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On article 2015 Roundup: Long Zoom Compacts (62 comments in total)

Took my HX90V on a trip in some crowded areas and it was perfect casual camera to have in the pocket, shirt pocket or jacket pocket. Only slight downside to me is the somewhat fiddly viewfinder, which wants to be opened and closed everytime it goes in the pocket and out. And it's not too easy tracking moving objects at 30x (let alone 60x or 80x !) with most motorized zoom cameras. Regarding low light performance the review pretty much says it. All said though, a fine little camera.

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G3User: Are these composites? If so, that should be stated right away in the article with the photos. I shouldn't have to poke around to find out that these are fake photos. If they are, what a desperate attempt for a gimmick. I would think that brides would be disappointed that he does these things to their photos.

My guess is the majority are.

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Bram de Mooij: Out of curiosity and as a reaction to some reviews I bought this lens, but I returned it the same week I bought it. Some talk here about elitism, but in my opinion you are better off with some of the compact cameras that cost us much as this lens. For instance the Stylus 1. Sharpness was not there and the purple fringing was the worst I have ever seen. Maybe I had a bad copy, but this was really the last APS-C or FF superzoom lens that I tried.

An RX10 or FZ1000 are indeed good alternatives, though they sacrifice some dynamic range and maybe depth-of-field, compared to using an APS-C camera.

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ijustloveshooting: ''Sony version will not have image stabilisation'' wtf?
then make the price quite cheaper!

I'm guessing the price is the same simply because the Sony A version is but small fraction of their overall sales, with most (~85%?) going to canon/nikon users.

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When this lens first was first introduced many of our comments were cautiously enthusiastic. Rightly so. I think the lens designers may have over-stepped practical usefulness here. We all like the 16mm (24mm eq.) end, but they might have stopped the tele-end somewhere between 160mm & 200mm, perhaps for an overall sharper & less distorted result.

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Did you & Mike T. from IR borrow the same A7RII ? Something special about Portland ? (in jest)

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On article Readers' Showcase: Dale Johnson (39 comments in total)

Great images.
Not only do these images require photographic skill, but seeking out and finding the locations, at the best time of day, etc. requires significant knowledge & effort. Well done.

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pannyuser: So interesting that this came out today as I dropped my fz200 3 days ago. I had previously been very happy with it I love the versitility - minus the ability to get shallow depth of field blurred backgrounds - as well I would like a slight bump in IQ.

Now I need a replacement. - I do not use my camera for video much at all. I want the versatility and focal length. I loved the 2.8 for that reason. I'd be willing to give up some zoom as a trade of for IQ - should I go for:

Sony RX10
or Sony RX10 II
Olympus Stylus 1

For qualitative reviews on the the FZ1000 visit That author loves it.

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Timmbits: Is this manufacturer out of touch with reality?
This is 2015 after all. Not 1995, not 2005, but really 2015!

I just don't know what question to ask:

Why are we here talking about, reading about 1/2" sensor cameras?
Why is a Walmart camera being featured here?
Why do they even make this camera with a 1/2" sensor?

Why are you all so enthused about tiny-sensor cameras, still, in 2015, when we know better? If they were so good, they wouldn't have lost half their marketshare to smartphones. 1/2" sensor cameras aren't exactly flying off the shelves anymore, and for good reason.

DPR is a serious website, about photography and great cameras and gear.
Maybe there needs to be something front and center, to better educate teh neophytes, so as to put pressure and better influence manufacturers. Pushing for better quality from the bottom up, instead of just accepting this outdated configuration pushed top down.

@ludwik123 & Greynerd: x2, absolutely.

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Jeff Peterman: I have a predecessor of this camera - the FZ40. It is a great little camera, which I use to take photos at concerts where a real camera isn't allowed. It is also a remarkably good video recording device. For real photography, the small sensor just isn't good enough - then again a bigger sensor would make such a camera impossible at any reasonable size.

I was always tempted to pick up an FZ200. What made the FZ200, and the new model, worthy of serious consideration is the constant F2.8 lens, allowing shots at low ISO where the sensor quality can be tolerable. But I wish they could have done something to improve the image quality with the new model. Then again, I have a friend who takes her FZ200 on family trips and loves the image quality - the sensor is good enough for posting photos on Facebook etc.

