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  • I really wonder if Nikon improved the WB or Color profile setup. Can we now tweak the settings having a picture taken in the background? If not, well, nothing impressive.

  • I call Tokina as a Pentax for Nikon and Canon;) cheers

  • John, all cameras do the same thing, so why to compare?:)

  • Deadbird, I do not know if you have noticed but whenever they do any review, that feature which you described is not much taken into consideration - I used to have D70 and now I have D7100 (for...

  • Perhaps for an "enthusiast DLSR camera" one zoom is more than enough at the beginning? Perhaps someone would like to shoot with one prime for a particular project only? So, based on that simple...

  • I have D7100 and K-5 and can say, that to set up wb and colors profile in D7100 in comparison to K-5 is a nightmare (unless you do it on computer). There is no chance to beet by Nikon Pentax in...

  • I think I have an odd copy then. On the other hand, bookeh depends as well on the angle to the light source and its dispersion.

  • @ iudex,

    I am really surprised you use 55-300 in range 55-107. I use it at 200 F4 (I think this is the only lens which goes with F4 to 200mm) and is a fantastic outdoor portrait tool with nice...

  • well, someone decided that the frequencies you do not hear are reluctant but they still participate to the overall saturation of a chord;) btw there are many things which digital audio engineers...

  • .. of sound perhaps yeas as harmonics but not for a tone itself.

  • .. of sound perhaps yeas as a bunch of harmonics but not for a tone itself.

  • if I was not an acoustic engineer I would. If a group of people developed those terms for their needs then OK. Acoustic is pure and cruel physics unless you want to enter into subjective acoustics...

  • Again, I think you do not understand or you do not want to understand:) RAW is helpful but not a must. It is a mean to help you to figure out the settings in your camera and then you can shot with...

  • how to measure the light, or exposure:) sorry I was spaced out a bit;)
    10 years ago I went through RAW with D70, I did figure out the settings for JPEGs, everything was OK till D7000 :( D7100 is...

  • I think you got too hot, calm down.
    Remember, M is not for Mature, A not for Amateur and S not for Stop just learn how to take light reading and forget about RAW but I assume you use RAW as you...

  • well, you probably know everything:) but you look like a PP-boy not a photographer or you are joking?;) perhaps .... all the best.

    ... and thanks, I prefer vinyls dude:)

  • @HowaboutRAW

    I think you missed the point. I do not have to shot RAW all my life and then spend time on PP. If I pay a lot of money for a camera then I expect the picture coming out exactly as I...

  • one zero too much:) ......... but of course, if I could afford I would take FF, no doubt, but if I could afford MF would be even better:)
    Apropos, what is the point of shooting with 20mm at F2.0?...

  • I cannot see anything I would say WOW e.g. based on D750-DSC_1434-ISO_100.acr picture, full size, which was taken with a prime 200mm at F2.0, I hardly can say where the AF point was hold or even...

  • If the AF points array is of the same field as D800, D7100 then .. not much to rave about:(

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