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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (479 comments in total)
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Grig: I don't see destruction compared to FZ1000... Sorry... May be good idea to change it to "outperforms" or something like it if you really think so, but not destroys for sure... But to me FZ Leica lens is sharper and less CA... Especially on the sides at F8 at 400mm

@ Barney Britton

Headline is the most influential part of an article. There is no such thing as "just a headline". When misleading is done on the headline, that should be seen as an aggravating circumstance.

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On article Back to the action: Nikon D500 Review (1086 comments in total)
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beavertown: When I clicked the Like button, it became Unlike? Anyone???

@ Daniel

I'm a long time and active Internet user, and I have never seen this kind of like/unlike arrangement before, so I don't think it's strange to ask about it.

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Battersea: I just won't comment. Oh I already did. Yeah it's cool.

Was it your drone? And your pals registered to vote your comment up? I'm sorry if it's not so, but such a juvenile comment getting so many likes seems suspicious to me.

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mmarian: I have had similar setup with video feed to a ground station and servo triger on the shutter on auxiluary channel and been using it commercially in Australia ( having a proper certifications and license) for years. The only difference is that I am not dropping mediocre quality instant photos from the drone. But than again I am a commercial operator and not a Rochester Uni student. And I am not allowed to fly over heads of unsuspected spectators!!! It can only end up bad in case of any failure of the drone....Do not they teach students at Rochester Unif basic safety rules and a common sense ?? Sorry and what was the news worthy DPI's reporting?????

No longer interesting? So this news is interesting? There are many things that are interesting or fun for an individual, but don't really have newsworthiness, and I think this is one of such things. I don't say that this news item shouldn't have been published, but I think it's good to bring up how uninteresting it is for a very large majority of people and even photographers.

BTW, I have noticed during my life that in most cases when people ask others to lighten up, they are in a state of mind that calls for the same advice.

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ozturert: So should we be happy with the fact that they kept selling overpriced equipment (that's how you make profit if number of sales is low) and made big profit out of our pockets?

The fact that Sony made more money doesn't mean that it's products have become overpriced. Number of sales also isn't low; it just decreased 1.7%. Finally, the operating income of Sony's imaging products division was about one tenth of the sales, which is a normal, healthy figure – also from a consumer point of view.

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yslee1: Does anyone notice that Sony has lumped in their medical division, which makes flow cyometers, with imaging? The medical business had a good year, though how good is hard to tell as they've strangely lumped in Operating Revenue in there as well.


You write in reply to yslee1, but the content of your comment doesn't seem to have anything to do with what yslee1 says.

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paulbysea: So why sensationalise the fact in the headline if the conclusion of the article is that for the intended market segment the changes are unimportant? Well done to Nikon to buck the trend and design a camera for the real world rather than to appease a few pixel peeping testers who are more interested in specifications than real world photography.

The headline isn't sensationalizing at all; its just states the result of one test. It would be sensationalizing, if it read for example like this:
- "Studio report: Nikon D5 is crippled by lowest base ISO dynamic range of any current FF Nikon DSLR.

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nizar ghosn: ok fine, so what?? what is the problem in the new d5 that can shoot cleanly @ 400.000 iso if it is an iso invariant ??? i am not or even you not an everyday shooter that forced to crank my settings (iso) 4 ev steps !!! be cool and realistic dear photographers, i bet you the D5 will show a brilliant color rendition and amazing skin tones way better than it's predecessor, further thoughts will come when DPReview play with it ... cheers

It almost sounds like you didn't read the article. It pretty much says "so what" already, so you are just repeating it's content:

- "In our opinion, the importance of the fact that the D5 has poorer base ISO dynamic range than its current peers should not be overstressed. We issue this word of caution because the intended audience of the D5 is very unlikely to care all that much about this aspect of its total performance. For them, the D5's high ISO imaging capabilities, advanced autofocus and durability are likely to be much more important."

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M1963: One for the extra patient.
Normally, the use of ND filters results in cheesy pictures made by people who have no taste but believe they master photographic techniques.

@ String:

"You two finished stroking each others egos now?"

And you decided to join. You can't have your cake and eat it.

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grasscatcher: Glad they got microSD back, but they lost the removable battery and IR port that my S5 has. So my S5 us slightly less waterproof (IP67 vs IP68) - I would take that with a removable battery. I will miss my universal remote when I upgrade.

