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On Pentax unveils blue and white K-01 in Japan article (262 comments in total)

It's great to see the K-01 is still in production. There was no reason to can it, really. In Japan, it certainly makes sense, as the camera has been quite popular there. I know lots of photojournos in Europe who will be happy to hear this.

I had a funny feeling the K-01 wasn't killed off yet. Pentax UK still lists the K-01 as an active product. The K-01 just won a Gold Award, from the 2013 German Design Awards, despite the naysayers. I expect Pentax were happy to hear that.

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snapshtr: If Pentax ever releases a K-02, they don't need to come up with some ground-breaking k-01 or GXR type configuration. Just stick in the awesome K-5 II sensor with 14-bit color and it will give the X-Pro 1 and NEX-7 a run for its money.

You're absolutely right. It'd make sense. Unfortunately, a Pentax forum poster, (who sounded like he works at Pentax) said that a K-02, or an upgraded K-01, had been ruled out by the firm.

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fakuryu: The Pentax K01, the camera that was judged more on its aesthetics rather than its capability. The body that looks and feels like a brick (in a good way) with the image quality and low light capability the OMD5 can only hope for.

Ibid on the superior low light capability. The OMD5 can't touch it.

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A huge mistake, on the part of Pentax. The K-01 is an extraordinary camera, increasingly popular with users, sunk largely by reviewers who didn't like the form factor. It's been selling quite well since the price cut last fall, so this decision is more about press cred than it is about economics. It'll become a cult classic, for sure, especially amongst professional photographers, who constitute the K-01's core fan base.

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On How the iPhone changed my photography article (105 comments in total)

What a puff piece. It's not journalism - it's an ad.

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