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On Kodak Pixpro S-1 First Impressions Review preview (167 comments in total)
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Artpt: Agreed with other comments on the industry milestone of three companies offering a mix of lenses and bodies in a common format!....a win for consumer choice.

Brand loyalists may not see the benefit in cross competition among the M43 products, but the exchange of common format opens up an entire industry to innovate on other technological aspects....

Pros already use this model to manage multiple aspects of their work but within their camera brand.

Another thought to consider is how fast a company can innovate a product if the R&D works around a known format over innovating the entire format (lenses, bodies, etc). The legacy costs do eat away at budgets and limit creativity.

"Innovation of Android devices over Apple" really depends on your definition of "innovation." If "innovation" is to stick any random technology on to a device regardless of value, then sure. However, I am not sure that is what innovation is really about. Apple is a company that seems to take its time evaluating what works in the market, and what does not.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1239 comments in total)
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pacnwhobbyist: What a great time to be a perspective camera buyer. Although like I mentioned before in a previous comment section, it might be worth waiting until Photokina to see what else comes out. Nonetheless, this looks like it will be a great camera. I wonder if it will put downward price pressure on the RX10.

Technically, he/she could be a perspective camera buyer. Maybe a prospective perspective photographer! :-)

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The camera is definitely a lot more compact than the GoPro, but doesn't the fact that it is tethered to the battery pack/storage device create a significant tangle hazard to deal with?

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On A GoPro Hero's journey into a dishwasher article (167 comments in total)

Whole lot of grumpy people on here today! :-)

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On Lytro Illum in the hands of five leading photographers article (162 comments in total)
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HowaboutRAW: It would be better if Lytro gave DPReview a beta body with beta software and DPReview played with both for month.

Instead we're getting independently created sales brochures from the company.

I saw one of these beta bodies a few weeks ago. Seems more promising than the first, but I could not shoot and then keep files to play with later at home. Not like the software is available to the general public yet.

Why are you so sure this is true? I suppose the reality is that conventional photograph analysis does not really work for this media. For example, how do you analyze the focus of a camera where you can change the focal point after you have captured the image?

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On Lytro Illum in the hands of five leading photographers article (162 comments in total)
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InTheMist: I think I finally get this!

It's an interactive photograph with more than one subject possible.

I looked at the gallery and the way to view the images just feels funny so far. If only the photographer could create two (or more) focus points that were automatically moved to and from, that would be a nicer user experience and would better fulfill the photographer's vision. The size of the sensor seems too small to properly appreciate the focus interaction as well.

Most of us are so conditioned to think in terms of "prints" that our brain struggles with these "photographs," but as the world of digital media continues to grow I feel we will increasingly learn to embrace living images and their vast potential.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (482 comments in total)
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pedroboe100: I don't get it. It's bulky and expensive. Why would someone choose this over a Pentax K5, Olympus EM1, Pana GH3, with a Tamron superzoom lens?

Try putting an equivalent f/2.8 lens on any of those cameras and see how bulky they are.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (482 comments in total)

@mosc I think you need to check your numbers because this camera has an f/2.8 lens across the range. You cannot compare a camera with a kit lens to a camera with an f/2.8 lens.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (482 comments in total)
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mosc: I think the RX10 is overpriced. The lens is great but in a few years it can't be used with a newer 1" sony sensor that offers new things like 4k video or real action tracking on-chip PDAF. If they make an RX20 one day, you'll have to re-buy the lens. Maybe it'll be a little longer at tele or a little lighter but your old glass is throw away. Usually, fixed glass comes at a discount. No mount to deal with, the lens can have fewer compromises, saves money. That makes up for it. This one doesn't seem to have that.

You can't find 1" lenses that compete with this but there are plenty of APS-C sized lenses that do. The article lists a couple, the EF-S 18-135 and the very impressive sony E 18-105. There's also the 18-200 sigma that just came out which is under a pound and has 11x instead of 8x range and usable macro. The dimensions of the RX10 isn't revolutionary either compared to one of those lenses attached to a small camera. Several combos come out LIGHTER than the RX10, all are CHEAPER.

Something can only be considered overpriced if there are equivalent products at a lower price. This camera sounds expensive, and for some $1300 is a lot to spend, but consider what it offers.

The equivalent Canon lenses for my DSLR (covering 24-200 at f/2.8) cost me almost $4000 and are HEAVY. This thing offers image quality close to an APS-C DSLR in a total package that runs under 2lb. That is a significant accomplishment, and worthy of a premium price.

If I did not own a Lumix FZ200 I would buy one of these in a heartbeat. It seems like an excellent travel zoom provided you do not need super duper zoom.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 21, 2014 at 17:34 UTC

For the most part you can still get a good sense of a product with these reviews, but like everything else, you need to use more than one source.

