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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 Hands-on Preview (749 comments in total)

I haven't been loyal to any brand since I sold my film Leicas and Rolleis. The image is everything, and like music, what you like is subject to personal preference. All four comparison images are awesome, but I am most amazed at the NEX7, which in some cases seems to outperform the full-frame flagship Nikon and Canon. Between the NEX7, and the fact they are making the sensor for the 800, upstart Sony is on a roll. Saving up my pennies for a NEX7.

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Joy07: Hopefully someone can help - I have a Nikon 500d (yes I know fairly plebby compaired to these big guys being discussed!!!) Over the years I have bought 2 more @ $1000 each lenses for this camera. I just love it - it takes great shots (although I find not in low light), but now I am ready for 'more'. The Nikon 7000D & 800E both only do 4-6 frames per second. My 500d does 4! So although the megapixols are more, is it really worth ungrading for an extra 2 frames per second? My hobby is taking actions shots - mostly of my teenage boys. So getting rid of shutter lag and getting clear action shots when objects are moving eg jumping off a rope swing into the river, are imortant to me.

You raise a good point about not needing 30 something MP. So where's the Nikon that has @ 24 MP and 10 frames per second with sharp focus and no shutter lag??? oh at about $3000??? :D This would be my perfect camera... Do I have to wait? Or is there one out there now???

Consider a Sony A65 with 10fps & 24 megs for $800.Then wait. A year from now full-frame cameras will be $1000.

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Can an 8x10 sensor be far off? I am working on an archive project, scanning contact prints from 8x10 glass plate negatives from 1902. Damn they are pretty. My guess is the resolution would rival the Leaf Credo 80 back, but digital is slightly more convenient than setting up a darkroom tent.

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Right now the D800 seems to blow everything else away (if you need to make ten-foot blow ups) so you can't blame Nikon for supply and demand pricing.

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On article Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples (423 comments in total)

Forever has a good point. Substitute the Nex7 and Leica M9 for the two bottom comparisons. They all take exceptionally beautiful pictures. Only one is small and relatively inexpensive.

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If you've got the money (I don't), there are worse vices. IMHO, even if the glass was parity between the top brands, the significant advantage Zeiss and Leitz still have over other wonderful lenses are their coatings. While is this is totally a personal preference issue, the T* Zeiss coating is magic. How much that additional magic is worth in dollars is a good question. (At the other end of the financial spectrum, some of the Maxxum lenses, available on craigslist for fifty bucks, have Minolta coatings that still might be the pick of the litter of Japanese optics.)

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Zeiss rules and what photographer wouldn't want one? Kudos on the noise approach, and the final criteria is the image. If you just showed me the sample images, I would simply want the camera that took those photos.

In a few years, independent point and shoot cameras will cease to be. Only slrs and waycool smartphonecameras! Zeiss t coatings on my phone?

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Everyone knew this is on the way, but the game of tech leap frog just keeps getting faster. 41 meg relatively-large sensor! Software to remove noise. Zeiss optics.

I would have been thrilled with a standard compact sensor, 16 megs and a 5x zoom lens. The last sample shot is awesome. Smart photo phones will replace cameras for most people in a year.

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On Preview:olympusEM5 (1362 comments in total)

Very pretty. Hope Sony will model a camera after Minolta's XD11, which was beautiful. Will Nikon bring back the distinctive Photomic FTN pentaprism?

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D800 hands-on preview (265 comments in total)

In five years the same imaging quality will be on your phone, but for now I want one!

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For two grand, full-frame would be nice. I am willing to stay with my NEX3 as my backup camera for now. And contrary to popular opinion, I really like using the NEX3 interface. It is different, but fun.

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On article Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera (874 comments in total)

Virtually free K-Mount lenses on Craigslist, like Sony and Maxxum!

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Twin lens Rollei D w/Planar and forty-meg medium-format sensor please. The mechanical self-timer would be a nice touch.

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On article Fujifilm X10 Preview Samples Gallery (113 comments in total)

I want one. Of course I also want a Leica and Hasselblad, but with three kids around college age, like that's gonna happen. There are so many great cameras in the newest generation that the consumer is the winner.

Back on subject, the X10 images are so good they are reminiscent of my old 35mm Summicron on an M-series Leica body shooting Kodachrome 25, which was the sharpest lens in the world in the seventies and eighties, with the finest film ever made. Remarkably great images.

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Looks suspiciously like the classic Leitz 50mm M-series Summicron.

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Noblesse oblige. Sadly, how many of them will be crushed by Ferrari California doors after their masters have drunk their fill of Petrus?

I had my share of M-Series rangefinders (film), and Leica's lenses are great, but the prices for their digital offerings are comical in the most pompous, high-falutin' way. The only person I know who has the M-9 system works for Goldman Sachs. 'Nuff said.

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This should be a no snark zone, even when the content concerns canine candids. My dog takes me to dog park daily, and I credit the Sony A33 for making me the Ace Ventura of dog photography. Specifically the seven shots per second setting. Add the 500mm autofocus mirror lens and blast away. Out of seventy shots in ten seconds, one usually approaches William Wegman status. Do not approach dog photography like Ansel Adams--waiting for the one perfect shot. Max out your frames per second, and erase the rest.

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On article Sony SLT-A77 studio comparison samples (226 comments in total)

Ivanaker makes some good points. All the major brands are making incredible equipment. Nikon and Canon might have a slight edge in glass, and Nikon in low light, but credit Sony for pushing new fun stuff. The latest releases from all three deliver huge performance increases priced less than previous models. The consumer is the winner!

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Nice photos, but pretty much the same spendy stuff any sports photographer would use. On a budget, a Sony aps with a Minolta 500 mirror would take beautiful shots, and certainly beat everything for size and weight.

imho, renting is misery. Given craigslist, a person might consider purchasing used stuff, and sell to recoup investment after the trip if they didn't want to keep it.

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