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On Update: Olympus issues emergency firmware fix for E-P5 article (21 comments in total)

Is it normal that I did not notice the bug induced by firmware 1.4 on my E-P5?

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2295 comments in total)
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Vladimir Vassilev: DPReview are making an excuse for Leica applying software corrections like most other mirrorless camera manufacturers. Wasn't Leica supposed to be like no other camera manufacturer?!? Wasn't Leica's uniqeness the reason for the ridiculously high prices they command?

Please, compare the Leica kit lens head to head with the ~$100 Canon EF-M 18-55 IS, which applies software corrections (abberation and vignetting) to JPEGs only and ONLY if you specifically tell the camera to do so in the menus. Unlike other mirrorless manufacturers Canon know how to make a decent kit lens and price it accordingly and so do Fuji.

Leica now follows in the footsteps of consumer electronics giant Sony... :) So much for the legendary brand name...

Dpreview is just being polite.
And basically yes they are saying Leica is no different than any other manufacturer.
This is enough to hurt, shouldn't it?

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2295 comments in total)

At start I noticed the lenses looked like Panasonic G lenses...

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On Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' article (332 comments in total)

BSI as in BS inside? OMG.


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On Complete our survey for the chance to win an iPad article (73 comments in total)
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digitac: Obliged to own and take shots with a phone or you can't give responses to some questions, and the result of the survey is not posted !!!!
And this problem has been met by some other clients.
Badly written survey, a waste of time.

Strongly agree

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On Complete our survey for the chance to win an iPad article (73 comments in total)
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onlooker: Questions 60 and 196 are missing "None of the above" option. BTW, I think Q.196 is the key to the survey - "Which of the following would you be prepared to pay DPREVIEW a small fee for?"

So i aborted my participation to the survey.

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I am surprised : no whining about the absence of bokeh?

Joke aside, what's in front and on the left of the rover? Meteorites?

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On Coming soon: Lens Reviews to return to article (274 comments in total)

DxO reviews are the most comprehensive ones available, that's great news.

Just a comment.

In about every test methodology lenses are tested at (an unknown) close focusing distance only, which is frustrating since lense performance might vary significantly across the range of focusing distances from the closest up to infinity.

More and more we see lenses that test successfully but disappoint in the real world due to poor performance at infinity.
So, imo if you had plans to include an appreciation of lens performance at infinity (other than sample shots) that would be another great improvement.

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On An introduction to OLED article (67 comments in total)

Very interesting! Thanks.

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On Just posted: Hands-on video of the Samsung NX200 article (76 comments in total)

I think it's cool! Just the perfect (i.e., concise and sober) presentation that could lure me to reading the complete review of the camera even though I originally had no interest in it.

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