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On ACDSee Ultimate 8 introduces layer-based editing article (65 comments in total)
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marc petzold: I used to use ACDsee since 2.x as my default picture viewer on windows, because it was blazing fast, compared to all the others....but unfortunately, i think even the "Ultimate" Edition of ACDsee 8 can't really compete with the now "old" 2012 CS6 Release of Photoshop. I tested a couple days the trial from CC, but it's soo slow & bloated, on my older selfmade Quadcore PC, and i really don't need the new features from CC, also i don't want to have a abo.

I only think - compared to Lightroom 5.x, ACDsee 8 Ultimate is simply way too expensive - 149 $. For instance, there is Corel's Aftershot Pro 2.x, which is way fast, and even the completely FREE RawTherapee, as a good RAW Converter tool...and dozens of others.

" Photoshop CS6 ... is a complete Photoeditor, whereas ACDsee is some kind of RAW Converter with Extras, just like all the others."

I think that you seriously under-estimate ACDSee Ultimate 8 (and the Pro series from 5-8). All of these have a complete IMAGE EDITOR which has Exposure, Lighting, Color, Noise, Sharpening, Geometry, Repair, and Vector tools which support Brushes and Selections and Lasso/Wands. AND now LAYERS!
What core EDITOR Functions are missing that might be needed to qualify ACDSee Ultimate 8 as an EDITOR ?? (An excessive Price??)

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On ACD Systems issues ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee 15 article (75 comments in total)
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smartphoto: I"ve downloaded it yesterday, thought give it a try. So far, so good. Actually I was shocked how good it is, just have a small problem - didn't find a way to transfer edited image directly to Photoshop - instead it opens in Camera Raw, without my edits. Is the only way to save a file? Because now I save Tiff, then open it manually in Photoshop. Other than that, I"m really really impressed, even coming from DPP.

ACDSee (Pro and regular) allows you to define multiple "External Editors" (including whether each can handle multiple files). Then you simply Right-Click (or Tools/Editor menu) any Image file and select to use one of the defined External Editors. I use this functionality to invoke PSE or CS3 or my Pano App or my Astro Image Apps or...

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On 10 Photography Accessories for Under $250 article (62 comments in total)

I don't see it fair (or applicable) to include an External HDD (any maker) as a "Photography Accessory", as it is rather a PC Accessory. (Admittedly, no form of non-film photography is free from PC involvement - Downloading, PS'ing, Printing, Sharing.) But, unless the External HDD includes an active USB Master or Card Reader in order to perform Camera or Card-based Image Downloads, the HDD is simply an inert block taking up space in a camera bag while awaiting a Laptop to be powered up.

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