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Got into photography in the 1980's with my first film SLR. Drifted away. Back again in 2011 with my first DSLR.

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  • I got mine a few weeks ago, pretty darn impressed with it.  I too got it to keep in the pocket for times when I don't want to or can't lug around a big camera.  I feel kind of guilty though, like ...
  • I have to disagree about Atlanta.  Like any city, there are good and bad neighborhoods and it's good to have information before you travel.  That and common sense, caution, etc. Detroit is such a ...
  • I keep them if I still have use for them.  I still have my first film SLR, for nostalgia and in case I want to shoot film.  I don't have a lot of disposable income, so selling old equipment helps ...
  • Nice shots, especially the first one.  I just got an RX100 myself.  I have a Canon DSLR, but I wanted a small pocket camera that I could carry every day.  Mine just arrived, so I'm waiting for an ...
  • Okay, that was... underwhelming.  I have to agree there.   But perhaps we are so accustomed to the wealth of stunning images here on DPR that we are out of touch with "the real world"?  Just a ...
  • Never tried it.  But maybe someday, who knows.  Life is ironic...  when I was a teenager partying was to have fun.  Nowadays I'm wondering if medical MJ would help my chronic pain.  ;-) L
  • You call it a guess; I call it what is pleasing to my eye.  I'm not a professional photographer.  I don't get paid for my images.  It's a hobby that I do because I enjoy it.  I don't do it for ...
  • Ha, lens cap keepers.  LOL.  Without them I'm constantly hunting for my caps.  Only problem is they fall off after awhile and I have to buy more. L
  • Commented on The Fog photo in LeeStar's photo gallery

    Definitely among those I consider my best.

  • Commented on dollar store fairy photo in LeeStar's photo gallery

    I was amazed this photo did as well as it did. It *is* pretty.

  • Commented on rc photo in LeeStar's photo gallery

    2.960. Hmm. I would have scored it maybe 2 or 2.5 myself.

  • Commented on bama photo in LeeStar's photo gallery

    Really, I'm assuming it got a higher score due to the content. I don't consider the image itself one of my best.

  • Commented on Play ball! photo in LeeStar's photo gallery

    To this day, still the shot I'm the most proud of.

  • Commented on IMG_7629_edit photo in LeeStar's photo gallery

    This image got one of the higher scores in challenges I've entered. Quite the accomplishment for a shot that was badly underexposed in the shadows and shot at a high ISO. It took awhile to get a...

  • Submitted a challenge entry Old Car Graveyard
    Placed 32nd in the challenge.
  • Not in the market for a bridge right now, I want a small pocket P&S.  However, I have a friend who might just like the SX50, so I'll keep it in mind to suggest to him. L
  • Well, he has my old DSLR with him on his vacation so I'm sure he'll know by the time he returns if he wants one or not.  If he does, great.  If not, we'll discuss the other options available. L
  • I ended up ordering the Sony RX100, got a good deal on E-bay.  Didn't go for the II or III, in the end I didn't feel it was really worth the extra few hundred bucks.  If I love the camera that ...
  • Some people don't care to grow into it.  They just want a camera they can point and shoot and get good shots, without learning all the other stuff.  I have another friend who takes pictures ...
  • Created discussions Buy what you need
    Seems like everyone who wants to take photos, especially if they have a good amount of disposable income,  thinks they have to buy a DSLR.  A friend of mine has a very old digital P&S and has been ...
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