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  • Replied in Wineyard girls
    Yesterday morning, before the wife weak up I went to nearly wineyard with E-30, 50-200 and EC-14, to take some snaps of local birds. Like everytime, when I was, the birds weren't. One day I will ...
  • Replied in Near the sea
    E-30 & 50-200+EC14.
  • Replied in Back to the past
    I lent my old E-510 with 14-42, 40-150, 70-300 to a friend for one month. Yesterday he returned it to me, and while going home from work I stoped at a bird place. Used the 70-300, but forget to ...
  • Replied in Good idea
    :-) Stolen? Nobody knows that in the trunk there is a E-1 waitng. And if, the cost of broken glass is higher than 100 bucks of E-1....don't talk about the car....
  • Created discussions E-1 and...
    Who knows why I have this camera all the time in my car. With ZD70-300 and Leica 14-50.
  • Created discussions Old lens on a modern camera
    There are a lot of E-1 things going here. I have it, and I use it. But this thread is not about camera. It is about lens. On my flickr page I have 500 photos, but the most viewed/favorites are ...
  • Nice one, but I would like to see a little more on the left... :-D
  • Created discussions Some nostalgia
    We can have E-M1, E-M5, E-M5ii,... But we can have also E-330. I bought it for few € weeks ago, and till yesterday It stayed on the shelf. But it was a mistake. What a nice camera:
  • How for hell people photographed till today when we have ? what 36Mp camera ? ???? Every photo taken with less than the best cam in the world in this moment is useless...
  • I had a brokrn LCD on E-510. Not working. On ebay I bought a new lcd and changed it. But still it is not perfect. After few minutes the cam gets locked if the lcd is on. Then I need to put battery ...
  • Replied in Waterfall
    Who knows. I was there first time. Now in winter no, but in the summer it should be very nice to take a shower. I suspect that one can even jump from top...
  • Replied in Waterfall
    The waterfall is located in Croatian Istria.
  • Replied in Waterfall
    Just one of hundreds taken yesterday.
  • Replied in E-1 and dog
    :-) She is 12 like E-1, not big and heavy... :-)
  • Replied in A dog in snow
    Just one from yesterday. With E-1.
  • Replied in Winter
    Nice one. I hope that one time also in my town we will have snow like these. In the mean time I have to drive a car for snow.
  • Created discussions E-1 and dog
    The dog is not mine, but the E-1 and 14-54 is. I have too much cameras. And lenses also. Today I decided to take E-1 and 14-54 with me to family hike. Also 70-300. What to say. E-1 is big, heavy, ...
  • Replied in Monday birds
    I think that some kind of seagull
  • Replied in E-510
    Collin I know the cam. Had it time ago. Sharper than E-30 that I have now. How hard it is? well, not really. But I'm used to open small things. And it is not my first cam... I changed the broken ...
  • Created discussions E-510
    I have to write this here. Local inet fleamarket. E-510 body 90€. No VF display. After two months 60€, same problem. Hm, let's try an offer. I have some space on my bookshelf (E-1, E-300, E-330, ...
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