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FBI has a new plan to spy on high school kids across the country Off Topic 2 months ago
Reports of NYE sexual assaults on women across European cities Off Topic 4 months ago
Norwegian Report confirms Turkey is receiving large amount of oil from ISIS Off Topic 5 months ago
The USA created "ISIS" and is funding it. Off Topic 6 months ago
ISIS planted the bomb that brought down the Russian passenger jet Off Topic 6 months ago
Just 12 days before '08 economic meltdown, Congress members pulled their money out of stock market Off Topic 6 months ago
Iceland does what US won’t: 26 top bankers sent to prison for role in financial crisis Off Topic 7 months ago
4 Russian warships launch 26 missiles against ISIS from Caspian sea Off Topic 7 months ago
Iran: 165 degrees temperature. (Not a global warming thread) Off Topic 9 months ago
AF-focus problems on Nex-6 and 18-200LE Sony Alpha / Nex E-mount (APS-C) Talk 10 months ago
WikiLeaks Reveals TPP Proposal Allowing Corporations to Sue Nations Off Topic 11 months ago
Saudi Arabia financed the 9/11 attack? Off Topic 11 months ago
FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities Off Topic 11 months ago
Learning About Encryption In Australia Will Soon Be Illegal Off Topic May 25, 2015
Merkel/Riga Off Topic May 23, 2015
Nestle CEO on whether he'd consider stopping bottling water in California... Off Topic May 16, 2015
For Every 1,000 People Killed by Police, Only 1 Cop is Convicted of a Crime Off Topic Apr 27, 2015
U.N.: Israel Killed Record Number of Palestinians in 2014 Off Topic Mar 29, 2015
Apple admits Siri voice data is being shared with third parties Off Topic Mar 17, 2015
NYPD caught red-handed sanitizing police brutality Wikipedia entries Off Topic Mar 14, 2015
Man arrested for refusing to give phone passcode to border agents Off Topic Mar 13, 2015
Russia, U.S. Heading Towards A Possible Nuclear War [REPORT] Off Topic Mar 13, 2015
Wikipedia Is Suing the NSA Off Topic Mar 11, 2015
Google executive says it's possible to live to be 500 Off Topic Mar 10, 2015
Venezuela not China, Russia or Iran - a threat to US National Security... Off Topic Mar 10, 2015
Boris Nemtsov shot dead Off Topic Mar 1, 2015
There is a very simple way of fixing Greece's economy Off Topic Feb 9, 2015
Help me configure it (a6000) Sony Alpha / Nex E-mount (APS-C) Talk Jan 24, 2015
30 Portrait Lens with Sony NEX Sony Alpha / Nex E-mount (APS-C) Talk Jan 24, 2015
What Should Be On The Replacement Body For The A6000 Sony Alpha / Nex E-mount (APS-C) Talk Jan 14, 2015
Sharp manual focus lens for portraits on APS-C? Sony Alpha / Nex E-mount (APS-C) Talk Jan 10, 2015
Polish FM compares ties with US to giving oral sex Off Topic Jun 23, 2014
Al Qaeda advancing in Iraq Off Topic Jun 13, 2014
I hate to say "I told you so..." Off Topic Jun 7, 2014
Pentagon to Russia: Back away from our allies Off Topic Apr 27, 2014
Good news for Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltic states Off Topic Apr 10, 2014
NSA lies about Snowden not trying to spur internal investigation Off Topic Apr 9, 2014
US orchestrated overthrow in Ukraine: ex-US agent Scott Rickard Off Topic Apr 1, 2014
Finally! Obama starts Dialog with Putin! Off Topic Mar 17, 2014
Does the west realise who they are backing in Ukraine? Off Topic Mar 10, 2014
Who is NOT on Facebook? Off Topic Mar 3, 2014
Ukraine will calm down soon now Off Topic Mar 3, 2014
The Olympics went very nicely Off Topic Feb 24, 2014
WOW: Fighting in Kiev - Intense documentary style footage Off Topic Feb 21, 2014
Made in China "Under Armour"? Off Topic Feb 18, 2014
Beware of Americans bringing "Democracy." Off Topic Feb 9, 2014
Google's homepage looks familiar... Off Topic Feb 7, 2014
CNN enrages Belarus with ‘ugliest monument’ nod to revered WWII memorial Off Topic Feb 7, 2014
Sorry Putin, no Sochi for us... Off Topic Feb 6, 2014
Sony A77 Successor - What are you hoping for? Sony Alpha SLR/SLT A-mount Talk Jan 6, 2014