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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1298 comments in total)

If Canon had actually given us early adopters (D30/D60/10D/20D users) decent crop lenses to start with then I suspect many eventual FF users might have stuck with aps-c for much longer. But all they have us was one ef-s macro prime and a few slow zooms. 17-55/2.8 was a decent attempt but quite expensive.

Well before the 17-55 came out I bought a 17-40L for my crop canons not because I was looking forward to buying FF. It was because I wanted a well built, solid & decent lens with a wide enough field of view. But it was a poor and expensive choice for a crop camera. Too slow at f4 and 40mm wasn't very long.

And don't get me started on the lack of a 50mm equivalent EF-S prime.

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On Fujifilm X100T real-world sample gallery posted article (85 comments in total)
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justinwonnacott: Move along folks - nothing to see here except the same lens and sensor in last year's camera.

Yep, agreed. Seems like a waste of dpr resources.

Same lens and sensor so what's new to see apart from the new film simulation.

I'd rather they spent time adding older cameras to the new image comparison database!

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On WaterWeight rethinks the sandbag approach to stability article (78 comments in total)
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mais51: What an environmentally unfriendly product - what do you do with the water when you finish - tip it out then what, fill it up again and again - a strong fabric net that could be filled with rocks or earth would be far more better and better still you don't have to worry about water leak.

Marty, I'm no rocket scientist but I presume he was talking about the waste of tap water or bottled water. i.e. the energy-intensive systems that deliver and treat water.

But back to the product in question, the designers solved a problem nobody had.

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The good people of Shoreditch will be delighted at this news.

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MikeF4Black: Who is really interested in ISO's higher than 6400? I'm not. The A7s appears to be no more than a hype.

People said similar things several years ago about ISOs higher than 1600.

Just because YOU don't have a need for it doesn't mean others also don't.

But back to the useful article, IMO the differences between all the cameras aren't night and day.

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On 'City of Samba': Rio Carnival in tilt-shift article (48 comments in total)
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h2k: I think the combination of fast-motion and tilt-shift effect makes it.

As so often in documentaries, i liked the imagery and didn't like the music. It feels a tad funny to call a movie "City of Samba" and then use this kind of score.

For me the stronger effects in the Singapore film were tiring after a very short while.

"...didn't like the music. It feels a tad funny to call a movie "City of Samba" and then use this kind of score."

I agree the title and score didn't go together. For me the score works though. I just wouldn't have titled the video "city of samba".

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On Fujifilm announces 1.4x teleconverter for X100/X100S article (130 comments in total)

hmmm...cheaper to buy an X-A1 kit for the odd times I need something longer or wider than 35mm. More practical too!

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On Windows XP is dead. Long live Windows XP 'Bliss' article (119 comments in total)

This was news a couple of years ago wasn't it? Just google it.

He was tracked down when they first announced the retirement of XP a while back. This article implies he has only just been found!

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On Behind the scenes: Garry Winogrand at work article (52 comments in total)

Harry Perry @1:25?!

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On Nikon D4s unboxing: It's arrived! article (258 comments in total)
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Steve in GA: A lot of folks are having fun making sport of your unboxing story, but I think it is entertaining. Maybe I have simpler tastes than many of your readers.

I agree. It's just a bit of fun and it brought a momentary smile to my face.

chill out people

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Hoooooow muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch?

So many better alternatives out there for less.

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On Miggo Strap and Grip review article (86 comments in total)

They've tried to solve a problem that 99% of camera owners didn't have in the first place.

I'll pass

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Is it just me who was expecting to see the obvious "sideways-on" photo of the converter mounted on the camera (to judge its overall depth once fitted), but found there wasn't one?

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II: a quick summary article (535 comments in total)
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Zoron: wow....X100s and omd-em10 cheaper-alternative killer

Yeah wow, Same price as the A6000, slightly smaller sensor with half the MP count, purely to stop eating into sales of the rebel. and what's with the black border around the rear LCD? Why couldn't they fill the whole area with a display? The only eye catching feature so far for me is f2 at the wide end.

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Jogger: Why is the 25/1.8 more expensive than the already excellent and faster 50/1.8 from other makers? Even the excellent Nikon 35/1.8 is faster and less than $200.


Nikon's full-frame AF-S 50mm f1.8G is well built and less than half the price of the Oly.

The only bit of the Olympus 25/1.8 that's been "designed for digital" is the price tag.

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On Want to remember something? Don't take a photo article (185 comments in total)

Couldn't agree more with this article. So many times I've spent too long looking through the viewfinder, snapping away at an event, and then straight afterwards I wonder to myself what it was I saw exactly.

At my kids' school Christmas production this year the camera stayed in my pocket for 99% of the time, and I made sure I just took in the production with no distractions like taking photos to worry about. It was quite refreshing. And all around me parents were basically watching their kids via the 3.5in displays on their mobile phones and cameras.

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On Nikon Df preview (2816 comments in total)
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Rage Joe: This gives us something to think about camera design in general. At least I like the idea of The Holy Trinity of Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO value to be easily seen, even when the power has been turned off. Just shoot RAW and that's about all you need to know about the settings, in case you use manual focus. Once you gain some experience the exposure values to use you just know, pretty close.

After all we know that on a normal bright day you just set - 100 ISO - F5.6 - and 1/125 - and you'll do just fine. Just start to shoot :) and if it is not exactly right then just make some minor adjustments. But the first ones are all right too in RAW. Photography is easy. Children's play.

Err don't you mean f/16?

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On Nikon Df preview (2816 comments in total)

Nikon should have actually made a digital, manual focus only, FM2 rather than this hybrid beast.

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On Sony DSC-RX10 preview (725 comments in total)


A 24-70mm equiv with constant f2 aperture would have been much more radical and exciting. f2.8 is still slow in my books on such a small sensor.

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On Ten items you should have in your camera bag article (288 comments in total)

This is why I bought the x100s. So I wouldn't need to carry around a camera bag or feel the need to buy all this tat to fill it!


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