It would be nice if there was an easier way to sort reviews by verified purchasers, because there are a lot of people opining on something they have never used.

I purchased the Lumix FZ200 when it first came out, but amazingly people were already "reviewing" the item even though it was not available for purchase anywhere. They simply read the specs and opined. Thankfully, Amazon deleted all of them when the camera finally went on sale.

On the subject of "reviews" it drives me nuts when websites post "reviews" that are nothing more than a restatement of the specs. This is one reason why I keep coming back to DPReview. At least the previews are more than just a list of specs.

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On Olympus executives sentenced, avoid jail time article (53 comments in total)
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rennie12: . . . and I presume everybody knows what happened to the American head of the company who let the cat out of the bag. . . Gee, you don't ? He had to find another job.

How honorable for all concerned.

He got a £10 million settlement and is now doing the rounds as a consultant on business ethics.

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Raincheck: Congratulations Mr. Wilhite— good job at a time of need. That said, just because you figured out my least favorite form of compression next to MP3, doesn't mean you have the sense that God gave a bug when figuring out how to pronounce an acronym.

You need to be very careful making statements like this because it is quite possible that he was wrong. It was just a theory after all, and there are already plenty of exceptions.

It fits what we understand now simply because we do not know any better. For the longest time people branded Boltzmann as an Irreligious Materialist for believing in Atoms. At one time everyone knew the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it. So . . . . .

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Wye Photography: Surely, if it's JIF, then it should be CIF.

And if the joke is lost on you, there used to be a UK kitchen cleaning product called JIF that changed its name to CIF.

It's still not that funny, but, all I could think of.

Forgot about those little white bottles with the green lids that my mum used!

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DPNick: It's spelled Luxury Yacht, but it's pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove.

Mr. Pither. It's spelled just like brotherhood except with a pi instead of the bro and no hood.

GIF has a hard G, don't care what he says.

He did not invent the word, he invented the technology. Just look at all the different naming conventions something like WIFI has gone through.

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Anepo: What P*SSES ME OFF here are the Mo**ons who are trying to tell the CREATOR that he is wrong, what do you plan to do NEXT? Tell Subaru how to say "impreza" or claim Einstein to be wrong? I would LOVE to see you debate it in the same "quality" debate you have here which is "its gif not jif, why? because i said so"

No, no it is not. You are NOT the inventor nor do you write the dictionary, in fact let's debate ALL The words in the dictionary and B*itch and moan about them as well. Let's go against an ENTIRE language just because we don't think the CREATORS of said Language are right.

Subaru is a Japanese company, so who really knows how it is supposed to be pronounced, and to be quite honest you just say you have a WRX or STi anyway. I have a Forester cuz I have to haul stuff!

There are tons of people who "know" Einstein was wrong, but I think they all live in Poland.

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stratplaya: Tomato, tomahto.

You mean "Tomayto" or is it "Tomaito" !

Direct link | Posted on May 24, 2013 at 18:52 UTC
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Low Battery: Jif makes it sound like a cleaning product.....

Or a bottle of lemon juice!

Just because you invent or discover something, you cannot expect to name it as well. Anyone who discovered an element knows that. There are committees who must preside over these important things! :-P Most people can't even pronounce things that are well defined, mostly because they cannot pronounce anything period.

Does anyone even use GIF for useful stuff? The only thing I see it used for these days is animated icons.

Direct link | Posted on May 24, 2013 at 18:47 UTC

Her comment is interesting in that she is completely wrong. What she should have said is that "Everyone thinks they are pros." This was the comment from a wedding photographer lamenting how many people choose to just take their own photographs instead of hiring a professional to do it.

In the days of film, you trusted in the professionals ability to get the shot when you might not. With digital, you know if you got the shot and can retake if you are not happy.

Maybe this is what she meant when she said their are no "Pros" anymore, unless you define a pro purely as someone who makes money from photography.

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On 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) article (353 comments in total)

My Photoshop alternative of choice right now is Flying Meat's Acorn. It has similar features to Pixelmator, but feels more pleasing and fluid to use. I have not done a side-by-side comparison of features, but it covers pretty much what I need. It will open Photoshop files and costs about $30.

Having said that, I still think Photoshop Elements 11 or newer is the way to go if you are looking for something new. Its group shot tool alone makes it worth the purchase price.

Direct link | Posted on May 20, 2013 at 15:04 UTC as 42nd comment | 1 reply

And here lies the problem with the concept of mirror-less cameras. They are marketed as an "inexpensive" or "better value" alternative to superzooms like the FZ-200 or SLR's like the EOS 700, but everyone seem to forget how expensive the lenses are, particularly when you want large or constant apertures.

The system is definitely growing in popularity, but despite its improved image quality over a point and shoot, such as the FZ-200, I am struggling to see why someone would not simply buy a "small" SLR with a much larger (and therefore relatively less expensive) lens selection.

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