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Expat Nomad: Good stuff! I was fortunate enough to be part of a recent Fujifilm outing and really appreciated the chance to share my ideas for improving products (not to mention using brand new kit in the X-A1 and trying lenses). Good to see the above come to fruition.

Big wins, all - especially the customizable auto-iso.
Let's see playback of a portrait framed shot that uses the whole screen is possible and that something similar to Sony's direct manual focus is available.

Other than that, please bring out a Reala preset, put a time lapse mode in, and if possible improve the battery life!

(Oh, and keep the great lenses coming).

I thought portrait using full LCD is possible if your turn off/on the auto rotate PB? CMIIW

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Duncan Dimanche: You know the fuji sensors are nice in low light but they are never sharp. Even the RAWs are being stripped off noise in order to create an illusion of amazing high ISO performance... it does remind me of Sony's JPGs

It would be nice if those samples shot would be in RAW...
But I know that there is little difference in Fuji's raw and JPGs...

I'm trying to like Fuji but I really can't...just look at that girl's portrait... there seems to be not much details....

Cheers and thanks for posting those

You are kidding right? My Fuji X-E1 with 35mm or 60mm is very sharp...

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calking: Can't wait to hear what all the x-trans sensor haters have to say if/when the BAYER sensor XA-1 comes out at an even lower price than the XM-1.

Oh wait...never mind.

"no VF ... Waaah!!!"
"Has plastic parts ... Waaah!!!"
"Should be cheaper ... Waaah!!!"
"Made in ... [not Japan] ... Waaah!!!"
"It's not full frame ... Waaah!!!"
"no good for shooting sports ... Waaah!!!"
"It's not a ... [Sony, Oly, Nikon, Canon, Pany, Leica, etc] ... Waaah!!!"
"no way to convert RAW files (total horsesh*t) ... Waaah!!!"
"I don't like the colors ... Waaah!!!"
"Fuji is REALLY going out of business NOW ... Waaah!!!"
"It's not a FF Sony Nex ... Waaah!!!"
"I see artifacts at 400x magnification on my electron microscope ... Waaah!!!"
"It's too big. Too small. Too complex for the blind... Waaah!!!"
"No in-camera stabilization ... Waaah!!!"
"Video isn't as good as ..... Waaah!!!"
"Image quality not as good as full frame Canon 5DM3 / Nikon D800 with prime lenses ... Waaah!!!"
"just wait for the XMA2s model..."

This is seriously funny hahahaha :D

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Cirrus70: What if you install the 35mm f/1.4 on the X-M1. Will the aperture ring on the lens work? The camera is being presented with lenses that do not have aperture rings.

Yes it will work

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