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  • I don't think that should be mentioned here. It goes against the thinking that the US has  somehow tricked Russia into destroying ISIS. Then again, maybe Putin will after he has wiped out those ...
  • You are sick or injured. You need care at a hospital. Where else would you go to get care other than an ER. You made up that business of people being turned away from necessary care because of a ...
  • Then what are you talking off? You cannot just walk into the lobby of a hospital and ask that the people in the lobby take care of you. What "only" do you mean? If you do not have a doctor and go ...
  • There is nothing in what you referred me to that says anything about someone being in need of care being turned away. True, someone may not go to an emergence room for fear of an expense being ...
  • Certainly the financial aspects are a strong factor. But there are those in the business that take indigents as  a responsibility to the patient and the public. Believe it or not there are ethical ...
  • So in your opinion mammograms are not needed to fight breast cancer. Interesting.
  • True, only a few provide that service. The majority refer to an internist or radiologist. But that really does not answer the question. You stated Planned Parenthood  fought cancer. Given the ...
  • Those small back rooms of shady doctors or nurses are largely myth. Some abortions might have been performed under such conditions but not nearly as people think. The truth is that abortions were ...
  • Whoa, just a moment. I spent 30 years in hospital administration. I do not know, nor have I heard of a hospital, denying medical care based on inability to pay. To do so is to violate a number of ...
  • They might do even more to fight cancer in women if they provided mammograms. My wife, by the way, is a breast cancer survivor but it was not necessary for her to go to Planned Parenthood.
  • Clinton was impeached. He was impeached by the House but when the bill of impeachment was sent to the Senate it was decided the charges did not rise to the level to remove him from office. But ...
  • Sort of reminds me of that old saying, "Stone walls and iron bars do not a prison make. But they will do until something better comes along."
  • Are you suggesting that there are members of this forum that would fit the above description?
  • Replied in Scary
    The truth of the matter not all the Republicans did not want him to resign but a core of the tea partier types felt he did not stand up to the Democrats. I have always thought that politics was ...
  • Prior to moving to Arizona some 10 years ago I maintained an organic grove of citrus in California so I can answer some of your questions. One major factor in growing organic is the labor cost ...
  • Years ago a speaker made a comment that I have never forgotten. He said, "Excuse me for speaking from personal experience but it the only kind of experience I have ever had."
  • My wife and I have both been vaccinated for Shingles. She has had them twice, once before getting the shot and a second time after the shot. Her Doctor said it was very unusual for that to happen. ...
  • I am 84 years old. I do not have time to list all my physical ailments (or my mental ones) and nobody wants to hear them anyway.
  • Way back in the 30's Will Rogers made the comment, "Things aren't like they were in the good old days and probably never were." Any time you lived through now seems like the good old days.
  • You are of the opinion that he thinks softly? In my opinion he does not think at all.
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