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Jeez, I got an A33 and Nex-3 when they first came out. Now they are discontinued and they don't even rate the software update! Maybe I'll duct tape a piece of plastic over the movie record buttons.

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keeponkeepingon: :(

So the headline here should be Nat Geo photographers cause penguin deaths for fun and proffit?

Unhappy Feet!

No penguins were injured in the making of this video. Those are trained stunt penguins.

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Lugging an 8x10 around Yosemite will keep you in shape! One can only image what Ansel would think of the Sigma D2 Merrill, with high res in a pocket camera? Would he auto bracket? Why not.

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The Luminous Landscape review says it all. Nothing even remotely near the image quality for the price. Very few with better image quality period. High praise for Sigma.

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I was an ad copywriter for a leading camera company in the seventies and eighties, and Mr. Butler's last line is a stroke of branding genius. The Lunar has the potential to be the "new coke" of the camera marketing world. The Hasseblad RX-1, with Zeiss lens and possibly the highest IQ in the universe (well at least the Earth and the Moon), would have made imminent sense. Finish it with chrome and the leather from the iconic Hasseblad 500, raise the price by a few thousand, and it would still cost half as much as an offering from Leitz!

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peevee1: "To put these differences into perspective, before the release of the iPhone 5, we asked 50 non-photographers to compare 15" prints of a similar image from each of these cameras, to work out which were the cheap ones and which the expensive ones and which was the iPhone 4s. 15" prints aren't a stringent photographic test, but they're bigger than most iPhone photos will ever be printed. Over half of people placed the iPhone 4s above the Nikon D3. The picture quality from the iPhones is 'good enough' for most people."

This is the important finding. When light is good and your subject is not moving fast, don't fool yourself that you need an expensive equipment.

Hasselbald should just put their logo on an iPhone and charge $4,000 for it.

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Specs with the NEX7 being equal, the only reason for this camera's existence is cosmetic appearance. The "endangered specie line" of grip covering is especially stunning. Scandinavians are capable of decent design--the Danish company B&O could create a camera sleeker than a Porsche TT.

Hasseblad and Leica have become jewelery for the Republican one percent. To photography Mitt Romney's fantastical dancing horse with anything less than a Lunar would be despicable.

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Leica and Hasselblad jewelery. Hasseblad will launch this for six grand, and the next day Sony will introduce the NEX-8 with 40 meg sensor and 20 fps for 800 bucks. Presently Sony makes the "Kodachrome" and Zeiss still makes the glass.

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On Sony SLT-A99 Hands-on Preview (326 comments in total)
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Hani7up: Ugly as sin, but we'll wait for the full review

Personal taste: while this is an incredible camera, I did like the design of the Sony 900 and 850, which was reminiscent of the Minolta XD-11.

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This camera is drool worthy, and the lens is probably worth the price. The comparison has to be with the thousand dollar Sigma Merrill. I need to find a camera store that has both, and bring two sd cards.

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The Luminous Landscape review was dead-on. A Nikon 800, which is five times both the size and price, has an edge, but this is the leading value in image quality by a long shot. Look at the images on the Sigma page--the lens alone is worth a grand.

For thirty years I carried a Leica CL with a 35mm Summicron, shooting Kodachrome 25--arguably the top image quality of its day. The Sigma is its spiritual reincarnation.

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The images on their website are mind-blowing, and look 46 meg to me. I have read about this processor, but never looked at the photos.

They look better than the Nikon 800 or Sony Nex7 test shots I took recently. The textures are amazing and 3d. It is reminiscent of a medium format blad image vs a 35mm photo.

If image quality is everything, this camera is surprisingly impressive. The main draw back to the Nikon 800 is its size and weight. If this really delivers 46 meg performance in a compact camera, then as rpt mentioned, it does deserve a red dot on the front!

Must find a camera store that carries this and put a sd card in for some test shots. Drool worthy.

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On Sony NEX-5R Hands-on Preview (145 comments in total)

I purchased a nex3 when they first came out, and small is good. It is the perfect second camera, and when I walk the dog I take the nex3 instead of the dslr. It's the highest image quality in the smallest package--the new leica.

And after a year and a half of use, the controls have grown on me and are actually fun to use. Saving my pennies for a nex7.

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Don't take my Kodachrome, or HDR, or B&W, away. It's all fun. HDR is Ansel Adam's brain on LSD.

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has sad feeling

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I am amazed at the quality of the images from my 8 meg droid cam, and it has a tiny sensor. This camera is a revelation, with a relatively large sensor, Zeiss lens and many megapixels. For a cell phone, the posted pictures are fantastic. Who wouldn't want one if you were without a dslr? I will however wait for a droid model.

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Peanut butter on the tripod. Oldest trick in the book.

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I purchased a Nikon Photomic FTN in 1968, and in terms of photo history, this category of camera is mind blowing. While I really enjoy my dslr, unless you are doing blow ups in excess of 8x10, this is the perfect camera for most folks. I have an older 8 meg version of this sony (with only a 450mm range!), and it is still the perfect camera for concerts. It got doused with a beer at an Allman Brothers show, and keeps on ticking. After six years of amazing photos, if the beer had killed it, the camera would have owed me nothing.

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)

All of the top cameras from the top manufacturers are amazing, and senseless overkill for most photographers (really, how many bill-board photographers can there be out there?) The big news is the price point. Kudos to Nikon for making top image quality available to many more people. And kudos to Sony for making such an incredible sensor.

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Black and white! What will they think of next? I thought I saw some dust on the print, and then realized it was on my computer screen.

I fear beloved Leica is becoming a fashion/jewelery brand, exclusively for the uppercrust.

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