While on holiday last year we toured some wildlife & natural areas by boat, bus & walking. The FZ200 was the perfect instrument for this venture overall. Not too large within a group of people, as a DSLR & 18-300mm could be. In daylight conditions it was good for capturing most wildlife, landscape & group photos. The decent EVF allowed good composition at 600mm equiv., and the optical stabilization worked very well. In fact, only a few in our group of ~50 carried around a DLSR. So it's a fine outdoor/travel camera. No, the images will not get published in National Geographic, but for personal travel it's fine. Alternately, the new pocket cameras from Pana. & Sony with EVFs might serve a similar function. The FZ200 will be a bargain now, and it's a touch lighter, smaller & more shots than the FZ300, unless you need the 300's new features.

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GoranS: OVF = full dynamic range, zero lag. I'ts not just 'personal preference' it's the best tool we can get atm.

I like both, but one thing not mentioned is in extremely low light a good EVF will amplify the light a bit so you can see the composition & subject brighter than a OVF provides.

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wombat661: At least you try to be less biased, but still got some ways to go...

For sports nothing beats DSLR for focus tracking especially in low lights AND you have a fast lens that needs accurate focus. All those tests for mirrorless use small aperture and bright light, so everything are in focus anyway. Is a lie just like Olympus M4/3 mirrorless claim to be as good as APSC when they just "mis-labled" their ISO setting. For that reason, you can't recommend mirrorless for the enthusiast.

Mirrorless takes time to turn on (even if that time is short), so you can't capture split second moment i.e. kids and babies, unless you set it to be on all the time, and that eats thru batteries. That time for EVF to turn on will irritate the hell out of some users. For that reason, you can't recommend mirrorless for the enthusiast unless you tell them what they are getting into.

Lastly, lens for Mirrorless and DSLR weights about the same. Been discussed before with data.

"Mis-labelled ISO setting" - If one were to compare sensors at DXO Mark, it is often seen that camera A's interpretation of ISO 400 is nearly the same as Camera B's ISO 800 at a given lux. For the most part it makes little practical difference except perhaps at the extreme ends of the scale (e.g. ISO 100 and ISO 12800).

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On article Readers' Showcase: Stephen Cheatley (50 comments in total)
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MDRCHINA: Stephen--so many great shots herein--can you please tell us how you captured that F-15? That shot is "off the rocks"!! Thank you DP Review.

Perhaps Mr. Cheatley was near or on a mountaintop. Great images. #5 my favorite too.

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On article Fujifilm FinePix S1 real-world sample gallery posted (41 comments in total)
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OneLeggedCat: "and one of the very few with Raw support" ... Wut?

i.e.: FZ200 (but no weather sealing).

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On article Field Test: Sigma 19mm, 30mm and 60mm F2.8 DN lenses (161 comments in total)

If I recall correctly these lenses do not support phase-detect focus on Sony E cameras, only contrast detect. And because of that, they focus hunt more than others.

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On article Hands-on with the Pentax K-3 II (531 comments in total)
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Yoggie: I will take GPS over wifi every day; but not having a flash is a deal breaker.

My thoughts exactly. A bold move by Pentax.

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If Sony can fit GPS into this neat little pocket camera, then why not fit it on some of their newest A-series bodies? Or at least offer a little receiver module accessory that attaches to the 'Multi-Interface'' hot shoe, which seems quite an under-utilized attribute.

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tom1234567: I don't no why camera makers keep producing cameras with these

It's time the public were educated to what they are buying
Instead of being ripped off by ALL camera manufactures

@photonius: On GPS, I completely agree. If Sony can fit it in this pocket camera, why not on their newest A-series bodies? Or at LEAST offer a little receiver that attaches to the 'Multi-Interface'' hot shoe.

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On article Readers' Showcase: Rajesh Bhattacharjee (45 comments in total)
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SmilerGrogan: A big part of the appeal of many of these photo is that they were taken during times of strongly directional light, which proves that all you need to take great photos is an alarm clock....
...and the tenacity to get up before dawn and stay out shooting when everyone else is heading for dinner
...and the observation skills to find the geometric relationships within your frame
...and the patience to wait for the right combination of light and atmospheric conditions
OK, maybe it's not so simple as I thought. Nevermind.

Cleverly stated and true.

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On challenge Cactus flower (4 comments in total)

Many gorgeous images here. "Night Bloom" is impressive !

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