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Image is everything, and Sigma will certainly put out a better product than the Merrills, which were remarkable. I greatly respect the concept of this amazing camera, but would be concerned that the Sony A7 line is now obviously a serious contender. Every generation, the consumer wins more.

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On Homemade rig captures extreme macro shots of snowflakes article (186 comments in total)
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3dreal: Am i right that diameter of snowflakes are around 1mm or smaller? this reading that 30x is needed on FF-cams.

Beyond beautiful. What a concept and execution. Some of the finest photographs ever, on many levels. So many people I have forwarded them to refuse to believe they are real! Congratulations.

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On Homemade rig captures extreme macro shots of snowflakes article (186 comments in total)

omigod. Mr Daniels "Mind Blown" comment says it all. No design studio on Earth can touch these. Maybe there is something to Vonnegut's "Chronosyncalsticinfandibulum".

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Brilliant. Fun and have not seen it before.

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When I collected Leicas in the 1980s, I had a IIIf, which was only a few generations later. Using it was time-warp compared to contemporary Leicas, but it had a certain amount of cache walking around NYC, and at the Village Vanguard for Dexter Gordon. My beloved 1964 Kodak Instamatic 104 prob took better pics! Got the IIIf for eighty bucks. There were no coatings on the lens and color pics sucked, so of course you only shot B&W, usually pushed tri-x for the way cool grain.

For IO, people starting in photography today are clueless how good they got it. My daughters ninety-dollar Fuji ultra-compact takes pics you could blow up to 16x20 tack sharp. Not to mention cell phones. Try making a phone call on that gold Leica.

Did Leica hire poachers for crocs, of did they have there own specially-trained teams?

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On Rare photos of Rolling Stones emerge from estate sale article (106 comments in total)

These were recently shot with a Hasseblad Lunar, which has the ability to let you go back in time, like Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine. Hasselbald now rules with the most bitchin' technology (oh, wait a minute, its a Sony).

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2371 comments in total)

It is approaching saturation bombing overkill. They all look ridiculously fantastic. Just think back to the stone age, maybe two years ago. Seriously, how many billboards will you be shooting this year?

Didn't go digital for many years. Give up a Leica and Kodachrome? Presently all the companies have awesome cameras, but Sony and Sigma might be "Pushing the envelope" the most.

To use more "Right Stuff" cliches, beloved Hasselbald has "Screwed the pooch". Will a Hasselblad A7R rebadge cost as much as an endangered-species-skinned, one-of-a-kind Leica? Bonfire of the Vanities.

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On Leica unveils D-Lux 6 Silver Edition article (92 comments in total)
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sdribetahi: Not mentioned, but this comes with a name, history and photo of the lamb used to make your pouch.

My pouch came with a card in German that said the lamb was named Snowball, and the photo (very clear with good composition) showed Snowball on an idyllic farm in Switzerland with a little girl with braids. At the bottom the three check boxes were: 1. Roasted with mint jelly. 2. Grilled Mediterranean and 3. Shepard's Pie. My pouch was check #3, but I have heard the pouches checked #1 are already the most valued by Leica collectors.

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On Leica unveils D-Lux 6 Silver Edition article (92 comments in total)

However no one can deny that Leitz Wetzlar leads the world, pushes the envelope, in advanced lambskin nappa leather pouches! Leica and Hasseblad, isle six, jewelery department.

Sadly, the dot still creates feelings of unmitigated lust.

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2371 comments in total)

What a bunch of belly-aching! The camera (A7R) is an awesome, unbelievable gift! It heats up camera competition like nothing seen in many years and we all benefit. Can you imaging how boring Nikon and Canon stuff would be if Sony wasn't constantly pushing?
1) It may have the best IQ of any camera period. Worth repeating, it may have the best IQ of any camera period. Certainly it will be up there with the more than awesome 800E. Isn't IQ what we really want?
2) Lightest, smallest, cheapest (w A7) ff.
3) Zeiss glass (and coatings) for crying out loud.

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On Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'? article (369 comments in total)

My favorite camera for thirty years was the Leica CL, which was the smallest body to take m-series lenses. This could be the new CL...if it only had a full frame sensor. Has Leica never heard of a NEX7? It sports a fantastic 24 meg sensor for a third the cost. And its even been around for a few years!

Leica lenses are undeniable special, for construction alone. But optically many of the Zeiss lenses on Sony products are every bit as good, for a fraction of the money. Sadly, Leica is becoming a jewelry brand for big shots.

