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On Olympus stems losses but PEN sales disappoint article (233 comments in total)
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ManuelVilardeMacedo: I’m fed up with reading completely uninformed comments about the micro 4/3 format’s handicaps. Although I’m mostly reluctant to show my photographs, I’m publishing the links below to show how wrong those comments are.
They say it has too much depth of field and no bokeh; well, just look at this:
They also say it’s impossible to photograph subjects in motion with a micro 4/3 camera:
And I read below that it has low image quality (though this particular picture does actually showcase the sensor’s difficulty with highlights):
All these pictures were taken with a now obsolete Olympus E-P1. You can confirm it by checking the EXIF data.
So please stop commenting BS!

Well, second picture has DOF all over the frame, from front to back, there is no need to track anything, compact camera could do this.

By "photograph subjects in motion" I imagine something more like this (very first photo):

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1511 comments in total)
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ABDurbs: Sony RX1 with FF sensor and outstanding 35mm Zeiss lens in a body that fits in your pocket. That's innovation and for me the best camera this year.

From that point of vew I agree. But on the other side there is slower AF, not comfortable holding, short battery life and very high pricing...

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Wrong version number in the title
Wrong url in first link (Adobe LR blog)

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topstuff: Looking forward to seeing this thing for real.

Looks like a beast of a camera.

I fear the price is going to be very high, given Canon's recent pricing of 5D3 and the new 24-70 II.

Of course, professionals should not mind too much if it is expensive. It is a tool, just like a farmer who needs to spend $100k on a new tractor, a photographer has to spend big bucks to get the right gear.

The wannabees and the gearheads will complain though, no doubt.

Got preproduction version and it's fantastic ;)

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Mssimo: Almost 8 lbs. Sony is getting ready for Olympics and world cup Brazil 2014!

New Canon 500/4L II is 3.1 kg!

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thx1138: Sorry it's ridiculous to think IBIS system can cope with a supertele lens like this. IBIS does not stabilise the VF image and with a 500mm on a crop sensor the image will be bouncing all over the place. if you've never used a supertele you will be shocked. Now add a 2x TC and try it! This should have had IS built into the lens; no way a sensor will be able to be shifted enough to counter the extreme shake of such long FL. Oh that's right Sony doesn't have such a thing.

Nobody is saying Sony's super steady shot doesn't work. But with in-lens stabilization, you can see stabilized image right in the viewfinder, which is very important for long lenses like 500 mm.

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Kriwoel: How about better 3D camera like RAYTRIX ? any review?

Pricing of Raytrix camera is way way above Lytro (2500 USD)

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On Software Technique: Creating and Adding Textures article (80 comments in total)
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gilo: Why would one feel the need to do that?

it's trendy, like HDR (tone mapping) :D

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WilliWieberg: why are the AF-points are not designed across the frame?

There are some technical difficulties - size of the secondary mirror etc. You can see similar AF coverage in Nikon and Sony FF cameras...

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Dave Peters: No AF point for f8 lenses ?
Who needs 12 fps if you have to use mirror lockup to use it ?
Nice to see 2 x CF slots and option for GPS
Need to wait and see how AF tracking is improved
Is the battery the same as mk III and IV ?

Battery is new due to some new safety stuff in Japan, although is compatible (back and forward) with 1D IV battery

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