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On Hands-on with Canon's 'not-coming-to-USA' EOS M3 article (516 comments in total)
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MPA1: It seems to be missing an essential (IMV) component: a viewfinder.

Page 8 : "If you want an EVF, you'll have to pay for it. The EOS M3 is compatible with the EVF-DC1 - the same external 2.36 million-dot EVF that was released alongside the PowerShot G1 X II a year ago."

I don't want to pay for a viewfinder, but you do.
Well, Canon has already solved the problem !

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On Samsung NX1 firmware v1.2 now available article (43 comments in total)


Is there a way to turn the screen off when you use your smartphone as a remote control ? A button that cycle through "Viewfinder/LCD/OFF" ?

I like making tiimelapses with my Sony via the Play Memories App, but between the use of wifi and the camera's screen beeing always on, my battery barely lasts 2 hours. :(

Since Samsung is listening, and they're actually working on tethering/remote control, maybe DPreview could ask them ...


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On Panasonic reveals Lumix DMC-GF7 with tilting LCD article (78 comments in total)
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blue hour: Nice but it lacks 4K,
therefore i'd rather choose the LX 100,
which has also got a viewfinder.

Panasonic, where is the G 7, by the way ?

4k is premium for you ???

My Nexus 5 was 350$ in january 2014 and it records 3264x2448 @ 65 MBPS. The Snapdragon 800 + Adreno 330 GPU is way powerful enough to do that.

-> Get rid of the tiny sensor/lens combo and replace it with the APS-C sensor and kit zoom from the old Nex 3C that was sold for 350$.

Now you have a camera using only low-to-mid end hardware from 2013, that could have been sold for 600$ with profit, that is perfectly capable of recording 4K (and even more !), and yet you still think it's normal to charge a premium for that ?!

Well I strongly disagree. I would feel cheated if I bought a cheap camera having the exact same hardware as the high-end model, but crippled by firmware.
And I would feel equally cheated if I bought the high-end model at twice the price for just one line of code ...

I was mad that marketing allowed that.
Now I'm sad to see people submitting themselves to that. :(

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AmirhosainD90: So where is long awaited promised "Sony prime FE 85 Zeiss F1.4"?

Damn, I didn't see that coming. What a diabolical plan !
Well done, we all look like fools now ... :o

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On BPG image format aims to replace JPEGs article (207 comments in total)
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Pablom: Being that the differences in output quality are probably not much, the feature that could really make a difference and push BPG forward is file size. Since nothing about this is mentioned, and probably it is the opposite because of the compatibility with 14 bit, I'm assuming there is no improvement in this area.

The filesizes are written across every single frame ...

And they're really really small, and of way better quality than jpeg2000 at same filesize.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview (1261 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: If I had a bunch of Canon glass I wouldn’t even consider buying any other Canon camera but this one.

There. I kept it totally positive.

Yes it does. Through the Metabones EOS/E-mount adapter.

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jcmarfilph: Ha another toyzoom from Nikon. No RAW, no hotshoe, 18mega-interpolated pixels and no manual zoom.

I think jcmarfilph is right. Sony is cheating on us with these tiny sensors.
They claim they are 1/2.33" 18MP, and I believe they are the same 1/4" 6MP used in Sony Camcorders.
That's why they are so good in video (sharp, no aliasing and no moire), but in the meantime they are absolutely awful in photo.

Did you notice that Sony camcorders offer the same "18MP" photo resolution (it was "16MP" in the previous gen, just like the previous gen of cameras).

- 1/4" sensors allow the lenses to be smaller or with a longer zoom range. (x22 in a pocket camera ? Really ?)
- 6MP allow them to crop a 2MP 16/9 rectangle in the middle to get 1080p without having to downsize with a crappy and power hungry algorithm. The remaining cropped out pixels are used for software stabilization in addition to optical stab (Sony calls it "Active" Steadyshot). And that also explain why you get a narrower field of view in video mode.

But then, don't we all want very good 6MP cameras ?
Well, we have them !

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Ponxo: The fastest man in the world with the fastest camera!

Jon Rty,
the Nikon 1 shoots 60fps for only 1/2second (30pictures max).
The Exilim also shoots RAW at 60fps, but for a full second (60pictures max).

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Ian: I'm looking at replacing my Panasonic LX-5 with the G1 x if the larger sensor can overcome the far slower aperture of the G1 x lens in low light, which certainly seems possible. I see you discussed this in relation to the Olympus XZ-1 and Fujifilm X10 but how about smaller advanced compacts like the LX-5 that have fast lenses but comparitively tiny sensors?

I disagree with Bart Hickman.
His conversion only applies to depth of field, not light gathering ability.
In low-light situation, the canon's f2.8 will "beat" your LX-5's f2 only if its newer and bigger sensor can overcome a full stop of light handicap.
Time will tell.

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Cheezr: how sad that they skimped on a critical part, the only viewfinder is a lo-res lcd, wtf?
the story of jvc products, some good ideas and some bad decisions = below average products.

shame really.

How Do you know about the lo-res LCD viewfinder ? There's no mention of the resolution in this news.

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On Just posted: Our review of the Sony NEX-C3 article (41 comments in total)
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Ralf B: "Auto HDR is only available when shooting in JPEG mode"

Puzzled by this 'con'. Is there a camera on the market that combines multiple shots into a RAW output file?

In Raw mode, Auto HDR is greyed out.
You have to dig into the menu to set the camera in Jpeg mode to enable it.
I think the "con" here is that the NEX doesn't auto-switch from Raw to Jpeg when you try to activate HDR.
It's very strange because other Jpeg-only features (Handeld twilight, Anti Motion Blur, Picture Effects, Panorama) DO automatically switch from Raw to Jpeg (and back to Raw when you deactivate them). So why not Auto-HDR ?!?

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24x36 equivalent is
in 2D : optical zoom 66mm-660mm (with digital 20x zoom : 66mm-1320mm)
in 3D : optical zoom 33mm-330mm (no mention of digital zoom in 3D)

source :

Watch the video review (subtitled in english).

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