PIX 2015
Jack Hogan

Jack Hogan

Lives in Canada Toronto, Canada
Has a website at www.strollswithmydog.com
Joined on Nov 23, 2009


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Histograms of WB Raw Data 100 1600NakamuraPRNU ExtrapolationEM5II 16vs64MP PH ComparisonEM5II MTF ModeledEM5II-64MP-16vs64-MTF-CurveMTF50-AVG-EM5EM5II_64MP LowlightEM5II_64MP LowlightEM5II_16MPEM5II_64MPTruncatedRND200 FPNInteraction of Aberrations and DiffractionD750 and D610 Read NoiseRead Noise Quadratic ModelSNRD810 vs D750 V Crop MTF ComparisonLowDRD600 with EM5 PixD800 with EM5 PixSource to scene to photons and electrons captured 2Source to scene to photons and electrons capturedD600 vs RX100 and SX50Downsampling Process in Spatial and Frequency DomainD810 MTFD810 MTF 2 cyclesFrequency DomainSpatial DomainOne Cycle per PixelNew Spatial DomainNew Frequency Domain 1New Spatial Domain 1FZ200 MTFAverage EQE PRNU A7sAverage Effective QE ComparisonAverage EQE PlotA7s Figures of MeritEquivalent Signal FormulaD610 vs EM1 DR SNRD610AA 2D610 AASNR-Photon-Transfer-Model-D610-2SNR Raw vs sRGB G1Landscapers Comparative Noise IQ ChartLandscapers Comparative Noise IQ - 2 stopsDsender_140827_1307SamplingiGain vs Camera ISO