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All companies eventually get big enough where every employee knows, without saying, that certain clients/relationships are crucial to their income. DpReview seems to have become big enough that everyone working there uncounsioucly knows it could eventually hurt their paycheck if they annoyed one of the big camera makers. There's no rule, no edict from up high. No conspiracy. Everyone just knows and they turn a blind eye to certain things. In fact, the CEO might tell them to stay objective, but they won't. After all, annoying Nikon isn't going to financially hurt the top people at DPreview. If there is an enemy, it is always us.

All that said, DPReview is a fantastically well-done site. Unfortunately, it may have reached a tipping point where bigger is not better (for independent analysis). This seems to be a string of articles that is making that a question in everyone's mind.

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What did Werner Heisenberg say, "What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning." There are other methods to getting multiple focus, like simple burst shots at multiple focus points, or aperatures. They all cost TIME. As one poster said, the amount of directional data you need to collect would necessitate a huge sensor and the large the sensor the slower the camera (to process the data).

For serious photographers, they'd rather make a quick judgement of focus shots and aperature than wait for a camera to get enough data to change later.

Heisenberg might point out that you can either get prepared to take another shot in 1 second, or wait for the previous shot to get all the focus points, but you can't do both.

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