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On New CompactFlash card to allow RAID-style 'mirroring' article (100 comments in total)
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Just a Photographer: I would never trust my data to be stored on a single card as most often its the controller failing and not any of the datablocks itself.

This solutions provides only false feeling of safety - Beware!!

I personally love the idea for mission-critical situations. However, I did misplace a card once,which this would not solve whereas two separate cards would. Unfortunately, my older camera does not have the capability of writing to two memory cards as a backup.

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On Transcend releases 64GB microSDXC UHS-I memory card article (39 comments in total)
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Alberto Tanikawa: I just don't trust Transcend products. I tried an sd from them, it died on first use, and returning it for an exchange from Newegg would have cost nearly as much as the product itself. Never had such problem with Lexar, Sandisk, Kingston, Delkin, PNY, Hoodman, or even Kodak.

Along with some others, I've used Transcend products for several years and only had one problem. I have about a dozen of their memory cards and other devices, mostly compact flash and SDHC.

I also had a problem with a Sandisk product, so every manufacturer will have an occasional issue.

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Unfortunately for PW, they are very late to this party. Initially I was invested in the PT-04 type of devices and now the Phottix Strato II Multi devices.

So while it would be great to go this route, I'm already using a competitors (much less expensive) product and happy with the results.

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Adam Filipowicz: A few nice shots.. but considering his reputation and ability to basically travel anywhere this series wasn't very inspiring or really made me appreciate kodachrome,, colors were not that great

I liked Velvia as well, although I used the 50. Reala was an excellent negative film as well.

While I liked them, I reluctantly have to say that digital gave me as much resolution and color that those did even in the 6mp days. But rolls of film will always hold a place dear in my heart.

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hc44: That is Robert DeNiro isn't it?


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I don't care if it's the best camera ever. If AT&T is involved, I'll never buy it.

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On ISO 6400 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (14 comments in total)
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bionet: Unimpressive. Refined "watercolor noise reduction", that's all. I'll stay with the Mk2 and check out the D800.

I beg to differ. The high ISO is really, really good. It doesn't really get overly noisy until you push it into H1 and H2.

Unfortunately, this is a pre-production camera so we're never really sure if that will be what the production cameras are like. Sometimes, they make the production ones even better, so who knows....

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On Nikon announces D4 'multi-media' DSLR article (228 comments in total)
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ftlimages: Also in passing, I hope Nikon is reading this. The marketing and R&D depts. need to become better coordinated. First a 1" sensor mirorless and now this.

It pains me to say, because I shoot Nikon personally, but they are falling behind Canon for a change. That having been said, IMO Sony is currently the pinnacle of innovation among all the manufacturers. The SLT series, notably the A77, while perhaps less than a professional body has an impressive feature set and is a departure from the traditional. The NEX7 on the other hand is considerably more impressive than the Nikon 1.

The only trouble with Sony is as another poster mentioned lack of pro glass. I use PC lenses quite a bit in the studio amongst others.

Nikon, please have mercy on those of us that have considerable investment in your glass.

" they are falling behind Canon for a change"

I wish this were true. Canon was ahead of Nikon back when the original 300D (Digital Rebel) came out, but that was about it. I'm a loyal Canon shooter and I drool over the thoughts of having a camera like this. Canon isn't in the same ballpark when comparing high-ISO images. There are a number of other areas that, money being no object, Nikon is superior.

Hate to say that, but at this point in time, Nikon is the clear technology leader.

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