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Great camera with a embedded mobile phone.

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I had never understand Nikon and Canon and there concepts, there marketing is I am Nikon and a Canon is a pro and they use DSLR. They forget that people for more than a decade has used well designed cell phones with cameras there is easy to use, I had from DSLR to my Nokia 920 and everyone of them is my best camera but I prefer my mirrorless camera it is like my phone easy to use and carry on. Often when I see the DSLR´s on my walks it is hanging from the neck on teen girls as a jewelry, or a old man as a status symbol and I as my own little observations I had follow them, to see if they take pictures with the DSLR´s no they don´t use there big bulky cameras, they use often there cellphone, they are as I write before easy to use and gives them a decent picture they can share and show immediately to there friends.

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On More pictures leak of purported Olympus PEN 'E-P5' article (237 comments in total)

I just want the new VF-4

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All talk about noise from the IS but it has never annoyed me all mechanical things has some noise and in a 5 axis IS there will be noise.
For me it is important thats it feels like Olympus has done something so my camera has the right response time on the bottom's

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