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On Fujifilm announces XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS wideangle zoom article (172 comments in total)

This looks to be another quality lens from Fuji but what all the makers seem to be be missing whether for mirror-less or just aps-c on d-slr's is a compact fixed focal length uwa prime.

On m43 that would be say a 8.5mm to give a f.o.v of a 17mm on FF and on aps-c say 11mm.

I use a Sony 11-18 on my A77 and the only reason I do is for the 11mm end really. My 16-80 takes me wide enough most of the time and if I need wider than 16mm it is usually 11mm.

The Sony is not a heavy lens at all and is rather underrated (very good geometry IMO) but still, I'd prefer a less bulky lens to lug about so a 11mm F3.5 would be great.

I just find it odd that for all sensors smaller than FF no matter what make you shoot the only way to get an ultra wide angle rectilinear lens is to buy a zoom.

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On DPReview Gear of the Year Part 3: Olympus OM-D E-M1 article (396 comments in total)

"...but if I was selling every camera I own and starting afresh, the E-M1 would probably be the one I'd buy."

I agree. I shoot a Sony A77, have some very nice CZ and G lenses and I think its the best camera I have ever shot with. Ergonomically brilliant in my opinion.

However if all that gear went AWOL I would be taking a serious look at the E-M1. Looks a great camera to me with some fine lenses.

I enjoyed the article as well because instead of a review that people nit pick over or question the methodology of, this one is based on actually using the camera.

I think we are at the stage where image quality is more than good enough in many cameras and you can buy based on features and usability instead of basing it on how noisy it is at ISO 128000 or whatever.

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On DPReview on CreativeLIVE article (144 comments in total)
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Cycleshooter: Video never has the information density of the printed word, but is cheaper
to produce. This is the first step back from what has made this site great.

Cheaper it isn't but the written word (with associated photos or illustrations) is far more easily referable than a video.

Nothing wrong with videos as such but prose is miles better for expressing any kind of definitive and/or authoritative opinion.

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spiderhunter: It appears that Canon and Nikon are so complacent with their toaster-sized DSLRs that they are blind to what is going around them. They can reduce the size of things but they just don't do it. The song "the times they are a-changing" comes to mind. Sure, they still have their lion's share of the pro market but I feel Sony has rocked the boat. The Sony FF mirrorless are still not there yet when it comes to AF tracking abilities ( but great for non-action work) and battery life
but given time and more RD, they will get there. I hope the size of truly capable pro models will get lighter, not heavier.

Hand phones got lighter and smaller. The early models were gigantic by comparison. Compactness and portability is what manufacturers should aim for. Yes, there is a limit as to how small FF lenses can go but striving to reduce sizes and making things lighter are surely the way to go.

Go Sony, go! Show them the way!

Hugi808. I don't recognise that description of the EVF on my Sony A77. It's great. Not sure why it would give anyone a headache either. It doesn't use some poor low frequency pulse width modulation technology like you find on cheap LCD monitors.

So for me the EVF isn't the problem with the A7's. It is what they have had to sacrifice in the pursuit of very small FF bodies. The lens mount is narrow so that makes fast lenses hard to make. There is no in-body stabilisation. The battery is small which means not only fewer shots but GPS which I find very useful has gone.

Canikon as spiderhunter said may be complacent in producing toaster sized dslrs but Sony has had to leave out too much modern innovation such as IBIS and GPS to achieve what they did. I am sure some people won't miss these things but I find them very useful so in that sense these cameras are a retrograde step. And of course they use a different lens mount than my A77 so its a completely system anyway.

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On In Photos: Portraits of the living legends of blues article (35 comments in total)
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Rick Knepper: Portraits of the living legends of blues

Since 2008, photographer Lou Bopp has made regular trips down Mississippi's Route 61 — known as 'The Blues Highway' — to document the lives of unknown musicians who have made important contributions to the classic American musical genre.

These fellows are either living legends or unknown musicians. I don't think you can have it both ways. Since I own CDs of most of the Legends of Blues, living or otherwise, I was surprised to see these names mentioned under a title containing the term "Living Legends". DPR, you need to work a little harder on your editorial skills.

"hese guys were/are important in their contributions to a unique American genre."

Why? What did these particular guys contribute to the genre to make them specifically such important contributors to it?

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2381 comments in total)
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AlexK-12: I can see two great reasons why Sony gave the a7/r the e-mount:
1). The ability to mount all legacy film lenses that already cover the 35mm format
2). The ability to use Canon/Nikon full frame lenses and possibly even with autofocus

It seems to me that Sony made the right decision to go with e-mount, even if it means that they have to start from scratch with FE lenses. If I had the need and money, I would sell my a77 and jump on the a7r. One day, perhaps :)

If Sony went e-mount so they could mount legacy lenses and to mount modern Canikon lenses it was a monumentally stupid basis for a decision. It compromises their existing A-mount use base who also have to use an adapter and loses iBIS which is a killer.

