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Now have:
Sony a6000, 16-50, 16-70, 55-215
Canon 5dMkIII, 17-40L 24-105L IS, 35mm f2 IS, 100L IS f2.8, 100-400L IS, 2- 580Ex. MacBook Pro 17'

Used to have:
All other 5D's, 70-200 f4 IS, 50 1.4, 7D, sigma 8-16
Nikon D2x, Nikon 12-24mm, 24-85 f3.5-4.5, 70-200VR f2.8, 20mm f2.8,
35mm f2.0, 60mm Macro, 105mm f1.8, 3 SB800s, SU800,

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  • Created discussions I would want this Macro
    If Sonly would develop it. E mount, not FE, but small, f4.0, OSS and 60mm (FOV 90) I’m in the process of selling my Canon gear and the beautiful 100L IS was my favorite along with the 35 f2.0 IS, ...
  • Thanks bwana4swahili exactly the kind of info I was looking for. DPP here does not think highly the JPG output as stated in their conclusions of these cameras (a7, a7r) So I went looking for ...
  • Thanks SaltLakeGuy Yes, most of the use for my JPGs are for viewing on my 17” MacBook Pro. I too have a 3800 printer and would use the RAWs of the same scene for printing. Did the kit lens perform ...
  • I shoot RAW + JPG small on my a6000 and am pleasantly surprised how good these JPGs are for most of my photos. I’m considering selling my 5DIII stuff and getting an A7, A7R, or an A7s. So my ...
  • Sorry to hear about your troubles T Ghosh I don't understand your use of the word "cushioning". Perhaps you could explain it. I know my copy when photographing flat subject matter at 16 to 24mm has ...
  • Created discussions 16-70Z My Continuing Affair
    I still haven’t noticed that “Zeiss Look”. My first week with this lens is here: In 10 days and 1500 pictures later, I find this lens phenomenal from ...
  • Thanks Justin for your thoughtful and helpful addition to my mini review. I have enjoyed you postings on this forum and have bookmarked your site for further browsing. PS/ try that spectacular ...
  • Replied in 16-70Z follow up
    No one was able to convince me not to so here is the first week with the Zeiss 16-70
  • Created discussions 16-70Z 1st week
    So I took the plunge and went to a Sony store and took some test pictures with it before buying. Having a few expensive Canon L lenses did not scare me away with the 999 price but many of the ...
  • Jack The sunset, sunrise of the rock face with a few trees clinging to it is great and the one before it of the trees with the waterfall in the distance really shows what a photographer and a 10-18 ...
  • You are right. I never noticed that nuance of expression before. It's my wife and two granddaughters and they should know better. (He's ALWAYS got his camera out! ;-)
  • Thanks Al And how is that 10-18? I really like wide angles!
  • That deer picture was taken with the kit lens as you've noticed. We call her Lucy and these are her twins. We live on a remote island in BC Canada and wildlife is part of our daily landscape. Why ...
  • Created discussions Mini Review a6000
    Long time Canon and Nikon user here, see my profile if interested. First off, lets get the annoying things out of the way... The Manual provided sucks. (I bought the Gary Friedman’s alternative and ...
  • Unscientific comparison of the EF-S 15-85 to the EF 24-105L, Camera 7D Although this might not be a valid comparison because we are using the sweet cropped part of the 24-105L, but the question was ...
  • I believe I have a good 24-105. I sense the 15-85 is close. Since there is some comparative talk here I will compare the 24-50-70 focal lengths and get back to you Richard
  • Thanks Dave and Bob Good advice and high praise indeed. I do have a retailer that will let me shoot outside before buying. I will give that a try and not give up yet. As this was just a "field" ...
  • Thanks Dale, that is encouraging to hear
  • Created discussions Canon 15-85 Field Review
    On opening the rental, I was surprised by its bulk and heft, I used to own the 17-85 and this was more. I noticed immediately, before putting it on the camera, its zoom creep after 24 and below ...
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