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I am now the proud owner of Sony's newest Alpha A7 (as of December 7, 2013 @ 11:31 PM). Just sold my NEX-6 on auction. Also have Casio's Exilim EX-ZR700 as my side kick swiss pocket camera.

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  • I would like to know the answer to this as well.  I'd rather use Apple's Photos app enhanced by extensions then become involved with Adobe's coralled monthly-based recurring subscription fee system.
  • File an improvement suggestion on their feedback page. That's what it's there for. Maybe not enough asking for, wanting RAW support.

  • FYI and education, it works in OS-X as well as a desktop/laptop application, not to mention an iOS-based app too. Furthermore, you bought. This is free. (unless of course you are a Windows user)

  • You should be simply happy that someone makes a product/tool like this available for free rather then bitch about it. If you want complaining rights, you can sign up for Adobe's monthly recurring...

  • Agreed. I own the same camera as well, plus twice the reach. I sold it once, regretted it, and recently repurchased it. (@J@)

  • Hi Phil.  Very interesting comment and observation It seems this FZ300 was just released.  On the downside it only has a 1/2.3" compact, mom-and-pop P&S camera sensor versus the 1" in Panasonic's ...
  • I was wondering the same as well.  With the CEATEC Show (Japan's equivalent of CES) coming in October I would think new announcements will also be forthcoming. But that merely is a speculative ...
  • If video  is not even a consideration then whatever model (1) meets your objectives for what you want to accomplish and (2) your budget.  If you want, say, flip up screen to take selfies then you ...
  • I also had the FZ1000 and sold it a couple months back. I sort of regret it now. Great AIO and run-and-gun camera.  No hassles with lens chaning, etc. If I still had it I would have kept it.  I ...
  • Because some people just like convenience of having a compact camera with semi-professional capabilities and don't want bother fumbling around  with changing lenses all the time.  In a word, ...
  • I also agree. The technology from both Panasonic and Sony are very good, and Sony is the leader in sensor technology. They even OEM sensors to Nikon and other camera makers for that matter. And, ...
  • I agree on the LX100 being better the the  RX100 IV.  First and foremost, Sony generally tends to be pricier on their products versus Panasonic.  But also, I don't like the design.  For one,  ...
  • 7mm is definitely out. If I recollect correctly having read elsewhere, the 15-16mm is the more accurate assumption here. It won't be fitting into your external 9.5mm drive cases.

  • Julian Kirkness, I agree. EVF is definitely important, especially if you want to shoot video as well. I wouuld say, get the Alpha A6000. Slight higher price, slightly bigger, but with an...

  • I think compact zooms all comes down to (subjective) personal preference. Some will swear by the HX90V. Others by Panasonic's ZS50. I still have the HX30V from the past, no EVF but good camera....

  • "Make Believe" It's A Sony.
    Love their motto in advertisements.

  • Perhaps @saralecaire, you should read the title of the article before reading the article, and then make your comment. Read the first word of the title. (^J^)

  • Commented on Connect post LG G4 puts focus on the camera

    Only future proof if the camera can address that amount of memory which does not exist yet. Similar to some smart phone manufacturers state up to 64GB MicroSD cards supported even though there are...

  • Commented on Connect post LG G4 puts focus on the camera

    @Photato, 2TB MicroSD is still very much a pipe dream. Although 2TB in the SD form factor (MicroSD is questionable) is on road map in eventual evolution, considering current state-of-the-art...

  • Commented on Connect post LG G4 puts focus on the camera

    ! agree. This smart phone seems to be as close to perfection as you might want in a smart phone shooter. The only feature I might like to see added would be more internal memory and perhaps a 6"...

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