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The logical development of this is to be able to point the phone at any object including clothing that is being worn by someone else, and to buy it online. This could lead to some interesting interactions, especially in the late evenings after a few drinks. But will it stop there? Face recognition with instant purchase of 'services offered'? Maybe Google Glass would be a more discreet way of snooper purchase?

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With Art Directors, Clients and Account Managers thinking they are photographers anyway.. does anyone actually BUY images anymore? Is there somewhere we can see worldwide sales figures of images compared?

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Sigma should be congratulated for a 'radical' departure from the otherwise dull norm that camera design has now become. At the very least, it's not retro! Looks good, I hope it works, from every angle.

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On AP cuts ties with Pulitzer-winning photographer article (167 comments in total)

It would be interesting to know if AP applied such stringent rules to their journalists? 'No element of any story or situation should be blown up out of all proportion or omitted entirely, nor should a story be unduly influenced by the use of Twitter or Facebook comments, headlines should be fairly representative of the full story and not just a cheap eye-catching jibe to gain an instant sale. Minor swipes at other publications and points-of-view are however, totally acceptable!'
Rule-makers should also bear in mind, the Auto adjustments commonly used in any modern DSLR, can totally alter the atmosphere of any situation, just by 'normalizing' contrast, saturation and light levels.

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Talk about a B L O A T E D app! My CS3 still does the job nicely, thank you.

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On French newspaper publishes issue with no photos article (208 comments in total)

I think they should be challenged to go one further. Show the power and importance of publishing, by not publishing for a week. Would anyone really care?

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Sony have always produced truly innovative cameras over the years. There is a drawback to this though, you only need to look at the lens offerings for the DSLR range, some of them are still 're-branded' Minoltas from 1993, the new Zeiss offerings are good but way out of most people's reach. Sigma has already started to fill the gap admirably, with the 35MM 1.4 Art, miles better than the Sony equivalent at half the price! Working on new lenses is probably quite dull compared to developing new 'toys', but needs to be done if Sony really intends to lure professionals over to the brand.

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On Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' article (552 comments in total)

Is there another episode where the boyfriend arrives, clutching a decent camera made by Sony?

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Ultra-thin, ultra-cheap filters existed long before this lens was designed. So why didn't Canon design for the 'worst case' scenario'?

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review preview (507 comments in total)
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Alberto Battelli: For me this is right on the money. Great camera and pix but not photographer centric. I sold my rx100 because I never enjoyed using it. It felt like a bar of soap, amongst other annoying traits.

I do enjoy using my RX100, mainly because of the image quality it produces give it's size. I totally agree, Sony have a consistent but annoying habit of putting 'Sony Style' or more accurately, styling, before functional design. Oddly, they stop doing this when they get up to the SLT-A77/99 level. Maybe they just need to re-define which cameras are at 'consumer' level?

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review preview (507 comments in total)

$50 rebate in the Sony store on a RX100!
It's all about pocket-ability, Sony are to be congratulated for adding 'features' to an already 'great' camera, but keeping almost the same overall size, not an easy task!
RX100: 58.1 x 101.6 x 35.9
RX100 II: 58.1 x 101.6 x 38.3

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They could have slipped a dark, concrete, grey colour in there just for the blokes. We're not all 16 year old American girls you know, I gave up Bubble Gum a few years back. Suicidal design decision, fashion overrides practicality, and in the case of Apple... common sense. These are Loss-leader colours.

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On Bad Weather = Good Photography article (77 comments in total)

I feel this is a tutorial on how to get a 'useable' image (whatever that means) from shots taken in dull conditions by using HDR, tone mapping, swirly water and any other available technique. Ironically, all this over sharpening and brightening has drained most of the captures of any atmosphere, which presumably was the point of taking them in the first place?

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On Photo collages record passage of time in 'slices' article (33 comments in total)

A 2 to 4 hour timespan, and the clouds are more or less in the same place? I don't think so;) Interesting concept but needs more work.

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The last thing a Pro. Photographer needs is an 'unboxing experience' Yes it's def. aimed at the ambitious hobbyist!
PS: How about a DPR list of photographer hierarchy so we all know where we stand? I've always considered myself to be a Pro-sumer until this beast came along:(

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On Olympus executives sentenced, avoid jail time article (50 comments in total)

I think it's worth pointing out, Olympus's main product line is in Endoscopy. Cameras are a small, but important part of their business. I've almost been tempted to purchase two or three of their excellent cameras and certainly have been shafted by one or more of their endoscopes;)

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On Carl Zeiss drops 'Carl', becomes 'ZEISS' article (116 comments in total)

Soon after the Sony RX100 was launched, comments started appearing that the Blue Zeiss badge was starting to come off. Mine wasn't but naturally I had a pick at it and was surprised to find it wasn't the metallic enamel badge it seemed to be, but just another sticky 'label'. It's the way things are going. One of the worst inventions of modern times is.... marketing. These people profess to know everything but have created nothing themselves:) I think the family should SUE! Come back Carl, you're part of my heritage!

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Lars's front page is slightly misleading, all the images are recent uploads of the same subject. In actuality you will get a jumble of recent uploads. If Lars were to upload a wedding and a baby shot, they would mix up with his marvelous landscapes. How 'Pro.' is that!? BTW: I'f you're thinking of jumping ship, Yahoo have bought out Tumblr as well:( Looks as if they could be merged in the future?

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Toemel: This is the end of flickr as we knew it...
I don't even dare to imagine what kind of "photographers" this new slimy crap will attract. At least yahoo could offer us an alternative layout to view things, to get rid of the unnecessary "features" introduced for the "gregarious" people who end up here in search of another "social" experience after playing around with twitter and facebook for hours... :[

Totally agree. 1TB of space is just asking for crap smartphone uploads. My heart sank when I saw those sad grey boxes just waiting to be filled up with shared images. Professional (whatever that means) photographers do not 'share' they SELL! I think Yahoo have shot themselves in the foot with this one as it actually is a tremendous opportunity to advertise your business, hi-res billboards for free! Now on Tumblr too:)
Gimme some white space please;)

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What a silly idea, trust Nikon to 'sign in' to this. Now if Nikon were really on the ball, they would push forward with their wi-fi enabled systems, add a chip / link in the new lenses so that an owner could check online where a camera and lens combination was being used at any time and in any location. Would make more sense?

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