@ adengappasami: So if I think that Galaxy S7 would be good enough for me for the next five years, Galaxy S2 would be too? Good thinking...

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On article Quick review: Nextbit Robin camera (44 comments in total)

To me the phone looks like it was designed by a machine, not a human being. Boring and cold. The design is all brain, no soul.

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Bob A L: Is sigma lying about the f1.8 - article says it performs like a f2.8 - one whole stop off?

I think it's an interesting piece of information that the amount of light coming through with f1.8 on a crop censor camera equals f2.8 on a full frame. I don't understand what some are complaining about.

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M1963: Why would I want a camera on my credit card?

I don't know why you would, but quite a many people probably would, if it was cheap enough. It doesn't really have to be a credit card, mind you. It can be any card of that size.

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M1963: "Photographers tend to shy away from wide-angle lenses when shooting portraits, but DPReview Technical Editor Rishi Sanyal thinks that's all wrong."
Don't buy that. Shoot with whatever focal length you feel like. Do portraits with 35, 50, 85 or 135mm. What matters is what focal length better suits your expression. You like portraits with wide-angle lenses? That's fine. You like them with short telephotos? That's alright too. Use whatever you like, not what they tell you to use.

In the beginning of the video Rishi says this about using wide angle in portrait photography: "Personally I prefer...". Nowhere did he say that it's better for others too. The following introductory text (obviously not written by Rishi) is quite an obvious attempt by *dpreview staff" to bring tasty controversy to the story and agitate readers (with obvious success):
- ...Technical Editor Rishi Sanyal thinks that's all wrong.

I wish people paid more attention to who says what, and that they wouldn't let themselves to be manipulated so easily.
If I were Rishi I would feel wronged by those who wrote the text.

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ijustloveshooting: only thing fancy is the uber super overkill price .. other features have just arrived to the competition.
no 4K, no ibis, no fast video,,,no true iso100/80 .
No ibis is a big missing point, XF56 and XF90 definitely requires stabilisation.Eve n XF1655 needs stabilisation in so so lightning conditions.
i hope it has true iso ratings and dont cheat with this one.
and i hope it has 1 full stop better DR and noise performance than previous sensor.Otherwise, it's just a 24mp camera.

"Really useful" is ambiguous and a matter of personal opinion. I see a clear difference in average sharpness with OIS and without it even when using non-telephoto lenses. The difference is naturally greater when there's less light available and shutter speeds are slower, but to see the difference I don't need shutter speeds that are so slow that motion blur of people becomes a big problem.

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ijustloveshooting: only thing fancy is the uber super overkill price .. other features have just arrived to the competition.
no 4K, no ibis, no fast video,,,no true iso100/80 .
No ibis is a big missing point, XF56 and XF90 definitely requires stabilisation.Eve n XF1655 needs stabilisation in so so lightning conditions.
i hope it has true iso ratings and dont cheat with this one.
and i hope it has 1 full stop better DR and noise performance than previous sensor.Otherwise, it's just a 24mp camera.

@ marike6

Your examples don't change the fact that in practice image stabilisation helps to get better (less fuzzy) pictures in many situations. You call people who like image stabilisation brand warriors. By the way you fight for a weak case against IBIS, you seem to be a sort of warrior on a mission yourself.

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On article The good, the bad and the analog: CES 2016 'Best of' (62 comments in total)
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AlanG: I wonder how much you need to pay Porsche to design a plain silver grey box?

Porsche Design is a real design studio, which probably doesn't let use their name in products that aren't designed by them, at least externally. I also assume that they have relatively high standards for technical quality of the products they take part to create. Association of their name with quality is their most valuable asset. Mostly I'm not really such a big fan of their style, though. The Porsche cars are another thing; I like them very much :-)

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EasyClick: This is a brilliant technology! It would definitely revolutionise digital imaging. Finally we can step closer to 'film look' than ever before. How long before Sony buys them up? (if they were smart enough) Then again, they might develop their own 'Quantum' film technology with some minor differences and rebrand it as their own. Any sensor development company should be smart and invest into those guys.

By the way, I don't see why the look should be referenced to Wes Anderson at all. It's quite the opposite, Anderson is trying to imitate the film look lost because of the crazy colour grading from Hollywood.

OK, Richard, I understand now what EasyClick meant by "film look", thanks. On the other point, as long as you expose right, I think you should be able create the resulting look of the response curve of any film afterwards by software.

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