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I don't get it, was this a sponsored post or something?

I bought and tested this camera heavily over a 2 week period. It's a great camera. But there are many more drawbacks to using this in a fashion shoot setting (or for many types of professional work) than were listed here.

How about the fact that it doesn't work tethered to C1? Guess how many fashion shoots happen these days without being tethered? And frankly the autofocus does not hold up to the standards set by modern full frame cameras, and neither do the files.

I could get through a professional shoot with that camera, which is saying something (if C1 added tethered support). But I would constantly be noticing its many small shortcomings, and the last thing you want to think about when shooting is your camera. I find it very hard to believe that a working professional didn't have anything to say about the camera that would hold her back from using it other than the indention of the controls.

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um, yeah, you might remember it less, until you look at the photo.

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Clint Dunn: The funniest thing about the litany of complaints here is that the majority of you don't pay for the use pirated copies. Go ahead...tell me I'm wrong:) For every Pro out there with a legit copy of PS is a 'Pro' doing $500 weddings on weekends with $2000 of SW they got off a torrent site.

I have very little choice to not buy this software. As a photographer and a digital tech, I can perhaps manage to not upgrade for about 18 months, but after that.... I'm actually tempted to get the upgrade right now just to be able to use clarity as a filter. For many people, there really is no choice in the matter.

I do think the the price should come down a little though.

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Sam Carriere: I am sure this is a good competent camera, but Nikon and Canon just don't seem to get it. The models that capture people's imagination these days are the ones that try to reimagine the same-old same-old -- like the Fuji X10 or the Sony RX 100 or even the NEX series, for all their shortcomings. I can't conceive of where the market is for this good, competent camera, in a field already so crowded with other good, competent cameras.
And by the way, does anyone ever actually USE an articulated screen?

I won't buy a compact without one.

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