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On photo PIN BALL in the What Is This? – II. challenge (11 comments in total)

Credit card security chip

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On photo Almost Under-neath in the What Is This? – II. challenge (15 comments in total)

Old typewriter keyboard, Hermes or Pfeiffer's Continental maybe ?

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On photo Henessey Lot in the What Is This? – II. challenge (9 comments in total)

Old crank balanced oil pump, proudly made in the Lone Star state.

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On article Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras (424 comments in total)
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JagK: Completely agreed with the conclusions.

XZ-2 is an amazing camera with excellent images. I have the XZ-1, now if only olympus would tweak their JPEG engine a bit for the XZ-1, not sure if this can be done by a firmware update.

The lens same for XZ-1 and XZ-2 is amazing all the way from the center to the corners. None of the others can match this.

When in doubt pull up the image comparison tool and see for yourself.

Agree 100%, if they also manage to keep the marvellous iZuiko Olympus little lens on the XZ-3 ;-)

All in all my current decision lies with XZ-2, as the reviewer also concluded.

At the end what matters is what a camera can deliver in variable conditions and how enjoyable it is to use, also how expandable, adding to the review that buying the CLA-12 adapter tube you can attach 55mm tele converters, fisheye lenses, filters.
You also have a pair of flexible macro LED lights that are very handy.

If want to see what the Olympus XZ-2 can really do in several conditions check out this 3 part great review by Robin Wong,
it has links to the two previous parts at the begining :



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On article Buying a digital SLR (149 comments in total)
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JeaPS: Do you think we could have a 'Bridge' camera buying guide?

Not much choices to make on the bridge area I guess ?
If you are willing to spend U$600 I'll go with the Fujifilm X-S1
check this out :

I have a HS20EXR and I think is probably one of the best bridges out there for less than U$300, check my review if you like :

My guess is that for a little more you can get the HS25 or the HS30 and be very happy with any of them.
They are great learning tools, have manual zoom, accept filters and conversion lenses with 58mm treads, EXR 1/2" sensor takes a little bit to learn but delivers great pictures for it's size.
The larger 2/3" sensor on the X-S1 gives you a plus on image quality over the former.

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Glad that a NUCLEAR robot is not on the loose in our planet.

How do Martians feel about it ?

check this 1rst color high resolution photo to find out



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On article Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview (256 comments in total)
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Dougbm_2: Impressive. Maybe they should give up on phones and switch to cameras?

Small sensor point&shoot cams are doomed with this phone and the ones coming after !! Pity, now that Symbian got closer to being and enjoyable OS it will be shut down in 2016 since Nokia decided to go with Windows :(
But at least you can have a nice camera + a phone with updates for 4 more years.

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Charles Laigo: Not that it really went away (only died down a bit), but is the megapixel race now back with a vengeance?

it has nothing to do with MP race, ok maybe it sounds like that for advertisement purposes, but the thing is it uses a large sensor and oversampling to reduce the noise by a lot. Something we see in CD players since the first ones

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Belle is way better than previous versions, only a faint resemblance with the ones before it, finally the OS it should be from the beginning, I hated previous Symbs on N97(crappy phone) and on N8 and loved iOS5 so I'm not kidding !

Belle is efficient, smooth, runs on low memory/CPU and 1.3GHz is much faster than on the N8. Free GPS nav and guidance, with no need of internet connection, maps on the phone, something I've been dreaming since iOS4.

If all you want is a good dependable phone, to make calls/sync contacts/calendar/etc, plus great music and awesome video player, lots of connectivity and THE BEST current camera-phone by far, then
Nokia's PureView 800 is definitely for you,
oh yeah you can surely trash your pocket Point&Shooter, won't need it anymore :-)

Have a look at this reviews :

Thank you Nokia ! I was already loosing hopes on the Finns

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On article Technique: Digital Photo Collages (107 comments in total)

After reading your article I found that Hugin is a great free program to seamless stitches, and PhotoWall to easily build artistic collages.