Yes some people are interested in making life difficult and using old lenses in a totally manual way but how many? Once many have tried the the novelty will soon ware off in my opinion. Did with me with a Helios 58mm F2 on my old A100. Just could not see the point.

Even if they can make Canikon lenses AF (is this really the case?) they will still be manual aperture and making it easy to use other makes lenses means you sell less of your own.

The size thing is a red herring. Cameras like the A37 and A55 were very small SLT cameras. The only dimension that needs to be bigger on A-mount (APC-C or FF) is the depth of the camera.

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On Tamron to develop 150-600mm F5-6.3 ultra-telephoto zoom article (193 comments in total)
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Fedupandenglish: Interesting to read that Park Cameras have a pre-order facility that shows a price of £2,500. Rather more than I had hoped for, but I wonder how accurate this is?

Sorry I ment the 90mm VC. Got confused with the Sigma 105 I bought instead.

The 90 started out at £999 and is now £499 or less depending on mount.

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On Tamron to develop 150-600mm F5-6.3 ultra-telephoto zoom article (193 comments in total)
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Fedupandenglish: Interesting to read that Park Cameras have a pre-order facility that shows a price of £2,500. Rather more than I had hoped for, but I wonder how accurate this is?

They tried to sell their latest 105 macro at £999 in the UK. It now goes for £499 or less.

Not saying that guarantees that Park Cameras price will see similar % drop but I can't see them shifting that many at £2.5K.

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On Tamron to develop 150-600mm F5-6.3 ultra-telephoto zoom article (193 comments in total)
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dlkeller: If Tamron leaves the VC off this lens as they have their 18-270 PZD for Sony mounts I am through with their company forever! Otherwise, it is definitely on my wish list.

Bjorn_L :"Until they make the in camera automatically shut itself off when it detects (or is told) about in lens, the lens makers have little choice but to ship their Sony lenses without stabilization."

Not true. I have the Sigma F2.8 105 DG HSM OS macro lens in Sony mount and the the OS is NOT disabled. It works.

Having tried it I prefer in-body IS. Maybe I wouldn't with a 600mm lens.

As to people complaining about Tamron taking it out and charging the same well my guess is they don't take it out but just disable it. Taking the lens elements out that controls the stabilization would mean they were making a different lens optically for Sony so that would increase production costs. So it will cost the same to build the Sony version as it does the others.

It does seem stupid to disable it but for me if the price is right I will by the lens because it is what it is. The fact the other versions have OS is of no interest to me as they won't fit on my camera.

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On Tamron to develop 150-600mm F5-6.3 ultra-telephoto zoom article (193 comments in total)

Well this could be on list. I have Sony 70-300G and 500mm mirror lens and while the latter is AF it is often too slow to focus for wildlife and is only good for static shots and the G lacks the reach.

It will depend on price, focusing speed and IQ at 600mm wide open (you don't buy lenses like this for IQ at 150mm @ F8). I see a lot of long range zooms seem to tail off IQ-wise at the long end and if this lens bucks the trend I can see it selling well.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Review preview (559 comments in total)
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MGJA: This is silver, but Canon 70D is gold. Heh.

Really, I am ever more convinced that dpr just hands those out in order to maximize page reloads as irate fangurls battle it out in the comments. Fine, whatever puts food on their tables is a-ok with me.

It's got IBIS and it's got an EVF which makes the camera far more useful than similar cameras that lack one or the other or both yet these have aspects of them listed in the cons?

IBIS is great and the fact you don't see a stabilised image from it is just how it works and how it has worked to the best of my knowledge on all IBIS based cameras including the Oly Pen cameras and it isn't listed as a con in the el p5 review so why here?

The EVF adds bulk? Well I have seen one of these cameras in the shops and its a very small camera regardless and it gives you the option of shooting in (to my mind) a far more natural way. External EVF's cost a lot and add even more bulk.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1514 comments in total)
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larrytusaz: The deliberate omission of the senseless YouTube mode alone makes me want to buy it, based solely on that principle alone. Putting YouTube on an SLR totally splatters any purity it would otherwise have.

"i only wonder why you would PREFER to NOT have a feature you can just ignore."

I can via a menu setting disable the video button on my A77 and I do. To take a video I would instead have to move a dial to do so. There is good reason to disable the button and that is because you can easily press it by mistake!

That is the only impact the fact my camera is a capable video camera has on my hobby of stills photography.

