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On Just Posted: Nikon Coolpix P310 review article (156 comments in total)
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Guidenet: Nikon just doesn't understand the buyers of this kind of camera, I think. Why no RAW? Why such a small sensor? Do they really think we can't see how slow this lens gets so fast? I love Nikon and have been a user of Nikon gear since 1968. I have LF Nikon lenses and enlarger lenses. I wouldn't own a CoolPix on a bargain. I do own a Canon S95 however.

Nikon ought to have two branches. They need the entry level guys who take care of most Coolpix and SLR models from D3200 to D7000. Then the other team manages high end point and shoots and D300s class and better SLRs. The high end point and shoots would get a different name. The Nikon One is in the entry level class because of it's controls. A better balanced Nikon One might get marketed by the high end group later.

I can't imagine a person who'd own a D300s or D800 who would consider a compact that couldn't store RAW files. I just don't know what's wrong with them sometimes. What would it take to store RAW files? Software!

If I want to take shots in RAW, well, I would use my D700 or D800...???... leave it out, make it cheaper.

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On Just Posted: Nikon Coolpix P310 review article (156 comments in total)
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Yod: Consideriing this camera has a smaller sensor than the S100 and still manages to deliver image quality that is almost the same,we can assume that this is a very good camera indeed,without getting you worried about the terrible Lens Error message so common in the S series.I´m a Canon user.Best wishes.Yod


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On User Review: Gura Gear Kiboko 30L Backpack article (113 comments in total)
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Reilly Diefenbach: This is just too much money.

Yeah ...way too much. People have way too much money to waste these days.

Actually ...it costs more than the camera I'm using these days ...ha.

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On Guilin in the China challenge (10 comments in total)
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RPJG: Is that really 50mm on an APS camera?

I was just thinking the same thing RPJG ...if it is, there is an awful lot of distortion on that lens ...great shot either way, but I think the poster just put 50 the more I look at it.

Congrats though tko...nice work.

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On Starfish in the World City Tour: Tokyo challenge (1 comment in total)

Wow ...thanks all!!!!

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Ray Maines: I see this as an auxiliary camera rather than the primary picture taking machine in the household. This is the camera you put in the glove box of the car, in your backpack, or take with you when you aren’t planning to take pictures. Higher Image Quality is always better than lower Image quality of course, but obsessing over the IQ of a pocket size, fixed lens camera is a foolish exercise.

alrighty than ...I always buy cameras for the purpose of not planning to take pictures.

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On Just Posted: Sony DSC-RX100 preview with sample images article (645 comments in total)
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Marty4650: If this camera was around the same price as a Canon S100, then it will be a huge hit.

But Sony is planning to sell it for around the same price as a Nikon D5100 with lens, or twice as much as an S100, and that price just won't fly. It's a nice little camera but it just doesn't offer enough value for the money.

We'll see ...maybe your right. All I can say that, reviews pending, I would buy this before the D5100.

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On Sony DSC-RX100 preview (544 comments in total)

Is it me (and my computer at work) ...or do all these photos look extremely "flat"

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-01 review article (355 comments in total)

At least it's not wood paneled like that sigma ...good work pentax

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-01 review article (355 comments in total)


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Vitruvius: People keep complaining that the image quality is getting worse as sensors get smaller. Well... YA! You also get what you pay for. People used to be willing to pay more for qaulity too. Stop complaining that you can't get $1,000 quality from a $400 camera. Most people are not photogs and don't really care about the dynamic range of the image they just tweeted of a friend sitting on the photocopier at the party. I am sure that Canon would add 'L' lenses to their Powershots again, like the Pro1, if they thought people were willing to pay for it. I don't think most people are.

Thats a broad statement ...Oly's TG-610 has much much better image quality than my panny ts20 ...much better.

I agree with Vitruvius ...people just miss the point on these.

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Biowizard: Getting closer - my PERFECT all-terrain/submersible camera would have NO external ports/water ingress points ... all you need is INDUCTIVE charging and WiFi (or BlueTooth), and with a few magnetic reed switches or Hall Effect chips, you could build a truly, 100% watertight camera with NO weak points.

If only I could afford to buy a factory, I'd be RICH!!!


Sort of oxymoronic, isn't it.

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thx1138: Wow, rotten specs. f/3.9 lens, 230kp LCD, no RAW, tiny 1/2.3" sensor. Sort of like every other underwater P&S. At least the new Olympus is f/2 at wide end.

Why is it assumed underwater photographers like to use crap cameras.

Just because you don't like RAW doesn't mean we should all suffer and have to use jpg. You can still shoot jpg on a RAW enabled camera and let the camera company do the processing for you. I like to control how I process my files.

Nah, real underwater photographers use Old Spice

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SamTruax: You gotta love the marketing BS they come up with... "Durability Unites with DSLR-Image Quality".
If my DSLR was only as good as this 1/2.3" sensor I would be suing its manufacturer.
Why do we put up with the BS marketing?

Yeah ...can't beleive the BS ...yet, I'm sure it works on many people. It's a good lookin waterproof P&S ...to compare it to an SLR is probably (giving it the benefit of the doubt) a ridiculous statement

Just look at the forums ...all these p&s's get compared to slr's anyway

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imagenes_vivas: Why not Raw in an high spec camera?

People who think that P&S's should rival SLR's and such...

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OpticGlass: No RAW :( No good.

Nice that it has f2 and converter lenses.

But without raw it won't do.

I'm with Boris ...and add - this camera isn't intended for a RAW type purpose shooter ...it's a p&S and raw would be a wasted option for 99% of users thus probably a good business choice to leave it out

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Deleted pending purge: To my sorrow, it's another Almost...
Imagine waterproofing that is working to the pressure of 1.2 bar, and how little it takes to make something really usable to divers (i.e. being able to resist pressures of 5 bar)! Taking photos within 12 meters depth is really frustrating if you want to do more than dive in apnea or just snorkle. There is no excuse for any manufacturer who wants their products to be interesting to outdoors people, for not yet being able to make a proper amphibious camera which would be at least as usable as ancient Nikonos, including Nikon who already has two excellent casings, - III and V - easily adaptable to digital technology...
And adding an underwater housing to an underwater camera is just as laughable as having extra Pet modes for Cats and Dogs. While having none for Parrots, for instance. The whole idea of an u/w camera is to finally get rid of the housing, which is just another piece of equipment one has to buy and take care of...

Huh? ...this is a family vaca type p and s not a dive camera
...this isn't a prosumer or pro type camera either, thus no raw, which would be useless to most people this camera is geared to (more to all the other posters not you) and which will be buying

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christiankoehler: A camera like this is called "higher spec" now?

In my opinion a p&s needs to have a good full auto mode. But I never understand the benefit of these scene modes.
What is the difference between "portrait" and "beauty"? Should I use "dog" or "cat" mode if it is an elephant? Why not just implement PASM modes? Manufactors obviously think buyers of compact cameras are idiots. But this is a $400 camera. For that price it should have a 1/1.8'' sensor, RAW mode, manual focus and manual/semi auto modes.


Check out the dial ...it ha "Magic" mode ...probably adds on 100 bucks to the price ...and when people see that "Magic" setting ...it's gonna sell like hotcakes ...ha

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dtmoody: First P&S in awhile that has really caught me eye. Olympus may just get some of my hard earned $ for this one.


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happypoppeye: TS-20...???... click the review and look at the top.

Why does the top of the review pages say "TS-20" ...this isn't the TS-20 ...a typo I'm sure, but still, title the page with the right camera guys, c'mon.

Good job Barney ...it happens.

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