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On Sony RX1 Hands-on Preview (624 comments in total)
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Carbon111: Wow! The folks who think this is expensive make me laugh! The Zeiss lens for full-frame Canons and Nikons streets at around $1100...and add to that a full-frame body for $1600. Are you kidding me with all the moaning over $2700?! That's a wonderful value!
Add to that the convenience of the size, macro transformation of the lens, and you have a real winner there!
Sure, it's not for everyone - a fixed 35 means you really have to *love* that focal length but I rarely ever take my 35mm off my current camera so, to me, this is very appealing.

If the lens quality of the RX1 were comparable to that of a Distagon (not full-frame pics, but see: http://www.photozone.de/reviews/258-zeiss-distagon-zf-t-35mm-f2-review--test-report?start=2)... I would agree with you: The distagon justifies its price.
But not all Zeiss lenses are equal. I don't know if the RX1 delights pixel-peepers. It certainly doesn't delight me.

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On Sony RX1 Hands-on Preview (624 comments in total)

What makes it or breaks it at this price level is the lens quality. Full stop.

With Zeiss optics this should be a breezer. Images should be pin sharp.

Not to be a pixel counter, but from the look of the samples they are not.

Enough said.

Pity, though - I wanted it to blow my existing equipment away so I could have something more to pine for. I guess I'll just have to wait, but for now my patience hasn't been tried much.

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