

DSLRs are a niche (mirrored cameras) of a niche (ILC cameras) market.

I have always found incredible the "improved IQ" argument for DSLRs. As sensors and IQ improve across the board, people need LESS camera, not MORE! Seems obvious to me. The 6, 8, and 10 megapixel cameras of a few generations ago produce top quality 13x19 prints. I am not a pro, and the needs of some pros are different. But most of us aren't pros.

Everyone I know asks my opion when they want to get a camera. Every single one of them who is considering a DLSR is only thinking about a DSLR because they want better image quality. Canon isn't improving the image quaility of their DSLR's. Just adding bells and whistles and video features. That's going to catch up with them as potential customers realize that the better image quality they seek doesn't come in the form of a Canon DSLR...

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GaryJP: With mature technologies, sales decline. The PC sales decline because many of us don't get a new PC every year now. Software sales decline because the software already does more than we need (which is why they push the rental model). My cameras are probably already beyond my abilities. I already spend more on them than I should, so I probably need a more compelling reason to upgrade. Sometimes a turn down in sales does not signal doom but maturity.

Finally someone who agrees with me on software and the rental deal...

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JRFlorendo: Canon is serious about still photography when they match Sony's EXMOORE sensors, that's what every Canon fanbase has been waiting for +8 years now.

Yep, and we still got a crappier product.

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Since Canon agreed to the interview, will they look at the (mostly negative) comments about it here? I guess it doesn't matter because cash is king, even if it means the end of the line for advancement of a technology. I can understand that because I have to eat too. But it's disappointing. I would hate to think that, for example, nice restaurants went by the wayside because the majority of the masses are perfectly happy with White Castle :-)

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JRFlorendo: Canon is serious about still photography when they match Sony's EXMOORE sensors, that's what every Canon fanbase has been waiting for +8 years now.

Yes, I remember that. We ended up with a worse product. Is that what we want again?

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Horshack: Canon denied they've been spending more time innovating video technology instead of stills, citing the development of their dual-pixel technology as proof...a technology used primarily for video on the 70D :)

That said, their dual-pixel tech is very cool and should play a more prominent role in stills AF for future generation bodies.

Canon denied they've been spending more time innovating video technology instead of stills, citing the development of their dual-pixel technology as proof...a technology used primarily for video on the 70D :)

Ditto Horshack. Corporate double talk.

I'm not saying that the DP AF isn't nice, but at this point at least, it's primarily a VIDEO feature. And citing it as their commitment to still photography is ridiculous, give their obvious lost ground in still IQ, and the obvious concern by Canon still photo customers.

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His answer to the first question was the Dual Pixel AF sensor? What does that have to do with still photos? All that does is reinforce that they are concentrating more on video than stills!

I'll believe they are still care about stills when I see some new sensor design that provides better STILL PHOTO quality. Not a Dual Pixel AF sensor that basically only provides better VIDEO CAPABILITY.

Canon still shooter here. Show me a 7DII with truly improved IQ, not bells and whistles and video focusing. Show me a 5D with more DR. THEN I'll buy some more Canon lenses.

Telling me you still care about stills because you just released a camera with better video capability did nothing but make me lose more faith in your commitment to still photography.

I saw the Canon video early into the digital age, where Canon predicted video would replace still photography in 20 years, and it's clear to me that's the path they intend to follow, and are indeed following right now.

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On Challenge:8242 (8 comments in total)

Pics have to be from the NM area?

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On article Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? (257 comments in total)

I'm sure Canon is doing well financially, but there sure seems to be a lot of folks disappointed with Canon's high end offerings. Canon probably figures the heck with those folks, let them eat cake.

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On article 5 new must-have photo editing apps (99 comments in total)

"If you're like me, you're getting sick of Snapseed's filter package"

I was sick of lame filters by the time I saw the second one.

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On article 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months (598 comments in total)
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happypoppeye: yip ...and here come the SLR guys defending their purchases ...I hear them running behind me now.

If that night shot with the Sony Cyber-shot RX100II is a good shot, that's my reason for not wanting one... That looks very poor to me.

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There's not really much they can do to improve the current version of Photoshop in the future, other than provide support for raw files from new cameras, so they need to go to a subscription model to ensure future revenue. Plain and simple. As far as that goes, PSCS5 was plenty adequate, and I'll bet many folks only upgraded to 6 for new ACR support.

Count me out Adobe. I'm already exploring other options. The monthly umbilical cord strategy is DISGUSTING.

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Yawn... 5th usage of the same old sensor. Canon obviously has nothing new to offer and continues to milk old technology. This is dissapointing especially after the lackluster 5D3 got spanked by Nikon, but it's exactly what I expected. I would have bet money that the T4i would have the same old sensor as the T2i, T3i, 60D and 7D. I have some of these cameras, and a significant investment in Canon glass, but I'm worried about the future of the company in which I am so heavily invested...

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