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ChrisSwiss: I would go for Office365 and OneDrive at any time, because:
- unlimited storage
- fast Windows sync client
- apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
- full Office365 included (PC, Tablet, Phone)

Full disclosure: with Office365 and OneDrive, I became a Microsoft fanboi.

ssshhh it's a secret!!

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gary payne: There was a documentary that aired recently - cannot remember if it was 60 Minutes or Frontline or something similar - that noted that Amazon had it's incredible bank of supercomputers in the same skyscaper that the NSA computer bank operates in. It's probably just a coincidence...

I may use a cloud storage facility some day. But I cannot help thinking that these giant storage vaults can be hacked, even if only by an insider. I don't worry about copyright violation, I worry about losing the data. It might be best to use these clouds for backup only.

Do they (NSA, Amazon, whoever) really have their computers in a skyscraper? Here in Switzerland, we put them deep into the mountains...

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arhmatic: Dropbox is 1tb for 99/year - less space, more money, but easy to connect all your devices. But the benefit is, never need to worry about file type and such, all is included.

OneDrive is unlimited, as soon as you subscribe to Office365.

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I would go for Office365 and OneDrive at any time, because:
- unlimited storage
- fast Windows sync client
- apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
- full Office365 included (PC, Tablet, Phone)

Full disclosure: with Office365 and OneDrive, I became a Microsoft fanboi.

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Papi61: "Unlimited Everything Plan (free 3-month trial, then $59.99 per year—equivalent of less than $5 per month): Store an infinite number of new and existing photos, videos, files, documents, movies, and music in Cloud Drive."

How's this supposed to be a good deal? For $69/year Microsoft gives you unlimited OneDrive storage PLUS Office 365.

If you subscribe to Office365, Microsoft will add "unlimited storage" to your OneDrive. In fact, what they do is they add 10 TB first, but they will add more if that space is full. I guess they had a hard time displaying that infinite number, therefore adding 10 TB at a time is a good solution.

By the way, the OneDrive client software has been improved dramatically over the last few month. I have more than 1 TB of images and documents up there (serveral 100K files), and it takes only a very short time to sync.

Full disclosure: with Office365 and OneDrive, I became a Microsoft fanboi.

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On Sony issues firmware 1.10 for Alpha 7 II article (59 comments in total)

Where is the firmware upgrade for the A77?

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Sony, Canon, Nikon... who cares when looking at great images or precious memories?

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Review preview (843 comments in total)
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dpkform: have tried every version of RX100 vs my Canon S110 and S120 and the RX100 series never completely wins me over... just got my RX100M3 yesterday and still not blown away
RX100M3 pros
-yes the flash still tilts up to the ceiling and auto flash gets it right most of the time
-the flip up LCD flips up in a single motion - excellent - not the absurd 3 point twist I have to do with my Olympus E-PL5
-very nice display to look at
-the mode dial feels just right - best feeling mode dial ever
RX100M3 not so great
-okay, so it has a viewfinder, but even compared to my Olympus EM10 the one on the Sony is puny - I would only use it when necessary whereas on my EM10 I use it almost all the time
-the Canon S120 is half the size, much more elegant than the clunky mini-brick which is the RX100M3
-Canon S120 still MUCH nicer camera to shoot with, better buttons, nice touch screen controls
-unless actively pixel peeping the difference in quality between S120 and RX100M3 not typically noticeable

I have both the S120 and the RX100M3. I will sell the S120, because the picture quality is that much better on the RX100 and the EVF is an excellent addition!

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I was hoping for some pears, but all we get is apples.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (696 comments in total)
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Frenske: So do I get this right. Canon created an amazing camera with a great range of functions, large sensor and an excellent fast lens with a very useful range. Canon has done everything to make this camera one of the hottest cameras on the market potentially selling millions of copies, but then why the **** they put such a mediocre sensor in it. At this price range you would expect something better!!!

Probably because they had no better one at this point? Maybe it's time for them to call Sony...

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On Adobe launches Lightroom for iPad post (130 comments in total)
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marco roman: My view of an ipad app is different from that. I would be happy if there was an app to rate the photos, with stars and everything, so when I get to the computer I'll do editing on my selections, already organized and tagged.
To link this app to CC automatically writes it off for me.
Anyway, I am an aperture user, and I am waiting for an update (long overdue) and a matching ipad app. So surprised it didn't happen yet. Feels like apple is not that connected to photography, or arts, after Jobs' passing.

There are other such apps, such as Photosmith. I believe the folks there really tried to make a useful product, but it seems they failed because of limitations introduced by Apple and Adobe in their respective products.

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Keep in mind that it was only produced to entertain the DPReview community. I just ordered two (I like the case).

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Sounds like a nice little camera spec-wise. It will hopefully perform well and can replace my Canon SX260 HS.

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)
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Pete Delaney: It's a good offer. You're not committed for life. If it's too much then leave at the end of your annual term. What's the worst that can happen? You lose around £110 (in my case). But that's having used the software for a year too. You can of course buy from somewhere else, but you would need to spend around £200 to get something as good as this. That equates to about a 2 year subscription.

What will make or break this deal is the price stability each year. A big hike in price would offend many non-business users and plenty of small business users alike.
Pete :-)

Adobe revealed their real nature and attitude, and that is how they will act on customers in the future. Even if they try to hide again now: Sorry, no love for you, Adobe.

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)

They even lowered the price in Switzerland! This shows how desperate they are. And still, they try to lure us into their one-year trap. Nice try, Adobe, but: no thank you.

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Sony is leading the pack!

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Swiss users are still ripped off. No discount for us. If you had one, I would do a decent twerk right into your face, Adobe.

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Mike L Renner: First time commenter. After years of reading mostly negative comments on this site, I have created an account just to say enough is enough. You people, as a whole, sound defensive, judgmental, angry, and petty, not to mention that through these comments you expose what seems to be a deep rooted envy over others successes. Let the artist have his moment in the sun.

Excuse me Sir, but your comment is of the same kind as all the comments you are complaining about, only with a different target. To use your words: "let the commenters have their moment in the forum" (maybe it is the only "moment" they have?). By the way, not all of the comments are judgmental, angry etc.

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backayonder: I usually take a camera whereever I go but yesterday I forgot!
So anyway I was driving down the terraced street of my birth over 50 years ago and couldn't help but notice a Father pushing his child in a baby buggy being followed by a very very large clown like character that was almost as high and wide as the first floor bedroom window. it was a surreal moment and deserved to be photographed.

Alas yesterday I wasn't a Street Photographer I wasn't even a photographer but it was a moment in time that I will remember forever.
Social media and Sheep has a lot to answer for.

The image is still there. It is in your memory, you told me your story and the image now has be recreated in my memory. I quite like the image (however, the white balance seems to be slightly off... lol).

Someone I know went on a long trip to Iceland. She decided not to take a camera with her. Her intention was to create all the images "just" in her head and tell us later all the stories. I quite liked it in the end, but at first (as a gearhead), I couldn't understand it at all.

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