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On Drone films SpaceX rocket launch and landing article (74 comments in total)

Seems like it is tracking the rocket, or someone is a good drone pilot!

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On gloaming in the Sunset in the mountains VI challenge (11 comments in total)
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franco montana: y are the middle ground and sky blurred?

I reckon that the camera focus is on the tree in the upper left corner rather then the 'background'. Still a nice picture though :)

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On Photographer captures concert with DSLR-mounted GoPro article (76 comments in total)

Very nice Pierre. You captured a lot of great emotions in those pictures. Whenever I shoot concerts I mostly get awkward faces in stead of awesome ones like the ones you captured. Great idea to put your camera on your camera.

Can I ask which lens you used? You seem to get decent tele-zoom and wide-angle. Did you also use manual mode on your camera? A few tips on used equipment and settings are always welcome because I really like the looks of your photo's. Thanks!

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On Just Posted: Nikon D7100 Hands-On Preview article (311 comments in total)
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Craig49: My D7000 suffers from Mirror 'slap' at low shutter speeds which I sometimes forget about to the detriment of my pictures.

Will that still be a 'feature' of the 7100?

I am wondering as well. The D7100 doesn't make me want to replace my D7000, but if the mirror slap is significantly reduced (like on the D600: ) it would be worth a second thought.

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On Floris troost Nora in the Compassion challenge (13 comments in total)

I'ts about capturing the moment isn't it? This person nailed it :)

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On erg chebbi in the Portrait Orientation in landscapes challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice to see what the D50's got :)

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On Hovering... in the Your best 2009 challenge (1 comment in total)

Very very impressive I'm proud :) I've tried this many times as well but all failed :(
Nice going ^^

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