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On DSC00062 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (4 comments in total)

I was surprised by the photographer in the far background. I want this camera, but I want most cameras.

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On DSC00060 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (3 comments in total)

12800 looks wow! the sample pics look like the photographer wasn't allowed to leave the grounds of the shopping mall.

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Nice viewfinder, but I seem to remember all 35mm p&s zooms having a more elegant system for magnifying the framelines... The viewfinder department doesn't seem to know about optics.

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On Photokina 2012: Sigma Stand Report article (40 comments in total)
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HBowman: Ho my God, so much mistakes in this report ...

At first this is a DP2m, showed on the photo. Second, there is lot more to say about new lens line up but it seems Dpreview do not care (or have been paid to no care ? )

The thing that bothers me is how easy it is in photopro to upres to 200% and you never see any upres images here or anywhere else. They say it is because of their standardized system, but they could at least include one (compared to the Pentax 645d?) to illustrate the effect. It would be the same as if they reviewed the Hassy H4D-200MS without including a sample of the multi-shot image.

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M M good... sorry.

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RStyga: Call me shallow but holding a camera with the SONY logo ot its forehead is a huge turn off. And for enthusiasts (i.e., non professionals) it is a big deal. It detracts from the photographic feeling... Why didn't they hide it like Panasonic does in (at least some of) their Lumix series? What's wrong with introducing a similar branding? Even DPReview mentioned that using "Cybershot" for this camera is a brave decision by Sony. Branding is important.

I think that the current CEO started in the mailroom of Minolta and this is final phase of life-long Revenge Fantasy.

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Holy Crap!

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On Just Posted: Fujifilm X-E1 hands-on preview article (277 comments in total)

It looks awesome proving once again that Fujifilm still knows what a real camera looks like... I wish they'd stop hinting around with the stylistic nods and just start making a Digital GW690, wouldn't that be brainmeltingly great? Wouldn't you pay 6000 bucks for one? I probably would, sadly.

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The dp2-m reminds me of the Canonet 2.8 I used to use, and all of those great 45mm cameras of old... what later model P&S cameras had a 45mm f2.8 lens?

This camera reminds me of a Nikon, the Nikon 28Ti QD 35mm, to be exact... a very cool camera to pay tribute to.

If mainstream Photographers figure out the imaging power of these cameras, and start to embrace the brand and really funding Sigma, I bet we'll see a Hologon Based "DP0m" in no time... how about a fast macro DP3m? Since these cameras cost about the same as a lens, I would clear a shelf in my collection for whatever sigma can come up with.

Hopefully sales will support the kind of game changing features that need to be developed to make the next SD a truly competitive tool.

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Imagician: Part - II

The difference between the 5D II and SD1 images was also wide but not so much, but the 5D II is a much better sensor than the 24 MP APS-C chip of the D3200.

I also "downrezzed" the Nikon D800 E to 24 MP. It showed a better resolution than the Sigma, unquestionably. I uprezzed the Sigma image now to 30 MP and downrezzed the D800 E one to 30 MP. The Sigma was still holding up well, but it showed that now the SD1 was at its limit. I was just bowled over.

The per-pixel sharpness is jaw-dropping. I didn't compare the other sensors since as far as resolution is concerned, these 3 cameras are the Bayer benchmarks. Perhaps, the M9 also should have been checked.

This is not a P&S. It cannot do what most P&S do and the RX100 does rather well. But what it does, it does to a perfection that is unrivaled by any thing less than the D800 (which I didn't check) and D800 E.

Nice to see that you get it about the SD1, and that you felt it important enough to post a novel about it. That is how I used to be on these boards, but the crowd don't like it. I have posted an RX100 vs DP2m full sized jpegs on Flickr you might wanna visit.


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If anyone cares I took some side by side photos using both the Sigma DP2 Merrill and the Sony RX100 and posted full size jpegs on Flickr.

cut and paste or search "rx100 vs dp2 merrill" on FLICKR

I therefore need to save up a tad before I can buy my DP1-M...I hope Lensmate will get going on some accessories.

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On marie69 photo in Luxius Radius's photo gallery (1 comment in total)


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On P1020667 photo in Pap38's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

That moth is amazing. It looks like a satellite dish!

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On DSC_9546 photo in sparkle1103's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

holy crow! nice shot!

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On SDIM2482_HD photo in Tom Schum's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

crap that is nice

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Sergey Borachev seem dedicated to making some long anti-sigma screed in every single comment. The SD1 works... has quirks, just like every camera on the market, and inconveniences that Canon users, and more recently Nikon users don't have to worry about... like live view. God I wish my SD1m had Live View.

But I use the SD1M when I want resolution and micro-detail that is unavailable in anything less than a Leica S2. I am giving Leica the benefit of the doubt on this one. I assume that their 30-something megapixel camera comes close, maybe the D800E does too, I haven't seen comparisons.

Speaking of Leica and the DP2M, Sigma was the first to design an APS sensor P&S camera and everyone turned up their noses. Then the X1 and the X100 followed, utilized the basic imaging philosophy of the DP2, to the adulation of all. Sigma isn't as large as their competitors in terms of income or budget, but they are still making breakthrough cameras, at least Leica & Fuji think so.

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VGA (640×480) boo! Tell the marketing guys not to tease us about the sensor quality for video and not provide a way to use it.

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On -Empty Benches- (BW only with a border and title) challenge (4 comments in total)

I did one also...

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Digitall: I read right now this news:
A camera from the prestigious German brand Leica, 0 series (number 116), 1923, has just been sold at auction in Vienna, Austria, by 2.16 million euros. Is the most expensive ever, surpassing the previous record holders: another Leica, which had sold last year by 1.3 million euros. The buyer wished to remain anonymous.

I'd stay anonymous too.

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On Blackmagic Designs announces Blackmagic Cinema Camera article (354 comments in total)
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Sdaniella: smallish ~43d (digicam) sized sensor (and it's considered fully 'Cine'?)
2.5k for video (2436 x 1366; optional 1920x1080)...

5" (800x600 pixel) LCD screen

native ISO 800 (optional 1600)

in a body that's 1.7lbs (3.75lbs) (body alone)... pass the tripod please...


and does it allow Full-Time ExpSim Live Image PreView and no menu interruption when making exposure-iso-aperture (and other parameters) adjustments or not?

or is it reliant on the tethered live waveform monitor and scope alone?

Good point, esp since DSLR's crop down/filter out to capture the HD frame lines. I like your point of view / avatar.

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