Ivar Dahl Larsen

Ivar Dahl Larsen

Lives in Norway Brevik, Norway
Works as a retired passionate photographer
Has a website at http://www.idlfoto.com
Joined on May 5, 2010
About me:

Photography, by ivar dahl larsen.
It is an obsession to me
A passion
A desire to create
Perhaps not art
But fractions of reality
A glimpse of beauty
Preserved eternally.
Maybe some day
An image will catch
a glimpse or a scene
of something emotionally right
to a whole lot of people
which means.
That an image might
be able to do
if not change the world
that’s hard to perceive
but hopefully make
a difference somehow,
to you.
So there I am,
walking about
Among people in darkness and light
through angles and different perspectives
I freeze
every moment in sight.


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