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That Lennon Harrison photo is spectacular fun. It speaks to the heart of every baby boomer. My condolences to the people on this thread who are saying snarky things about the Beatles and these photos. I guess you had to be there. The fact the photographer faked his press-pass makes it priceless.

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On Fujifilm X100S Real-world Samples article (205 comments in total)

We are all so ridiculously spoiled with the newest generation of cameras from the leading manufacturers. They all deliver amazing results, and now you can cherry-pick the unique features you want, and wait a few months for the prices to come down. I remember being amazed when SLRs first offered through-the lens metering! The first time I heard about autofocus, I thought they were taking away my favorite thing to do with a camera.

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What an amazing line of cameras. Look at the images. Right up there with a blad, leica for nikon 800 for a tiny fraction of the price...and it fits in your pocket! Who wouldn't want all three, after reading reviews and comparing photos! Thanks Sigma for re-defining the price/quality matrix.

Check out the review on Luminous Landscape which says it all. While I dearly love the Leica brand, and have owned my share since 1969, this little camera produces superior images for a twentieth of the price. Yikes. (Yes these lenses, especially the one on the DP2, rival the holy of the holy Summicrons!)

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It is a world economy, and great products come from every country. The pause for thought is in regard to branding. The Kodak name was one the ten great icons in the world, but it is not American anymore. Kodachrome is dead, long live Kodachrome! Kodachrome in a Retina III. Instamatic 104 even.

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Sigma is pushing the ball forward, more than most.

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)

The 800 is too big, too heavy, too expensive and the files are too large! I tested the 600 which took the most incredible digital photos I have ever seen.

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On Just Posted: Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review article (498 comments in total)

This camera is awesome, an embarrassment of riches, as are the offerings from Nikon and Canon. You have to admit Sony has been putting out more innovative products. To me, the big surprise this season was the pricing of the Nikon 600. If the 600 was the same price as the 99, then the discussion would be different, but Nikon changed the landscape with a very capable $2,000 ff.

I still tell friends to buy Sony, just because of the Minolta glass on craigslist, and the in-body vibration reduction.

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Shamael: try to compare what is comparable, thus equal. Take on all this the NEX-7, D3X and Sony A900, and then you compare. Set the first point in the box with the rolls and see what yous see, then place the point on the face of the queen of hearts and see, take the dime with the number "1200", the batteries, the head of Mykey and so on. Now, on the end my conclusion is that all those cameras focused on a different item on the setup, that all bring me the same resolution, that D3X, D600 and NEX-7 have the same good sharpness and detail, that NEX-7 is the best investment when it come to IQ and that your setup needs a serious dusting. NEX-7 shows me all dust on Myckey's head while D600 reveals all the dust on top of the globe. All the rest is talks and illusion only. The queen of hearts is my point to see how DOF acts and all 3 FF cameras show this in a clear way, too much DOF for a landscaper, excellent DOF for studio and portrait. On the end, is choose NEX. All i see in those FF cameras is $$$

There are so many great cameras with amazing IQ that your point is valid that for price alone, the NEX7 has a niche for value. Also the Sigma Merrill compacts with Foveon Sensors. But in the world of dslrs, hats off to Nikon for the 600's quality/price ratio, as they presently offer a more compelling product than Sony or Canon at a better price.

There is a loose analogy to high end stereo equipment in terms of the law of diminishing returns. The quality has gotten so good in general that to get a small percent improvement, you need to spend a significant amount of money.

The consumer is the winner overall. Cell phone cameras are so great that point and shoots will need 1" sensors like the Nikon and Sony offerings to produce a substantial improvement. Next year there will probably be cameras like the Sony RX100 for $250!

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On A Serious Rangefinder Compact Camera article (137 comments in total)

Fantastic job, and what an effort! I was a copywriter for eight years for a leading camera company, and your work on this is monumental. Your thought process makes great sense.

My problem (like everyone else) is I want too many cameras with specific functions.

Take the sensor from the Nikon 800 and put it in the Sony R1, only the sensor should be upgraded to a 36 megapixel Merrill Foven. Take the glass from the new Panasonic mega zoom that offers a 28-600 lens with constant 2.8 aperture and I would be most happy. Of course I realize the lens would be a challenge to adapt to full-frame, and would require a collaboration that would result in a new company...Carl Leitz! On second thought, the lens needs to be at least 24-600.

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