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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1422 comments in total)
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Branko7: Nobody mentions how many card slots will have, and what type of card, CF, or SD?

dual SD

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On Nikon D7100 Hands-on Preview preview (492 comments in total)

Question: Is the 51 point AF system the same as that used in the D300s and is it equally capable in this model?
Question: How deep is the buffer ? How many raw images can it take at 6fps ?
Question: Is the image quality at ISO 1600 as good as the D7000 when down-sampled to 16MP or is it better ?

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WT21: The video shows the power of music. The space shuttle is a very large, very expensive piece of technology whose reign in space travel is pretty inconsequential. Very little happened, and the most memorable event about any of the shuttles, sadly, is the one that blew up.

I am sure they were utilitarian, but the music makes you feel like you are viewing some poignant significant moment, when the the shuttle era has really been quite boring. The Benny Hill theme song could have fit in nicely to the time lapse, and given the viewer a MUCH different emotional response. You can find the BH theme music on youtube such as Try it out yourself, both ways. Mute the LA audio and turn up BH.

I thought that was the Benny Hill theme tune

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 preview article (80 comments in total)

"Once you're looking at a sensor design that has yet to show it can progress beyond 16MP, in a camera body that is now only slightly more compact than an enthusiast APS-C DSLR like the 24MP Sony SLT-A77, the benefits of buying into a Micro Four Thirds system really come down to feature set."

Wrong totally wrong. The size and weight of the body is fine. A comprehensive set of lenses for this or any m4/3 camera can be carried all day. A comparable set of lenses for any brand of DSLR would be hard to lift off the ground. So the overwhelming benefit is in the lenses.

How serious a limitation is 16MP ? More than enough for most of us.

They just need to get AF-C working as well as it does on the DSLRs and they are sorted. (Did DPR forget to mention this ?)

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On Buyer's Guide: Enthusiast raw-shooting compact cameras article (286 comments in total)
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Alberto Battelli: Please help me decide. I already have the Samsung, LX5, and Oly, and for Xmas I just know I'm getting the X10. I can see Santa with my X10 in his bag, travelling.
The question is, what do I do in January, when I should really only keep two at the most? Pick two for me.

Keep the two that have an 'X' and a '1' in their name.

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On Buyer's Guide: 10 Home Studio Lighting Kits article (95 comments in total)
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DotCom Editor: I smell gross ad-edit conflict here.

A major vendor that sells direct, and not through the channel is omitted from this roundup. And that would be Paul Buff and his Alien Bees and Einsteins.

Well you've rattled the bars on Joinsons cage. The explanation for Paul Buffs products exclusion was really lame. Just coincidence that pay the wages at dpreveiw and that Paul C Buff doesn't sell through Amazon.

If you want better advice on studio lighting visit the lighting forum here. It one of dpreviews better forums.

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