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Sold on the design. Suppose many might find it retro but I'm sure it's 99% very logically founded on functional requirements, the 1% being the use of brass, surely a conscious allusion to early 1900's? Love the maximized contrast between the industrially-boxy-cylindrical electromechanical and optical parts and the organic-ergonomic unique-grained hand-caressing wooden grip. Looks like it would be bliss just to hold it. Wish some affordable cameras were designed in a similar spirit. Seems to make such perfect sense.

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So if they can solve the problems with heat and longevity and put this stuff into our cameras there will be only one more problem to solve? How to get rid of Bayer interpolation without the drawbacks of the Foveon sensor?

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TN Args: Can someone help explain the benefits in layman's terms please?
Dynamic range is up by 3EV - check.
Noise is down by by much?
"1.2x more sensitive to light than normal photodiodes" means what? Lower noise at high ISO? How many stops?
Global Shutter means no elliptical car wheels I suppose, when using electronic shutter, but does it mean no need for a mechanical shutter at all?

I think you forgot perhaps the most important improvement: angle between optical axis and incoming light can be about 2x present value which greatly simplifies lens design, particularly wide angle. Thus mirrorless can finally deliver on the promise of simpler, cheaper, better and smaller lenses, at least for WA. And legacy rangefinder WA lenses can be used without problems.

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htelford: First mirrorless camera in 2008? I seem to remember Canon producing a mirrorless 35mm camera in, IIRC, the 60's; think it was called the Pellix? Please correct me if I am in error.

I thought mirrorless was older than slr but not so sure any more. According to Wikipedia the first known slr was made in 1676. But a camera obscura without a recording medium might not qualify as a PHOTOGRAPHY camera so tried without success to find out whether Niépce used a mirror or not. Suppose the alternative would be ground glass which is usually associated with the view camera which (again according to Wikipedia) was introduced with the daguerrotype in the 1840s so slightly later. Anyway I think Canon Pellix was the first translucent (fixed) mirror camera, same as Sony´s SLT system.

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merkaba: I'm glad he loves his job. I sure wouldn't be too excited doing it haha

I am sure there's a fair amount of drudgery in his work too (all work tends to have its share) but I still agree with the introduction that this must be one of the coolest jobs in the galaxy (why not the universe?) As cool as those of his unknown colleagues out there of whom I hope there are many and that somebody will encounter some of them some day.

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alcaher: Too much technology, computers and spaceships,NASA uses yet they are not able to tell us the real beauty and mistery of their main subjet of study: "the universe", something that old civilizations like Egipt or the mayas did.


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Delicious colour, texture and light. Is the faint halo behind the flower spotlight on black background, vignetting or other pp?

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I mustn't have slept well last night or wouldn't have been in such an uptight mood this morning. Now I feel much more comfortable with the titles. Quite endearing in fact. Like a friendly smile from the photographer. Could help one relax and enjoy instead of standing awe-stricken in front of the masterworks. And the cross-cultural/intertextual/whatever references are educating.

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The photos are fantastic as always, titled or not. I don't think nifty little jokes work very well as titles but can't believe they can really ruin the work. Just have a chuckle and say that was funny but now let's have a look at the photo...

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marmotto: when a new camera rises all the comments, here, say: "my camera is better" or "Cakon has better IQ" or "Sononic is great"... i, instead, think: "is, this camera, an useful tool for my photos?".
i'm not a great photographer, and i work to live: if i buy this camera (wonderful, $3k times wonderful) i would need an other camera for "paint" my ideas with two or three lenses... too expensive !!
my D7100, just now, make better photos than me :-).
you are, all, great photographer but, sure, your wallet is also greater.

I think there was a chinese TLR called "Great Wall". So maybe this is the "Great Wallet"? Nice cam though. There is something about specialized instruments (as opposed to the more common Swiss Army knife approach).

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Smallest and lightest! Finally an A3+ printer for backpackers!

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Lovely designs. Makes me think about Victor Papanek

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These are great and I am not very interested in whether they are art or craftsmanship. In fact I often find the distinction meaningless. Well, no actually I think they are very much both. Must finally try to get to grips with HDR.

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disraeli demon: Finally! FINALLY! A rangefinder-style body with a fully-articulated screen! I've been waiting for that since they introduced the GF-1!

Nice to see Panasonic sticking with this form-factor for their "serious" camera bodies. Not so sure about the size increase, but I'll wait to handle one before commenting.

Once thing on price: generally, the price of Panasonic bodies has settled to something far more reasonable after a year or so. Wait a bit, and you get a much better deal.

This is history: first RF style cam with fully art. screen. Yess! Well, I just bought a GX7 for 330€ so, patience...

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Yes it doesn't hurt if the building has some architecture when you shoot architecture. But what about that neo-gothic-modern-black-glass-clash horror on architecture vs settings? Can't quite relate to it. Maybe with some noir treatment? Otherwise splendid stuff.

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Dan Donovan: Zenfolio should have been included. I could not be happier. Here is my site if you're interested:

Besides having public portfolio pages, I deliver all my files to clients using private pages.

Agree. Particularly like the abstract architecture

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I am an architect and this is the first time I hear about buildings having copyrights. I hate the idea.

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I was going to buy a Samyang 14mm for my M4/3 Kipon shift adapter. This costs approx same takes filters and weighs less. The Kipon gives 2x the amount of shift though. What do I do now?

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Is there an adapter for 4s?

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Thanks for an informative review and inspiring pics. How do you stay upright with your kayak with such a heavy package up to your eye? How do you protect it from immersion/spray?

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