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DPNick: It's spelled Luxury Yacht, but it's pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove.

Mr. Pither. It's spelled just like brotherhood except with a pi instead of the bro and no hood.

GIF has a hard G, don't care what he says.

He did not invent the word, he invented the technology. Just look at all the different naming conventions something like WIFI has gone through.

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Anepo: What P*SSES ME OFF here are the Mo**ons who are trying to tell the CREATOR that he is wrong, what do you plan to do NEXT? Tell Subaru how to say "impreza" or claim Einstein to be wrong? I would LOVE to see you debate it in the same "quality" debate you have here which is "its gif not jif, why? because i said so"

No, no it is not. You are NOT the inventor nor do you write the dictionary, in fact let's debate ALL The words in the dictionary and B*itch and moan about them as well. Let's go against an ENTIRE language just because we don't think the CREATORS of said Language are right.

Subaru is a Japanese company, so who really knows how it is supposed to be pronounced, and to be quite honest you just say you have a WRX or STi anyway. I have a Forester cuz I have to haul stuff!

There are tons of people who "know" Einstein was wrong, but I think they all live in Poland.

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stratplaya: Tomato, tomahto.

You mean "Tomayto" or is it "Tomaito" !

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Low Battery: Jif makes it sound like a cleaning product.....

Or a bottle of lemon juice!

Just because you invent or discover something, you cannot expect to name it as well. Anyone who discovered an element knows that. There are committees who must preside over these important things! :-P Most people can't even pronounce things that are well defined, mostly because they cannot pronounce anything period.

Does anyone even use GIF for useful stuff? The only thing I see it used for these days is animated icons.

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On Connect post There's no such thing as 'pro' photographers: More details (227 comments in total)

Her comment is interesting in that she is completely wrong. What she should have said is that "Everyone thinks they are pros." This was the comment from a wedding photographer lamenting how many people choose to just take their own photographs instead of hiring a professional to do it.

In the days of film, you trusted in the professionals ability to get the shot when you might not. With digital, you know if you got the shot and can retake if you are not happy.

Maybe this is what she meant when she said their are no "Pros" anymore, unless you define a pro purely as someone who makes money from photography.

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On article 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) (352 comments in total)

My Photoshop alternative of choice right now is Flying Meat's Acorn. It has similar features to Pixelmator, but feels more pleasing and fluid to use. I have not done a side-by-side comparison of features, but it covers pretty much what I need. It will open Photoshop files and costs about $30.

Having said that, I still think Photoshop Elements 11 or newer is the way to go if you are looking for something new. Its group shot tool alone makes it worth the purchase price.

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And here lies the problem with the concept of mirror-less cameras. They are marketed as an "inexpensive" or "better value" alternative to superzooms like the FZ-200 or SLR's like the EOS 700, but everyone seem to forget how expensive the lenses are, particularly when you want large or constant apertures.

The system is definitely growing in popularity, but despite its improved image quality over a point and shoot, such as the FZ-200, I am struggling to see why someone would not simply buy a "small" SLR with a much larger (and therefore relatively less expensive) lens selection.

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Why does the electronics industry always ignore the real exchange rates and use 1£=$1.1 when listing their international prices?

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marike6: This is, hopefully, going to be a bigger flop than the Sony Tablet P, Apple Maps and Disney's "John Carter". Essentially giving the middle finger to loyal customers worldwide will have most hoping for a similar outcome.

I like Apple maps! :-)

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On Connect post Samsung launches Galaxy S4 superphone (108 comments in total)
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gl2k: When it comes to low-light photography HTC One wipes the floor with all other contestants.

When it comes to low-light photography you need a modern DSLR, preferably with a full frame sensor.

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On Connect post Samsung launches Galaxy S4 superphone (108 comments in total)
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semorg: No bloatwear with iPhone. Apple fought hard to protect the consumers from all that crap. Android and Samsung are just bunch of thieves they copied everything apple did into a cheap plastic shell. Apple does have a screen issue. But that's because they tried so hard not to fragment their screen sizes. As a mobile developer dealing with android is a pain. You have to design for so many sizes. Where as apple has tried to keep the ratio consistent and at least the width.

Wow! That did not take long! Someone mentions Apple and the rest of you forget what the original article was even about, and dive in!

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On Connect post Samsung launches Galaxy S4 superphone (108 comments in total)
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Paul_B Midlands UK: Whatever the whinging, cynicism, the boring Apple vs Samsung who did what first moan-in i.e the usual trademark DP forum comments, one thing is for sure this phone is going to fly off the shelves. I’m pretty impartial, but doesn’t it make the Iphone5 look a bit dull and old hat - it certainly trashes my ‘old’ HTC One X for apparent functionality. I can’t see HTC keeping up, but Apple I would have though needs to smell the coffee.

