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Ysbrand Galama

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  • For what it's worth: I made a bike trip near Vladivostok at temperatures down to minus 30 degrees Celcius, and my Olympus E-P2 kept working without a hitch. I can vouch for it's reliability, I was ...
  • I did a test and with the 20mm/1.7 you are right. Now I am confused. Must do some more tests. But still the jkrumm trick works nice, I have set my E-P2 at continuous focus / tracking now.
  • I am not sure what is close focussing for you, but I just did some more tests and indeed: when I focus on things one or two meters away at f1.7, then recompose and move the object to the border, ...
  • I think this answers my question. I now understand what a flat-field lense is, and it screws my focus & re-frame when my subject is to close to the border of the frame. I already had my doubts ...
  • Indeed that is exactly the point: I do not have a touch screen that allows me to move the focus point. On my E-P2, moving the focus point is such a hassle that I never do it. So I have to focus & ...
  • Created discussions Focus & re-frame
    I have a question about the common "focus then re-frame" technique. I use this technique all the time, but I am not sure it actually works. The technique assumes that when you re-frame, your focus ...
  • The Nikon Coolscan software has more options and allows for very detailed fine tuning. But in my experience VueScan delivered comparable results, with minimal tweaking. An important difference for ...
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