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On Is the snapshot dead? post (70 comments in total)

I think the "snapshot" is becoming the province of cell phone cameras. My wife uses hers that way a lot, and only uses a "real camera" (aka dedicated camera) when we're traveling. She also often shoots and then immediately shares the image via email or text message.

I'm older and more of the old school. I most always have a camera and seldom shoot with my iPhone.

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Umm .. he's selling product, so what he has is best (of course).

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On Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review article (1201 comments in total)
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flektogon: So, it looks like the sensor used in GX7 is identical with what the GH3 uses. At least that's what the "digineff.cz" claims:
Podle prvních informací by měl být model GX7 výkonem rovnocenný s modelem GH3.

Looking at the spec, number of pixels GX7 vs. GH3, apparently different sensors

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I first read Socialmatic as Sociopathic. Scary when cameras get too capable a "mind of their own"!

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On DPReview launches GearShop article (327 comments in total)
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C1in: might as well make it as trade platform for user here, rather than trying to open a store...

Not the sales at http://www.dpreview.com/forums/1056 -- but I assume you will have some profit from the GearShop sales.

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On DPReview launches GearShop article (327 comments in total)
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georgec: DPReview is owned by Amazon. I like B&H better for tax reasons (WA)

There is that!

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On DPReview launches GearShop article (327 comments in total)

Since DPR is owned by Amazon, what it the relationship between Amazon and GearShop -- price-wise and otherwise?

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On 50 lessons learned about mobile photography post (74 comments in total)

Really! 50 is frivolous, indeed. 5-10 max.

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On French student creates SLR using 3D printer article (156 comments in total)
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salehdidit: in a few years, everyone will be printing their own bodies and putting in sensors etc.

That will also signal a dramatic drop in the amount of whining on these boards.

Like we all grind our own lenses now? Seems a waste of time considering the current price of cameras.

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On Just posted: Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS Review preview (103 comments in total)
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Maxfield_photo: The graphic designer who created the above image probably should have thought things through a bit more, the last thing you want to see coming out of your underwater camera is air bubbles.

Must be from the fish inside.

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Alan Ernst: Looking at the specs, this could be a great lens and long overdue! If optical quality match that of major manufacturer's comparable f2.8 zooms, then the price indicated could be justified.
I do hope they get quality control / consistency right this time round (a big issue with the 12-35mm X). For this kind of price, I want to see corner to corner sharpness throughout the zoom range, no vignetting, and minimal distortion / CA.
What I like about the specs:
- size/ weight comparable to the dust sucking, slow 45-200mm, but the 1-2 extra f-stops will reduce need to resort to high ISO's, which is an issue with m43.
- love the environmental sealing and non-rotating / non-expanding barrel
- happy to see the same filter size as the 12-35mm f2.8, which means you can use the same filters on both lenses.
Hope they will offer a matching tele-converterAND come up with a fixed, top quality 10mm f2.8 wideangle lens w. filter thread a.s.a.p. to round out their range of quality lenses.

Plus it won't fit on a full frame body. Tsk: Poor planning by Panasonic ;-)

That aside, this lens (and the 12-35) work very well on my GH3 and give up very little to the L glass I use on my Canon DSLR. Kudos to Panasonic.

Now for a 100-300 f/2.8 to replace the current model.

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Juck: A slow, manual focus 300mm mirror lens? That on anyone's shopping list?

Yes, indeed. It could be a very useful lens. My experience with Samyang (all fisheyes to date) has been excellent. In a time when the camera companies seem to pump out body after body, with lens production lagging (in particular, NEX and m4/3) kudos to Samyang for producing a variety of interesting and *quality* lenses at excellent prices.

If done right, and I expect it to be, the mirror lens should be APO.

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On Forum updates article (68 comments in total)

Good changes.

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How are they planning to get it to the Moon? At that price it should defray part of the trip.

At least the grip appears to be real (endangered?) wood

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On High End P&S versus Micro Four Thirds article (24 comments in total)

I prefer carrying my Canon G15 vs. a small m4/3 (I have a large GH3 and lenses to match).

G15 has a 28-140 f/1.8-2.8 lens and gives very usable results up to ISO 800

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Preview preview (419 comments in total)
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tjbates: A bit off topic but.....I tried the GH3 in a local camera store.
I compared the viewfinders with the GH2 and the GH2 for me won hands down. The GH3 viewfinder seemed a little smaller, darker and slightly soft. Many have commented on the GH3 viewfinder being soft but I was pretty shocked to see how small the viewfinder image appeared especially in 4:3. It was like looking down a tunnel in comparison. Of course it's a personal choice, but for me I'm hanging on to my GH2.

I own both a GH2 and a GH3. GH3 EVF is more contrasty and easier for me to use on a sunny day (of which there are many here in SoCal). IQ? Not all that much different, but that's more a function of lenses anyway. Video? Lot's more and better options with GH3. Ergonomics? GH3 is far easier to use due to better button locations. Finally, GH3 colors are better, at least to my eyes.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Preview preview (419 comments in total)
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Rudy rydz: It is funny how many people complain about size of GH3. Well, we'd got most features what we were asking here in many forums, except few. IMHO, this cam is a really gem among others cams, in the M43 format and as well as all dslr's. Size is perfect for what is was created: and ultimate video machine! Ups, pictures, ya it takes a pictues too, really good ones, but not the best ones (do not know why not). And then that high price for some people who will never buy it at any price, thus they complain about anything, say gh3 is too big, too expensive, its......whatever it is it is no good.

As for me who is 2/3 in video and 1/3 in photo is a really gem as mentioned above. My only hope is that all functions of this cam will finally work without problems (all products go the same path).

Waiting for final review from this site and others as well and saving money to get one soon.

Thanks all for this fine forum, where everybody is welcome and can learn alot.

Thanks again the M43 forum!

I agree completely on size. GH2 was too small for me, especially with 14-140 & 100-300 lenses. Plus I tended to hit the WB button accidentally. GH3 fits better and (IMO) has a better EVF; overall, the ergonomics are all good.

IQ? Not a whole lot better, but that relates to lenses more than camera. I'm noodling on those fast f/2.8 zoom lenses. But for my uses, probably not.

I will use video on this camera. GH2 was too limiting and I got tired of playing with the hacks.

My goal in going to m4/3 was to reduce carry weight (mostly is the lenses) and that goal has been realized. Sold the 7D and those big, heavy lenses.

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I wonder how it has improved over the SX260?

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Anepo: As long as Canon continues to have this TERRIBLE Design which is VERY VERY Dust UNFRIENDLY I shall NEVER give them a penny again! I used to be a DSLR user (now micro four thirds) I have owned 5 different Canon DSLR models & I decided "Canon is quite good so I shall give my 56 year old FATHER the SX 210 for his birthday (cost me 400$ thanks to taxes and so on in my country), just after a month use his lens was FILLED with dust! And I have seen SEVERAL people online have the SAME issue where the camera has become UNUSABLE due to DUST!

Canon I want my money BACK! Also LEARN to Design a PROPER Compact camera!

"As long as Canon continues to have this TERRIBLE Design which is VERY VERY Dust UNFRIENDLY". How can you say that? it *loves* dust :-)

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Hey, even if the GH4 was announced tomorrow, we'd not have our hands on it this year in all likelihood :)

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