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  • Apologies if I missed it in you guide but you can get replica lens mugs in this price range. They have all the switches for IS and everything.

    Someone got me a Canon 24-105mm f4 for my birthday....

  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    So you missed the point. I spend $2000 on a camera and have to fiddle around with the exposure whereas I don't on my D90.

    Seems like Nikon screwed up and everyone thinks the extra work is OK....

  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review preview

    But why does it overexpose? Isn't that, like, a major drawback in a $2000 camera?

    My old D40 did it and it drove me nuts. I don't want to fiddle around with +/- buttons when I'm shooting!

  • "Leica have a name, a history, and a target customer."

    They also have a sexy and original camera here, unlike the mirrorless copies of their other cameras....

  • Commented on Aurora in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge


  • "Why would I have to buy a new camera to stay compatable?"

    I don't know, I don't work for the marketing department. But I'm sure if there is a way....

  • I don't see any! When my adblocker crashes it's a serious shock just how much worse it's got.

    I didn't used to mind but they got so intrusive with pop ups and things sliding down the page and even...

  • If it works better on phones it would sweep everything else in a year. Companies are going crazy looking for new features to make us want new cameras every year. I'm surprised no one thought of...

  • "Until it appears in a camera I own, I don't care."

    If a few tech companies decide to implement it as standard and you end up having to buy a new camera to stay compatible I suspect you might...

  • Good stuff, Andrew. I love that sunset one.

  • Good stuff Andrew, I love that sunset one.

  • Any of yours in there?

  • Commented on ISO-100-DSC00011 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery

    Nope, can't see anything wrong there. Maybe time for an eye test?

  • Commented on ISO-100-DSC00011 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery

    Nope, can't see anything wrong there. Maybe time for an eye test?

    In fact, I think the IQ is really good. If anyone got me one for Christmas I wouldn't put it on ebay.

  • I think the problem is your denial.

  • "It's a Leica's sensor not a Leica sensor"

    Splitting hairs, it's all the same if it's YOUR £5000 camera off to the repair shop because of something Leica put inside it.

  • Nah, Leica users will look at it as an endearing quirk, all part of the joy of ownership.

    The company is one of the few camera companies making a profit. This won't sink them.

  • How aboutRaw - you're sounding pretty desperate now.

    The thing about film is that the problems you mention were very, very rare. I never lost a good shot in fact. Compare that to your beloved -...

  • Commented on Ready To Go in the A Single Boat At Sunset/Sunrise challenge

    Lovely subject and composition. And such high image quality from such a small camera!

  • "I think it made me better by making me worse" - This is a valuable statement. Some time with this beast would make us all better by making us concentrate on what is required in an image and all...

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