However what bothers me about other "hybrid" cameras is just how much effort is put into making video work and how much menu space, dial space andbutton space gets eaten up by the video function.

By the way I am 54, I lecture in Computer Science, build my own PC's, think OVF's are outdated and am a total gadget geek but my thing is ergonomics and usability. I don't want to have to consciously ignore stuff I will never use.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1514 comments in total)
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image360by180: I truly find it hard to believe Nikon is going back. The digital age is now the age. Bringing out a camera that ignores all the benefits that digital can offer is like making a better old school buggy whip as cars started to replace carriages.

As noted, many seem to like this, good for you, I'm not about judgement or placing my basis on others. Hope this works for you.

For me, this is crazy stupid as Nikon has not even come close to maximizing the digital potential of their DSLR line.

Just a comment from a Nikon D800/D7100 glass invested user.

It's all about ergonomics and just because it apes a Nikon FM it doesn't mean the ergonomics are going to be bad.

What Nikon need to complete the package is aperture rings on the lenses.

I love the ergonomics of my Sony A77 which is of course very modern in that respect but I can appreciate the design of a camera like this Nikon.

The problem lies when cameras are neither one thing nor the other. If the shutter speed dial is just for retro looks and the rest of the design doesn't compliment it ergonomically then people can slag it off but those teasers suggest otherwise to me.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1514 comments in total)
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dark goob: Mirrorosaur

I am not sure why anyone would lay their camera on the table for day but on my recent holiday to the Isle of Sky I forgot to turn my Sony A77 off at the end of the day at least twice and it was ready to go the day after no problem.

When you don't use it, it sleeps.

In fact I never turn it off when out with it so the GPS doesn't have to re-lock onto the satellites and battery life is not an issue. One battery will last all day.

Can I also have some of whatever it is you are on if you (not the camera) are ready to take a photo after 0.2s :)

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1514 comments in total)
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tommy leong: nikon F 501
" I will be back"
( in Arnold's voice )

Think it looks more like a Nikon FM or FE. Two very nice film cameras.

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Have a look at this:


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T3: It's really too bad that Nokia only uses Windows OS (and now is owned by Microsoft). If Nokia offered Android versions of their devices, I'd buy them. They make good hardware. I'm just not interested in Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8. And a lot of people feel the same way: like the Nokia hardware, don't like the Windows OS,

Surely you should have said "When you ask them why, they basically say it's because they already have their favourite apps on Android that don't exist (or would have to be bought again on WP8) and for many other practical reasons."

I uses Windows 7 on my home PC. I'd prefer to be able to use Linux but I have invested too much money in applications and time in learning them to switch.

Isn't it the same with phone O/S's? Once you are invested in one changing is just a total pain in the neck and a clever phone from Nokia isn't going to sway that many people to switch in my opinion.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (623 comments in total)
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NancyP: Don't knock "above average" and "well-rounded". Some of us don't need "the best out there", merely "the camera that can do what I need it to do".

What you say might all be true but that doesn't stop manufacturers listing all the rewards their products get but you won't ever see them put a qualification on them saying "by the way that Gold Award from DPR was subjective".

I am pretty sceptical (and always have been) of DPR's and DXO's and virtually every other popular web sites testing strategies (e.g. Imaging Resource) as I am not convinced any of them are good enough methods from a scientific point of view. They don't seem rigorous or robust enough for me.

I don't think I have ever commented on a cameras award before but this one struck me as quite out of line with the conclusions and while I myself and maybe you will ignore the award when making a decision many won't.

If Amazon (i.e.DPR Gear Shop!) wants to sell cameras and retain credability it needs a bit better editorial checking before they go to "print" to weed out anomalies like this in my opinion.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (623 comments in total)
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NancyP: Don't knock "above average" and "well-rounded". Some of us don't need "the best out there", merely "the camera that can do what I need it to do".

I agree. Most modern cameras are more than enough for most amateurs.

However I think when someone such as yourself who clearly likes the camera points out comments like "above average" etc it does call into question how on earth it got a Gold Award.

This would not be such an issue if it were not for the fact people can be influenced by such awards and it will sit alongside it when being promoted in shops and presumably the DPR Gear Shop will link to the review.

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Rod McD: Thanks. It's a pity the drab weather has made the outdoor sample shots from both the A7r and now the A7 somewhat lacking in contrast and color. Still watching both, no decisions made.......

DPR - There's strong interest in legacy lens use on these two cameras. When you do the review, could you please also consider testing some adapted RF and DSLR lenses on both bodies? Perhaps a wide and a standard? ie Side by side tests of the same lenses at several apertures on each body? Thanks.

"We'll certainly try something along those lines."

If you do please make sure to include some A mount glass as the practicality of this is a bone on contention on the Sony forum!

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