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On Canon significantly improves EOS 7D with firmware v2 article (296 comments in total)
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Lanski: Only one thing to say about this:

Thankyou Canon for making my camera a bit better for free.

and thank YOU for bringing some sanity and light back into this room full of miserable moaning ingrates. perhaps all the woebegotten trolls can go and take some pictures for once. canon is not your evil ex girlfriend..!

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On Canon significantly improves EOS 7D with firmware v2 article (296 comments in total)
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Michael Uschold: With all those million dollar algorithms and super fast processors coming as a freebie, how about something mind-blowingly trivial: a interval timer for timelapse photography? No, instead we have to pay a lot of extra money for a not very small and light bit of kit. What a pain! The argument that few people use that feature is poor - there are many features on every camera and every computer and every piece of sophisticated software that few people use, but they are very important to the ones that do!

End rant. Other wise a happy Canon customer.

i'm with you on this. but rather than waiting for a firmware update that would never come, i popped over to ebay and got a chinese widget for about 25bucks. looks suspicously like the canon original and works perfectly. ;o)

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lots of people complaining about the rendering of reds by this coolpix.

however: if you compare the martini label shot with this camera with shots taken by the g12, the canon 5d mkII and the nikon d3, you may be surprised to find that the two most expensive, and, one might presume, verisimilitudinous ( ;o) ) cameras tend towards a more orange rendering than the g12 as well.

in other words, relax. nikon isn't famous for producing ugly colours, is it..? in real usage, i'm sure you'll see why they chose to do things the way they did.

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On IMGP0198-ACR photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

the idea that you're doing photoshop-like selective adjustments to sample images seems, to me, to be absolutely ridiculous. if you don't manage to take a usable photo out of the box, delete it, and show us something you are comfortable with without any tweaking.

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On What we want in a macro shot - Detail article (56 comments in total)
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bdery: The "what" of macro photography anyone can guess on their own (the image needs to be sharp, really?). The "How" would make these articles useful. So far dpreview articles are essentially useless, as they teach nothing. Sad.

sorry to be a grouch, but i have to say i totally agree with bdery. two days into this so-called tutorial series, you have still said very little substantial or interesting or educational at all. is dpreview really going to let this "go on for a long time"..? the internet is not the best forum to be testing to see if people's patience is as big as their disappointment.

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