I have to agree with others that today you can work, even on a modern laptop , with full resolution images, to build 2D panoramas for wall size prints for instance.

For an extreme example I fund a 3D collage, of more than 1600 21.4MP photos landscape from Dresden. Made with a robotic arm, of course, and stitched using a PC cluster with 16 processors and lots of RAM in 94hrs, you have to check this out :



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On article Technique: Digital Photo Collages (107 comments in total)

Thanks for this idea Barney !

I never thought about doing a 2D Panorama, always using vertical or horizontal stitching software. Although I get the artistic impression in your examples, which I like, I also would like to see some "perfectionist" ones that could be useful to make large prints of landscapes, the size of walls for instance, retaining huge resolutions.

Could you point me to some free software to do perfect photo fusions,
as automatic as possible ?

BTW I found 'FotoWall', a great free program, very easy to use, to do exactly what you showed us in your examples, much quicker than PhotoShop or The Gimp. It works as if you were playing with an iPad, but using the mouse instead. Has rotation, translation, resize, art and transparency options.


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On article How the iPhone changed my photography (105 comments in total)

iPhone 4GS x NOKIA 808 pureview cameras

Is there any good place to look for that ?

Agree with most people that the best camera is the one that you always carry with you, sure a phone doesn't replace a good bridge cam or DSLR but I'd like to have the best current cameraphone.

Dpreview team should start including photography reviews of such camphones so we can have better info as with regular cams.

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On Nikon D3200 Hands-on Preview (181 comments in total)

I'm not a pixel peeper but I like clear images.
If you come from the small sensor bridge cams, like myself, you are probably looking for something that gives you a true extra punch in low light photos, since at ISO100-200 there seems to be no big practical difference, and kit lenses are not faster than fixed bridge lenses I'd look for something that produces good clean pictures at ISO6400.

Comparing all at ISO6400, I agree with the comments below that Cannon T3i looks better and even the D3100 in some cases, so it doesn't seem like a big upgrade in image quality, I'd still stay with the T3i tilt screen.

It seems to me that Sony's NEX-5N and NEX-7 are the big winers close with the PENTAX K-5, considering the differences from 16, 18 and 24MP, their images just look cleaner and with less noise than the the D3200.

For similar size the NEX-5N seems like a better buy and even
the Fuji X10 looks unbelievable good for it's sensor size, price
and all in one kind !

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On photo Snow_Ducks in carnaga's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Cool !

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On photo tranquility in the Abstract Subjects challenge (1 comment in total)

Smooth !

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On photo Orange Flame in the Tiny Flowers challenge (2 comments in total)

Challenge rule : Tiny flowers about 1cm or less.

Strelitzia reginae, definitely much larger than 1cm :(

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On photo Egg citing in the E-Foods challenge (2 comments in total)

It looks fantastic but Is that a real take or a computer photo-mounting of some sort ? things seems a little bit odd in the shadows and the top doesn't seems to fully fit the bottom pattern of the shell. How did you do it ?

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On photo Cactus flower in Dpreviewmember's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

This cactus was about 2 inch in diameter and the flowers 5mm.
Is that a Mammillaria Decipiens ? Camptotricha ? If anybody knows please let me know !

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On photo Moonrise over Old Faithful in the Wyoming challenge (1 comment in total)

Great picture !

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On photo deserted in carnaga's photo gallery (6 comments in total)
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Dpreviewmember: Great photo !
Awesome composition and lighting
Is it HDR post-processed ? or just minor retouching ?
What camera modes did you use ?

Wow, just U$24, nice but it's not available at B&H, only found
a B+W 58mm Macro Close up +10(NL10) Lens for U$42, not sure if it will work or be able to focus with the HS20.

So, are you using RAW and then NR & sharpen ?
I notice the HS20 doesn't have an option to turn those off just to turn them to low & soft for JPEGS.

Thanks for the tips.


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