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yabokkie: I'm using an old version of ACDSee on my notebook for fast browsing and simple edit on the run. would like to buy a slightly updated version just to say I like it but the powerful new ones scare me away.

Use Acdsee <2.x still because it's fast, light and simple. No bloat. Acdsee Free isn't as light, missing basic functions, and key mapping's different. Full screen, pic to pic works differently, too re: zoom lock and sizes. Only downside is that it can't handle Chinese/Japanese file names/paths, so the closest free alternative is xnview, which has the ugly feature of a caching database you have to configure not to cache photos. But, keyboard settings and full screen make sense.

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The silly assumption that the Internet is always available, esp during crunch time, is absurd! I'm still running modem and tethering here, and to think that I'll be stuck downloading some huge 100s+ MB update every month or two is nuts.

Similarly, downloading the multi GB installer?!? Nuts once again. Even at the fast connections available at the Apple or Microsoft stores (3+MB/sec), it takes an hour or two minimum. Over slower tethering? No go. Just give me a disc and let me go. Esp. given that I'll have to redownload if I need to setup a 2nd laptop quickly. (You'd think they'd let you have at the exe files to offline them yourself?)

And viruses? Why? Give people internet and all they do is social media, email, surf the net, etc and get these computers infected in no time. Disconnect, lock down, and get to work. Computers here run for years and years without any infection this way. Stable, safe, efficient.

CS6 maybe the last upgrade for a long, long time...

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Same $200-500 price range, they get a basic edited video (all important parts, extra junk trimmed. Nice dvd menu, key events indexed, classical music here and there, appropriate transitions).
Again, delivered in a week-maybe two if there's a bit of editing or color correction. Key? At the reception and other free moments, go around and get everyone's blessings to the couple to include.
Easy, simple- templated photo or video shoots for weddings that don't take Weeks to edit or deliver, stay in budget- and practically guarantees happy faces because you tell and show them straight up front what you will do (show past shoots or dvds).
Another cheap key?
Take shots of the wedding that work as the cover and back of the dvd. Whip up a nice layout using classical fonts- print on glossy photo paper and glossy DVD lables- and deliver 5 copies. Charge $5-10 for more copies.
Amazing-but that's what has kept my poorer clients happy over the years.

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Get many happy smiles from those on a budget, never get a compliant since i make sure they know what they are buying. All of the traditional poses and must have photos are by the book, so they know beforehand to play nice since i tell them I'll make sure to get all the basics first, but only if you make sure your family cooperates fully. Then, breeze through that followed by hours of fun photos and photos on the spot.
Have done videos as well. Pretty much equipment is the $800 range hd camcorder, batteries, sd cards or hdv tape (once again, tape is the only medium tested to last many decades).
Pc editing can be done on Premiere elements or sony movie cheap, but sony vegas video can brinv more power to the table if you want to do more.
Again, setup is even easier than photos since most are tripoded shots. Nobody wants handheld motion sickness from their wedding video.

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Never know what the top end photographers spend their money on, but on the low end, it's easy.
$500 or less for a 4/3rds or dslr, $200 or less for a slr (film still is the only storage medium readable many decades later). Nice fast short zoom lens.
Targeting the low end-$200-500 for the full day. Typically 6-9 hours of shooting. I tell them the get all the good images, they can print however many they want at Walmart cheap (and on Fuji crystal archive).
Week after wedding, fast push through Lightroom/Gimp as needed for color correction (no idea why people overspend on Photoshop), then tossing out the bad photos. Finally delivery of DVD in one week.

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