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  • Rough estimate for comparable video image quality IPB vs. All-i: The GH4's 4K-Rocording with 100 Mbps (Megabit per second) IPB (inter-frame) equals about 300 to 400 Mbps All-intra (the Canon offers...

  • correction:

    I wrote:
    "What IS comparable:
    The 200 Mbps All-intra for HD of the Panasonic with the All-intra bit rate of the Canon for HD: The latter seems to be up to 50 Mbps (inter-frame), while...

  • @IEBA1
    Concerning the bit rates for in-camera recording:

    GH4 H.264 with 200 Mbps for HD is All-intra (every frame encoded independently). As an option, the GH4 offers up to 100 Mbps recording in...

  • Deja Vu - MV1 reloaded:

    It was 1997, when Canon launched a "hybrid camera" ("convergence camera" it is called here) named OPTURA MV1. Of course, this was not a 4K cam but a dv cam - however, the...

  • EDIT:
    "for film AND video" should say "for photo AND video" - sorry!

  • Whatever new sensor shift / virtual pixel maximization or 4K capability may be presented, the crucial point for me (living in a PAL country) was and is the missing choice betweeen different frame...

  • @Samuel Dilworth:
    Interesting thoughts, which I share.
    I think, the LX100 with its retro outer layout of direct dials heads in that direction. Now, if the inner layout would follow, freed of...

  • Planet of the (photographing) Monkeys, ehm, (self-conscious) Apes!
    The camera was but a tool - the creative work done by the monkey ;-)

    But Wikimedia should follow the request of the camera OWNER...

  • Makes not much sense to me.

    With additional grip and external viewfinder, the Nikon 1 V3 is probably almost as large as a mirrorless system camera, for example an Olympus E-M5 or a Panasonic...

  • Reminds me partly of Kubricks photography in "2001".
    And in picture 10 I would then imagine Heywood Floyd sitting in the armchair.

  • @Tristan Cope's posting "Lie-ca?": Loughing out loud !
    @ dpreview: Thanks for that clarification and its ´╗┐skil(l)ful presentation !

    Some of the reasons, I like to buy old lenses (e.g. Canon,...

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