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Where were you when everyone was posting about D600 spots? Where were you to test the D600 for this problem? DPREVIEW, you have done nothing to help members here figure out this issue. Perhaps you don't wish to rock the boat with Nikon sending you free cameras to test?

You have severely hurt your reputation here, and I very infrequently visit because I do not trust your reviews. A problem that was so widespread and admitted by Nikon to be a defect was never mentioned by you in your review. You are nothing more than a mouthpiece for the manufacturers, regurgitating their press releases. Your tests are a joke because they don't reveal problems that others experience in real world shooting.

What is the point of reviewing products if you aren't at all critical of them?

I have the same problem with my D610!! Oil spots......

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vinragz: BEWARE! The dust problem of the D600 is not really fixed. It just takes longer to manifest

So Im on an expedition in the Himalayas with a student group and suddenly start seeing spots on otherwise pristine images. Realize quickly that this is a dust on the sensor. Just 4 months old Camera.

Got back home (Pune) and approach the 'Authorized Nikon Dealer'. His response 'We can't help, you just have to take it to the Authorized service center'. Duh? You pay a premium and buy from retail shops and for what? This is Nikon, friends. The dud could not even recommend a good cleaning kit for this sensor but playing the same broken record 'we can't help you'

Nikon's retail network sucks. Any dud can open a shop these days. And Nikon products have also started to suck big times.

Have been a loyal Nikon guy for over 15 years. I guess it is time to finally think objectively and move on.

I hope Dpreview stays genuine & revises the review based on 100s of users who are seeing the dust issue.

My D610 has started having many oil spots after two years, not happy with this!!!!!! I also have two D700s, 6 years old, and I never need to clean. No dust, no oil spots. This D600 series must be designed incorrectly.

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Mike FL: Some D610 has the same FATAL FLAW ( dust buildup on the image sensor) as D600 per internet.

Mike, did you adjust the diopter?

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Many of the employees of small stores are arrogant, like at Samy's camera in Los Angeles. It is so difficult to buy stuff there. I have to wait for awhile before got help. On the other hand, BH in New York has excellent service when I went to the store. Anyway, I prefer buying online. I can research myself, and no sales tax. The business model has changed.... I do not like buying from small stores, for they only have limited stocks so that I end up buying cameras that have been touched by people who want to try the camera. To return a camera is also a pain.

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It is such a beautiful photo!!! Congrat.

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Prairie Pal: Let this be a LESSON TO THE WEAK KNEE people that shot down anyone who started discussing class action lawsuits with the excuse that it was fruitless. A swift KICK IN THE PANTS to the regular THREAD POLICE who whined about being "forced" to wade through D600 oil threads, insisting that the forum was going down the drain because of it. Shame-on the FAN-BOIZ and "wanna be Nikon reps" (you know who YOU are) who denied there was an issue and told people to accept mediocrity and just stop shooting smaller than f8.
TAKE A LIFE LESSON and learn! This is how you get things done. This is the balance of power that consumers still have; freedom of public speech and public perception. Consumers have more power in their wallet than they realize.
As one of the people who constantly spoke out about the problem, posted samples and shot thousands of blank frames to test clean up theories, and shouted at Nikon for refusing to accept responsibility... "You're Welcome"

I agree!!!! If I spend a lot of monies, I want to get a problem free camera. I was ready to buy Nikon D800 or D600, after reading all the complaints, I put off right away. It will be my fault if I buy......Some people are just so stupid knowing that there are problems with these two cameras, and yet still buy them. I am so glad with this class action law suit.

Imagine how many customers Nikon had lost. I still want a 24 or 36 Mega Pixels camera, and I MUST STAY With NIKON, for I am not going to spend monies on new lenses. But I am not going to buy a new camera right away. I will wait till I find out that the camera has no problem. Thx God that I was pretty patient.

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