Its hard to imagine that Samsung would have released a phone that was less sophisticated than a year old phone by any manufacturer.

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On article Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? (1509 comments in total)
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SulfurousBeast: This is simply to vote for the best of 2012 among all categories - $100 to $10000. While there are category best within a certain price point, range etc. Again, no winners or losers as all are very good cameras, but this poll gives a insight into mindset of users, what they would buy assuming everyone could afford one. My 2 cents, interesting to see that FF cameras have scored cumulatively higher % of votes. Mirrorless is catching up, EM-5 giving a good run for the money to D800/E. If Panny did a OMD type sensor on its GH3 - that would be my personal pick.

The problem is that by choosing one "best" it implies all others are inferior, when they are not.

I recently returned from Disney with my FZ200, and it was a superb camera to have. It is not small, but it fit in the Osprey Veer shoulder back with tons of room to spare. Compare that to the poor souls hauling SLRs with crummy kit lenses or bags of gear. Oh, and the 5fps with continual focus were sweet on the Safari!

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On article Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? (1509 comments in total)

Wow! The camera I would pick is not even on the list. For what it does, and what it costs, the Lumix FZ200 really pretty amazing.

I also have problems with the idea that we can take this random list of cameras, ranging from a tiny pocket zoom, to a monster SLR, and assign one as "best."

Best for what?

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Michael Stephen: Well its paid for itself for me and it was just my point and shoot. the latest issue of Top Gear Magazine NZ has a feature in it that I shot with my dslr cameras but also starts with a full bleed double page spread shot I took with my RX100 taken from a Hexacopter. The 20mp file in a very light camera meant I could get an aerial shot of an Audi S6 from a hexacopter without having to lift a heavier dslr. The magazine liked it so much they made it the opening spread.

To hell with the camera, I want a Hexacopter!

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Franco8: Evidence that Sony must spend a fortune in advertising with this magazine.
A compact camera with a zoom the new Canon 1GX is a leap above any other camera
Olympus Pen series cameras, with Nikon Canon Pentax etc all have dust issues and they a shutter protecting the sensor, with Olympus the sensor is fully exposed yet they do not have that issue due to there patented dust reduction system. this is a leap in technology.
what about these new lenses on the market 18~200, 18~270 or 18~300 even though they are not pro lenses, they are pretty good quality, this would have been impossible to manufacture several years ago.
all the above should be above the Sony.

Is that a G1X in your pocket, or are you please to see me?

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Rachotilko: I posted this three days ago in the 'XZ-2 samples' article's comments section, but I think it's relevant here as well:

XZ2 vs RX100 =
= f2.4 vs f4.9 =
= ISO400 vs ISO1600
= massive XZ-2 IQ win at 100mm !!!


Yeah, but I can't get the XZ-2 in time for my Disney trip next week. So, do I order the RX100 for Disney and send it back afterwards when the XZ-2 comes out? Seems kinda sleezy! Maybe I'll just lug my FZ200 around instead.

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jeff_006: It is not an invention !!! it is just a product...that probably uses several inventions...camera was an invention a long time ago, it is credited to Ibn al-Haytham (965-1039). The first CCD sensor was invented in 1969, that was a great invention !
RX100 one a the best 50 inventions of 2012 ??? let me LOL ! TIME magazine is probably not aware of what scientists are doing...maybe TIME journalists should have a look here: http://www.nobelprize.org/ for example...

What about the pockets on a pair of cargo pants? You'd look like a deformed chipmunk, but you could get a Nikon-1 and all the lenses in those.

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xfoto: I don't care what it does...and I don't give a crap about tiny stuff you can barely hold to comfortably take a picture

I have half ownership in a Lytro. It is a novel PITA that takes crappy pictures. I hear the RX100 is a PITA that takes great pictures . . . . . . . until you compare it to s $3500 camera!

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Sdaniella: Best of 2012?
It's small size exacts too high a price in poor ergonomics for pocketability. as well as a small sensor packed w/ too much Mp exacts a price in poor IQ; that's a double compromise, just so one lugs less than a full dSLR in hopes of having good flexible IQ:


can't even keep up w/ the PowerShot G1X for IQ

Nothing worse than someone who thinks they know it all, and then uses unrealistic comparisons to back it up.

The four cameras you chose are not even in the same realistic market segments. One could, perhaps, argue the G1X and RX100 are in a close market segment, but even that is a stretch considering the RX100 weighs half that of the G1X, is 2.8 times smaller in terms of volume, and costs 30% less.

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