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On Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview (619 comments in total)
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SyedSadaqatAli: See a complete album shot with Fuji xt-1, 14mm f/2.8, 10-24, 56 f/1.2 and35mm f/1.4. I left my Nikon d700 and other full frame lenses behind.

Yes... some excellent images in that file I particularly loved the BW and the Street shots of individuals.

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I know I would Love this Camera. Obviously for the fact it is a Pentax. And taking me back to High School Photography Class with Nickolaus Pavloff. Also because it is a "normal" DSLR dimension wise. I am unfortunately blessed with large hands and find the smaller mirror-less camera's rather awkward to handle. I am reserving my judgement till I can handle the New OM-D. I would however buy this unit given what I know of Pentax and its IQ Standards. However one feature I would have hoped would be included and is why even given the Oly's diminutive size and higher cost it may over ride my interests with Pentax. And that's the continuous live view in I assume, Bulb mode, and watching an image develop. This saving me the difference in camera costs . Why you may wonder and that is Olympus can be fitted with a variety of IR Filters 720, 800, and 820. And can therefore eliminate the need of an IR only Camera, and specifically my desire for IR shooting. Time as always will tell.

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On Buying a digital SLR article (149 comments in total)

Ah! ~LOL~ Having previously remarked on what I found missing. I now find I have stumbled into once again. The Camera Feature ability I had assumed was absent or removed. Is indeed alive and well. I guess it slipped by me. And I am very glad DPReview had not eliminated this tool in ones search for the "perfect" camera of their choosing. LOL~ And I'm sure to here about it, my lamenting its absence.

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On Buying a digital SLR article (149 comments in total)

The Articles, this one, and the others proliferating here in DPReview are all well and good. However, I think or point of fact more to my liking, is something I find missing. As I and a number of the regular viewers are looking to move up or replace aging equipment, such as myself are fairly well read. DPReview use to have the ability with a simple comparison guide for those camera and mfg. attributes. And this is what is missing. I could look at Consumer, Enthusiast or Semi-pro, and Professional Cameras specifically. Or I could look up what features I required and I would get a cross section of Cameras within those defined parameters Consumer/Enthusiast/Professional. I think this is still a useful way to approach what is relevant for a "Buyers Guide." Because once finding those features I personally required I was always treated to an education in the manufacturers camera specification etc. and DPReview's review. This always aloud me and I am sure others a Minor Degree in Camera 101.

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~To bad they can't fix the low light sensitivity on par with their NEX-7 then I might be persuaded. That and ISO sensitivity especially for the A-65 limited to 1600. maybe they should sub that sort of work to Olympus given the new OM Digital

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On Preview:olympusEM5 (1364 comments in total)
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abi170845: Do any of the mirrorless fuji x1pro, panas, sony nex, and olys have BULB setting?

I always do long exposures of 10-15minutes before twilight starts and 6 minutes exsposures as dusk descends into darkness.

I don't see bulb setting on top of the dial on this oly.

~Well that sounds like a very interesting option. Would you know if there is a Cable Release or MUST you hold down button with said finger~ which I detest~LOL. Or is there a remote with a better off angle read axis. As with my old Oly I either am forced to hold with finger and using the auto trigger means virtually standing in front of said unit. And as it has no cable release whats a Boy to Do. Oh and thinking of it I'd say it also sounds Ideal for use with an R72 Filter. So yes, very interesting. As it is sounding like my Prayers are being answered. I like my Oly and have taken some rather nice if not great images with her. Her only drawback has been fast focus and low light work. And though I have managed its time to move on. I had hoped for a bit more dimensionally. I have hand issues.

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 at 06:45 UTC
On Sony releases firmware v1.04 for SLT-A77 and SLT-A65 article (48 comments in total)

Come on, a Major Media Company with Mega Resources and the manufacturer of the very chips used by their competition with obviously bright designers, engineers, and programers and they fall flat in low light sensitivity. Obviously they unlike Fuji and other Manufacturers haven't been reading DPReview. Maybe someone should enlighten them. Maybe they really aren't interested garnering as much Market Share as we think. And as such I will not likely be buying an a65 as planed regardless, but will likely go a580 if a Sony at all at this point.

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On Sony releases firmware v1.04 for SLT-A77 and SLT-A65 article (48 comments in total)

Thank You, BMWX5, cplunk etal~
Yes, I realize there is the flash option. However when shooting macro in my favorite nursery either early morning or late evening I prefer existing light which is usually defuse and spotty through surrounding foliage. And my light source is always moving so my response needs to be fast and flash for me is not an option as it will washout the back ground I prize as much as the flowers. Of late having acquired a decent tripod I've taken to never leaving home without my pack with includes my D'oh! tripod. So yes, I could very well compensate with exposure length and offset low light inequity. In situations other than my penchant for. That said it still is incredulous that cameras designed to compete against Nikon, Canon, and whoever else would still have less than stellar spec's. While the camera's themselves may indeed be great in a number of area's if I were Sony~ I'd be frankly~embarrassed!

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On Sony releases firmware v1.04 for SLT-A77 and SLT-A65 article (48 comments in total)

It would be a major improvement if the firmware update corrected for the unforgivable low light performance from Sony's newest and highly advanced camera's. Which use the same APS-c Chip as the D7000, which they sell to Nikon and the a77 and a65 don't even hold a candle to its excellent low light low noise abilities.

I frankly can't fathom the releasing these almost great near do wells with such poor results in this area. I also find it amazing they can post such high review numbers when they clearly fall short in such a way regardless of the in camera Shake Reduction.

Well actually I can fathom it. They call it the Holiday Buying Season. And they seem to have taken a page from PC Game Development Company's who like to cash in before the product is really out of Beta Testing. Where in they release an as yet final product then scramble to add the games needed patches because they have a pent up market and want to strike while the iron is hot.

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On Preview:sonyslta65 (33 comments in total)

It is going to be interesting to say the least to be able to make some comparisons when fully revealed and reviewed. I do find it a disappointment that there isn't any AF Fine Tuning. And hopefully Sony has gotten a handle on the cheap feel and plastic barrel noise that put me totally off the SLT-A55. My old E-500 kit lenses have greater gravitas than the standard lens I previewed with said camera.

Posted on Sep 29, 2011 at 05:32 UTC as 6th comment
On Preview:sonyslta65 (33 comments in total)

Well I am interested for certain in the A65 unless the A77 is under $1200. I'd likely go straight to the A65 but upon seeing an ISO range that only goes up to 1600 I'm a bit dismayed and hope that is a miss print. As the little ole Nikon d5000 is able to be usable up to ISO 3200 and all for under a grand with 2 kit lens. Its draw back again is the always useful need it handy and its not on a d5000 White Balance. LOL~ Its always something.

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